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I think I've finally finished my backlog of comments to answer, which is a lovely feeling. I hate leaving comments unanswered.

And now to do that history meme that I've seen making the rounds! I didn't post every July 3rd, so I'll just pull the nearest interesting entry.

2007: Making fun of Chris for wearing a ball-bearing necklace past '01; reporting news of La Timberlake calling a Swedish fan a "bleep"-face

2006: First mp3 of "Sexyback" making the rounds

2005: Ordering people to go read [ profile] _ducks's Sound of Pop Music (link goes to last part)


2003: Posting brains go great with aquavit for [ profile] callmesandy's Berrigan challenge

2002: Staying over at [ profile] chootoy's, working at the film school, and whining at Cathy to write 70s disco!sync (seriously it would've been AWESOME)

2001: Using a different lj name, heh.
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Hello there, fandom world! Today (in addition to once more reminding you to vote in the LJ Elections, details here) I would like to present the following:

how to comment on art when you're not an artist

1) Comment.
I've seen a lot of people beg off on leaving comments or excusing their one-word "Nice!" comment by saying, "But I'm not an artist! I wouldn't know where to begin or what to say!" Okay, so maybe you don't draw or paint or vid or whatever, and you can't offer detailed critique in that particular jargon. But you have feelings, yes? And thoughts about those feelings? That's all an artist wants, most of the time -- just to know that their art connected with you somehow, made you feel and think and think and feel. Explain to them what their art stirred in you.

If you're a writer, this excuse is even more silly. Don't expect to be patted on the head when you tell an artist, "It's easier for me to comment on fanfic, because I AM A WRITER." If you can't manage to shore up a couple of sentences about a piece of artwork that's right there in front of you, you're not really much of a writer at all.

ETA: Okay, one-word feedback ... *I* don't like getting or leaving them. Many people would disagree with me, and that's fine. The overarching point regarding one-word feedback is that you shouldn't feel that's all you're allowed or qualified to say if you're not an artist, y'know?

2) Respect the artist's boundaries.
If the artist has specifically mentioned that they don't want critique, don't take it upon yourself to give them any to "teach them a lesson". It won't kill you to either curtail your comment to only positive encouragement or not comment at all. Just like in fanfic, some people really consider this a hobby for fun and not an avenue for work and (relative) improvement.

And that said ....

3) Know the difference between "critique" and "nitpicking".
I understand that many people want to offer helpful suggestions as to what they feel worked or didn't work. This is fantastic! Unless an artist is an Arteeest (much like the dreaded writer or WRI-TOR), if they've asked for crit they're usually happy to hear your viewpoint.

What is NOT helpful or even warranted is for you to say, "I liked this drawing, but I always imagined that demon!Sam would have fiery red eyes and not yellow ones like you drew." Announcing your own personal preferences has nothing to do with the actual art you're commenting on, and it'll only piss the artist off. It's like reading a fic and saying, "Oh, that was a great story, but I like fics better when JC is with Lance and not Chris." This is not useful. Unless you paid them for it, the artist isn't drawing to your specifications.

4) Don't feel like your comment is unimportant or irrelevant.
The entire point of art is communication. Personally, I don't think that art is something that should only be enjoyed by other artists who understand the techniques of its creation, any more than writers are the only people who can adequately comprehend, critique, or enjoy a book.

You are the audience for this art, especially when it's posted on lj with exhortations for passers-by to leave comments about it. Your opinion on it is not only valid, it's crucial for the entire purpose of the art, which is to convey some meaning or image or emotion. Therefore, even if you can't talk about use of chiaroscuro or the brush technique or Photoshop tools, your comments are pretty damn important.

5) Shrug off the idiots.
Of course, there will be some artists who want to argue with you about any suggestions/observations you have about their work, and might sniff that you (being a mere plebe) simply cannot understand the genius of their photomanips or the fine subtleties of their pencil-crayon portraiture.

These people should be let severely alone.

And that's pretty much it! Seriously, most of the fanartists on lj are kind of sweetly nutty to begin with, so even if you leave nonsensical comments full of exuberance and love, they'll probably be happy instead of grousing over it like we crankpot writers do. *g*
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Stuff what I wrote this year:

four cakes and a sweetheart: pop!Ace of Cakes, with plenty of guest-stars
walking miracle, my skin: x-men movieverse, Jean and Mystique between-films
in other words: x-men comicverse, scott in the immediate aftermath of the x-cutioner's song
spot (the messenger mix): popslash, Lance as Joan of Arc.
everything else is homicide: popslash, the boys as murder pohleece.
three-part disharmony: homicide fic proper, Frank and Tim rounding out season five and rotation.
jc chasez, full of grace: jc/lynn. Oh, come on now.

Can I just answer JC/Lynn for everything? )
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Ten Signs You're Reading Fic by Maggie:
1. Even if there's no food, it seems like there's food.
2. People talk too much.
3. Things that should be tragic are semi-comical, and vice versa.
4. Really short takes.
5. It's like, three pages long from start to finish.
6. Infinite attention paid to seemingly insignificant things.
7. Constant use of the words "hot", "sweet", and "open".
8. An underlying sense of prudishness.
9. Random, unforseen sex scenes that often go nowhere.
10. Pointlessness.

Believe it or not, I don't think I was particularly self-deprecating in this list; I kind of think it's funny in its truth. *g* I mean, I'm not a bad writer, but I know my limitations and although I have to cop to that awful trite platitude of "i'd write anyway even if nobody read it!!" I honestly am very, very grateful and endlessly delighted that you guys read and often seem to enjoy my scratching. So thank you!
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... not that I haven't been leaving crunkloads of comments in the memes for people I love, but there's such a glut of them all of a sudden! If I had the energy/creative verve I'd think up a more entertaining (and less inadevertently exclusionary) version. I mean, some of the people in those memes had *no comments* to their names, and that's gotta be depressing for them. Unless they're the kinds of people who really aren't bothered one way or another. Which I suppose is nice for them. ??

Last night I managed to scorch a potful of beets because I got distracted by the extras on the Monty Python's The Meaning of Life DVD and all the water evaporated! So I dumped some dishsoap and baking soda in the pot, added water, and put it back on the stove to simmer to get the black scorchy stuff off. And yep, I forgot it again and it re-scorched. I am so brainy.

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This will probably guarantee me a spot in hell next to the kid Simon mowed down with his car and Annie's dad. )
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I cannot shake the mental conviction that Brad Pitt issued this statement at top volume to a truculent Canada/US Border Customs guard while Ben and Michael looked on in long-suffering and humiliated resignation. Also, Brian had a fake ball.
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I, er. Um. I just ...

If there's anything left on the internet with the power to instantly confuse and terrify me, it's the goddamn furries.

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I don't know if this can be classed in the "classic Hollywood homoeroticism" genre, but hot damn *I* sure like it anyhow:

In other semi-erotic news, I was talking to [ profile] xterm the other day about Star Trek novels. I had a bunch of them when I was younger and going through my sci-fi phase (let's not even talk about my westerns phase, my Arthurian legend phase, and my historical bodice-ripper phase), and although we laughed a lot at how Enterprise: The First Adventure was basically a Mary-Sue story complete with 'sexy circus-girl who disses Kirk and has a FLYING HORSE' it reminded me that one of the books I read was about Kirk, Uhura and somebody else getting kidnapped by a ship full of weird aliens who had transparent skin and little neurotransmitters that looked like leeches and crawled around under the transparent skin, and they had different colours of fluid in their skin-sacs and the Enterprise crew got all attached to them once they got to know each other, and then I really *really* wanted to read that book again but could not remember the name of it for the life of me. If any of you recognize what the hell I'm talking about, please tell me the name of the book! I'm dying to read it again. Er, and hopefully find it used, ahahah.

As for the Everwood finale last night, stuff happened like I expected it to, and even if some of the things seemed a little rushed you couldn't blame them. All in all, it was more satisfying than most series finales (QaF, I'm lookin' at YOU. You too, Angel) and [ profile] glockgal, [ profile] silvrsolace and I pretty much cried from beginning to end. I'll miss you, Everwood, and all the time I spend thinking about how Ephram would make a great Timmy Drake and how much I love Miss Amy. Le sigh.
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Not much today, friendslist, but just so you don't think I don't love you, here's some classic Hollywood homoeroticism!!

I don't have the Photoshop skills to get rid of the crease, but hopefully that doesn't detract from the pretty too much. Fortunately [ profile] cathybites *does* have the skills, and doesn't mind wielding them! Hurrah!!

Now I feel like watching Giant.
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Y'know, I've been more-or-less incommunicado lj-wise lately, and now suddenly I can't shut up! You should have savoured the silence while you got it, o friendslist.

Last night I had a dream that I was dating [ profile] callmesandy, and I went to visit her and was talking to her roommate (who looked like Simon Tam) about the "Firefly Gift Pack" we'd gotten him as a present. Apparently this pack contained things like Alliance-issue foil packets of crackers and tins of tunafish, in reference to a 'lost episode' of Firefly wherein there was an exchange that went something like this:
SIMON [eating tuna]: blah blah blah, Kaylee.
KAYLEE: blah blah omg can I have some of that? [eats tuna] I thought you didn't eat beef.
SIMON [taking tin back]: This is tuna, Kaylee. Beef is cow.
KAYLEE: Tuna's cow, right?

And then I woke up. Now, I knew for certain that I wasn't dating [ profile] callmesandy for real and she doesn't have a roomie who looks like Simon, but it took half an hour and a long, thoughtful shower before I was quite sure that this phantom episode never existed. Which means that my subconscious thinks that good Firefly scripting involves Kaylee being a crappy space-version of Jessica Simpson. Oy vey.

Now, books I've read lately: )

I was gonna talk about movies I've seen recently (Ghost Ship, Dog Soldiers, A Time to Kill), but man, this post is long and convoluted enough already. So instead:

Which *NSYNC Slasher Stereotype Are You?

You're a Bitter Old Fandom Queen! You've been involved in *NSYNC slash since at least 2001, probably longer and you've grown bitter. You hate fandom, you hate stupid newbies, sometimes you even hate the group. You'd take down your stories and delete your LJ, but that'd make it too easy for the stupid fucks to forget about you.
Take this quiz!
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Dear Veronica Mars powers: Logan's new girlfriend suck-o's the big-o el weiner-o. Why does she deliver all her lines like a six year-old with a speech impediment? Why won't she GO AWAY and give more screentime to Wallace?!?!

Dear fandom: Amanda Bynes in drag = Lance Bass.

Dear America's Next Top Model: Gina is indeed lame, but her response to having a giant hissing cockroach roam her body was RIGHT and CORRECT. When one has a cockroach on them, one should definitely shriek and blubber and lose all control of one's face. One should *not* KISS THE DAMN THING like that fool Jade.

Dear Lost: Please have Kate never talk to Dr. Jack again; I feel ACTUAL LOVE for her when she is trading flirty barbs with Sawyer or being all BFF with Sun. kthnxbye.

Dear Interested Parties: I made strawberry scones last night and they are marvelous -- sweet but not cloyingly so, light and delicious. I highly recommend!

Dear Lynn Harless: Maybe you're right, and babyboy *did* dodge a bullet. derrrrrrr
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gacked from [ profile] revisionary

Suddenly, I understand Anya a whole lot more.

related news article
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Here, have some links!

. from [ profile] thedith: Excerpts of one-star reviews of some of the novels on Time's 'best' list. My favourite? One reviewer's anger at Nabokov not being considerate of the American public when he wrote Lolita, bless him/her/it.

. from [ profile] cimarosa: Frank Miller is putting out a comic about Batman fighting Al Qaeda. Said the unbalanced maestro: "It just seems silly to chase around the Riddler when you've got Al Qaeda out there." Why, yes, Frank. It *does* seems silly to chase the Riddler. You know what also seems silly? BATMAN.

. the Wee Sister has completed a new bunch of drawbles, and friends, you do not want to miss them. There's Dickens, Final Fantasy, Red Dwarf, U2, QaF-US, Supernatural, Firefly, HP, anime -- something for everyone!

. everything fandom ever suspected is true! The JJB confirms that JC is a tender, delicate flower who forgives like a martyr, cries like a baby, and enjoys life as a doormat! Oh, my stars and garters. [EDIT] whoopsie, the post is locked now so I've removed the link. ah, well -- you all know the merry-go-round as well as I do.

Also, here is a meme: what are the word mis-usages that most agitate you?

- when people use "bath" instead of bathe and "breath" instead of breathe
- "carmel" instead of caramel. Carmel is a MOUNTAIN, dammit!
- sandwhich. hampster.
- "ghee" instead of gee. Although this might be because I'm of Indian extraction, so to me "ghee" is clarified butter and not an exclamation. Ghee willikers!!
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If you came up through comicfandom at a certain period, your experience was probably infuenced by [ profile] kielle in some way. When I was a lost little newbie back in '97, she not only proofed and fedback my first fic, she also posted it to the newsgroup for me and was amazingly kind and encouraging about the entire process. We didn't run in the same circles and eventually diverged through different fandoms, but Kielle was a huge part of why I thought maybe being online wasn't so bad, and why I stayed on, and why I met a number of you whom I love dearly. Rest gently and well, o Scribe.
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So, [ profile] jae_w wrote me a threemanbus ficlet, and man, she hits this dynamic right *on*, with all the complications and oversimplifications and everything that makes it so sweet but sharp. Like a baby hedgehog, or something. Delicious!

Also, I'm futzing around with new icons for myself and while fruitlessly combing through old albums for scenery shots of when we lived in Trinidad, I found a number of photos of my mum. And while I'm not keen on putting up photographs of myself, I have absolutely no compunctions about putting up hers. Hah!

And I'd love it if you guys put up photos of parents/guardians/grandparents/whoever as well. It can be a meme! It'll be fun, I swear!! )
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After the last two concerts I had tickets for being cancelled, after missing the U2 video shoot on Wednesday, and most of all after not having been able to afford to see the Elevation tour when it came around and STILL having a HIDEOUS, ENRAGING experience involving people who were in town to go to the show -- my bad, awful concert karma must be paid in full. Because last night, [ profile] silvrsolace and I got to see U2 like whoa. )
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Hey, remember when I Photoshopped La Timberlake's face onto Justin Guarini's head?

...the problem with downloading your lj is that you start reading your old entries. And while [ profile] krissita is staring wistfully at her mellower younger self, I'm wondering why the hell anybody even talked to me. I mean, REALLY. *g*

Also, I was doing that "Word Count" thing in lj archive and in order of frequency of use, my list goes justin jc chris joey lance and then ryan fucking seth. ahahahahah!
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I'm a simple creature. I pretty much trust all the people who can see my friendslocked posts, and that's the only thing I'll say about that.

I see that the "minorities are underrepresented in fic!!" thing is going around again, and I think it's kind of hysterical. I mean, most fandoms don't *have* characters of colour in them to begin with, so how many fics are there really gonna be with the side characters? Either you're interested in a character or not. There's no need to toss Gunn into a fic to give it "a little flava" or something if you don't feel like writing him and you're not gonna do it well (and lord, I wish the Angel writers had felt that way too).

What irritates me more than a homogenously Caucasian cast are the token minority characters, who are so stupidly out of place that I hate them automatically. Like, oh, that Shard kid or whatever in the X-Men Evolution cartoon. Who the fuck IS he? You can't tell me that in the ENTIRE X-Universe there wasn't anybody else of colour they could've thrown into the mix. I felt the same way when Bishop was introduced in the comics; he was so pointless and bland and then of COURSE Storm had to start a relationship with him, never mind that he was about as interesting as a dead tree stump.

Some shows integrate minority characters flawlessly; more now than there used to be, of course, what with Lost and Rescue Me (Firefly did it well too) and many others. And that's cool, but I don't feel any more obliged to like/write the CoC any more than if they were sidelined. I mean, Jesus--I like Dr. Jack better than I like Sayid (don't hurt me!!).

Of course, for my money--the show to do the absolutely best job of handling a racially mixed cast will always be Homicide. The show never shied away from handling race issues, but the detective work was always more important, and they mixed up the partners and pairings constantly. The only time I felt bludgeoned by a shoehorned-in ethnic character was when Joan Chen was that stupid lame reporter who was supposed to have a recurring role but somehow, in an episode about the irksome Kellerman brothers, managed to be MORE annoying. Also, the title of that episode was idiotic--"Wu's On First"? What kind of dumbass business is THAT?

Anyhow. I think that this rant over there not being enough fic about CoC is just a more social-guilt-inducing version of the ol' "nobody writes my favourite obscure characters, waaaaaah!" screed. And I kind of resent the implication that we're all a little bit racist for not writing Gunn-fic 24/7; in a group of mixed-race, mixed-sexuality folks who talk constantly about the gay sex, bigots get weeded out pretty quick, y'know?

And now as a gracenote, my winamp went straight from Britney's "She'll Never Be Me" into Tom Waits' "Little Drop of Poison" and for a moment there I thought it was the same song. That was fucking AWESOME.
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[ profile] silvrsolace was kind enough to lend us her Angel s5 DVDs, which we've been devouring voraciously. And y'know, there are developments that are somewhat sudden and hard to swallow (hello, Gunn), but all of that pales next to our revitalized, abject hatred of FRED. Which I would like to dissect at this point (and [ profile] marej, I expect full agreement from you at least. *g*).

spoilers for Angel s5 discs 1&2! )


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