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I always thought that in an *nsync Beatles AU, JC would be Lennon and Justin would be McCartney (JC more experimental, Justin more schmaltz, etc.), but after reading the article linked in popsoundboard I see I will have to revise that opinion! Did I ever mention how much I love when people (including Rolling Stone people) write fanfic about how their favourite member of a band is an angel martyr baby, cruelly abused by all the other band members? Because I love it SO MUCH.

Wow, me -- what's with the popslashy posts lately?
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Last night I was randomly watching a bunch of video files that I'd stored on my portable HD over the years (the glory of owning a Playstation 3 is that I can just plug in my HD and watch stuff on the big tv screen), and I found this (right-click download if you want it):

nsync - itv interview (uncut), february 19, 2001

They each do a solo interview, then a big group one. Probably everybody has seen this already? But I hadn't, and OMG. I wish I'd seen it when I was in the throes of popslash, because it's the most footage in one place where they're not using their interview personas and whatnot. Some of the things that stood out:

- everybody is pissed at Joey. Poor Joey! Also Joey just can't tell when a joke is over. Also he keeps playing JC like JC is a percussive instrument.
- Lance can turn it on and off like a motherfucker, plus is kind of more wryly acerbic than I thought he'd be. There's a point where he makes an aside joke to Justin implying that they fuck farm animals or something. NO, SERIOUSLY.
- Chris says "skatin" with no g on the end exactly the same way that [personal profile] cathybites and her sister say any word that's supposed to have a g on the end. Is this a Pennsylvania thing?? Plus, he is fun to watch but jeezum crow I would murder him in five minutes flat in real life.
- this is the most Southern I have ever heard Justin sound; also, I forgot how much I hate this phase where he says "just kidding" after EVERYTHING.
- despite the fact that he clearly finds the stock questions aggravating, JC's rambling would test the patience of a statue. But oh sweet heavens is he ever pretty (plus this is the dating-Bobbie era, which, YUM)! Why, JC-OF-TODAY, WHY DO YOU INSIST ON WEARING YOUR HAIR IN A FACSIMILE OF A GENTLEMAN'S DRESS SHOE, WHY

In conclusion: THREEMANBUS HOMG. Your conclusions will differ, but that's what *I* love, of course. *g*
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Please go check out my friend's NGO proposal and vote to have it listed for donors! This is NOT a donation; all you're doing is voting on whether you think that Nepal House's project to use art therapy with Nepali children affected by abuse, trauma, and/or poverty is a worthwhile one. They need 38 more votes in order to be listed on, so please help them out! Your confirmation e-mail might be sent to your spam folder, so watch out for it.

Completely unrelated to that, here are a bunch of pictures (mostly) involving La Timberlake and the ladies in his life. )
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[ profile] turps33 wanted us to make posts with pop pictures. And, I mean -- I've got a smorgasbord of nonsense hanging around my webspace/harddrive, so why not. )
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[ profile] lesasoja! I am so glad that you had a fabulous birthday, because you, liebling, deserve one that is nothing but joy from start to finish. *mwah*!

As for the rest of you, some might be interested in bidding on a dinner with Joss Whedon that will benefit Equality Now. Even if I had the money, I wouldn't do it because I'd just be asking him awkward questions like if he knows his servants' last names or in the case of butlers their first.

Also and unrelatedly, I must confess that I really and truly look forward to every time Bai Ling pops up on Go Fug Yourself. Didn't she date JC for like a microsecond, or was that just rumour? I don't remember anymore, but the cocktail of that much trashy insanity-fueled hotness together is one I would drink all summer long.

Also and semi-relatedly (gacked from musiclover03)

I CAN'T BELIEVE he's still wearing the ball-bearing necklace. Dood, I gave mine up like six years ago!! I think I started wearing it *before* Chris made his a regular accessory, so maybe my period of its fashion legitimacy just ended sooner. That other chain he has on is unnacceptable. Still, the guy looks good! I can't see his hair, but hopefully he didn't let JC style it or anything.

[EDIT]: Also also!! Timberlake Goes Apeshit on Swedish Fans. ahahaahahah! I'm just gonna be sitting here running through the many possible variations on "[bleep] face".
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Major sympathies for all those lost in the DreamHost witchhunt. That sucks and I hope they're forced to rescind their position.

On a happier note:

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Krissy has the text of the accompanying article in her journal, for anybody interested. I'll just be here admiring Momma's starry dress as she languishes in babyboy's arms, thank you very much.

Also, I got a score of 86% and a comment of "Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!" from that Ultimate Bible Quiz, which isn't terribly impressive to tell the truth because you could tell what half the answers were from the ridiculous options. I mean, I've read the Bible from cover to cover a few times, but somehow I don't think that really made a difference here with the answer options being stuff like 'Chinese take-out' and 'Rip Van Winkle'.

Well, I guess that's enough of a break. Back to the precis-writing, sigh.
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I am so miserable -- the pipes in my townhouses are frozen to shit, and they're repairing them today, which means no water. There's not even enough water in the hot water tank for me to have a shower. *feels gross*

So anyway, I've been distracting myself with the links on [ profile] pop_newsletter (which is super-awesome and I seriously can't believe it took our fandom this long to get one. Go [ profile] turps33!!), and I managed to find one of those badfics that you dream of -- the kind that's been run through BabelFish and come out all the more genius!! Fic where Justin's a Nirvana-singin' racist who HATES JOEY BECAUSE HE'S ITALIAN!!! omg haaaaaaaaaart.

"Goddamn, actually why?", he suddenly sobbed.

Sadly, the JC Is Racist story is in German, and since all I can do in German is ask the weather and order food, I am underequipped to partake in its (certain) brilliance. Might it be possible that she's a better writer in German than in English? WHO KNOWS?!?!?
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More Justiny stuff from the UK GQ, again scanned by the marvelous and magnificent [ profile] bon1138.

International Pop Sensation!! )
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So, my ducklings, [ profile] bon1138 demonstrated more of her absolute loveliness and scanned the Timberlake-related bits of The Times Magazine for our greedy little eyes!


Plus! JC has returned to making fun times happen in his pants!! I'm not sure why he's dressed like he's about to take Bonnie Blue Butler out on her first pony-ride, but it's still awesome. Thanks to [ profile] glendaglamazon for the link!
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Dear Lynn Harless,

My friend [ profile] marej who likes vacherin and blueberries olives thought of you when she saw Lance come out in People magazine. Which is probably fitting, since I'm sure you and Diane discussed it back in Germany, right? Sitting around drinking big steins of Hoegaarden and fending off guys with moustaches, and then whispering in Diane's ear near the end of the night that you thought Justin might be, y'know, that way and not saying anything about Lance but knowing from the way Diane went so still that she'd thought about her son too? Ah, it was probably nothing like that. But still.

But keep thinking supportive thoughts for the people fighting the good fight in Washington State, man. They can always come up to Vancouver and get married, but of course it's the principle of the thing that matters and not the mechanics. Solidarity, sistren.

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Justin, baby -- I've been looking forward to a new album and all that, but, um...FutureSex/LoveSounds? Really? You're telling me you took this multi-year break to concentrate on musicality and organicalness and whateverthehellelse buzzwords you've taken a shine to, and *this* is the best title you could come up with? Something that sounds like a vibrator that also plays cheap midi tunes?!? Bitch, please. Also, I hate that 'random capital letter in the middle of a word' bullshit. Don't be going all PopoZao on me, you hear?

Apart from that, the most fabulous thing I've heard recently was Groundskeeper Willie attempting to sing a one-man round of "Row Row Row Your Boat" on Sunday's Simpsons. Oh my yes.
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Oh my god y'all!!


When did this happen and why, god, WHY?!?!?
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It is late (early?) and I am going to bed so I can wake up early, pick up [ profile] glockgal from the airport and then immediately deposit her at work. But before I go: I have been reminiscing lately over popslash fandom, and all the fun and sparkliness (and yes, over the kerfuckles too, because it does me good to see how unimportant those things seem now and reminds me how much I love certain people) and so here is one of the things that I loved and bears sharing again.

omg. A LOT. ""
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- There's a transcript of an interview with X-Tina and some pretty photos up over at [ profile] ohnotheydidnt, but for my money the best part of the whole thing is this quote about being at a Prince concert: "When a deeply intoxicated white guy is pulled from the crowd and forced, sort of, Aguilera and Timberlake crack up, bending over the railing." Hee! My mean little golden twin-godling siblings.

- Have you been wanting to make more friends on the Supernatural fandom circuit? Well then [ profile] glitterdemon's Supernatural Friending Meme is for you!

- Now, [ profile] glockgal and I have been watching Party of Five recently and we just finished the second season. What I want to know is -- did ANYBODY like Neve Campbell's character? Was she seriously beloved by fans of the show? Because she makes us absolutely livid, to the point where we have to fast-forward her scenes or we just seethe and shout all through them. It's like watching Angel and enduring that goddamned Fred all over again!

Soon, I will post a TV Quotes Meme. But in a different post, so I can screen the comments for better playability! Yaaay!
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My knees and ankles are cold, and I stayed home today to work on my paper about structural violence against women, and it is just draining me. I need happy things to offset, so I'm stealing something from [ profile] juteux:

post your favourite popslash memory here.

Doesn't matter what or when it is -- fandom interaction, a song, a fic, an interview, some footage, whatever. A total tangent spinoff, I don't care. Just stick them in the comments, comment on other people's, anything that makes you happy. Please please please?
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Last week of school. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me; although I seem to be doing quite well in all five of my classes, any more of this and I would have IMPLODED from the stress. And I miss you, friendslist!

. [ profile] glockgal insisted that we start listening to Christmas music in the car the very day after American Thanksgiving. Which means the *nsync Xmas album, which is always demented fun. This is what I imagine their feelings about the album were:

JOEY: Sweet! Now that you can actually *hear* me on some of these songs, people will believe I'm in the group!!...why is my life so sad!??!
JUSTIN: Singing through my nose will prove the depths of my emotion!
LANCE: Why are you all so cruel to me?!?
CHRIS: Someday, I will look back on all this and smile. Someday, dear god.
JC: I believe that the best way to show the true spirit of Christmas is to hear a skinny white boy's best Mahalia Jackson. More eggnog, please! And lots of rum! In fact, FORGET THE EGGNOG!!

. This is the kind of thing you can expect from a government whose current Minister of Foreign Affairs is a Frenchified Harry Potter villain. And to top it all off, Paul Martin has let down his BFF Bono! Maybe they'll do like me and my BFF did in high school and write long melodramatic letters to each other that they surreptitiously drop off through the mail slots at each others' houses. Only when my BFF did that, the front door happened to be open at the time, so I sat on my sofa and watched bemused through the screen as she deposited the letter and then stomped off. ahahha!

. also: BWHAHAHAHAH!! Oh, Supernatural. I am rapidly becoming obsessed with you, due majorly to the fact that from what I've noticed, you really do your research about magic and ghosties and whatnot. Hee!
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Y'know, it's the memory of easily-accessible crazy-ass insanity like this that I will look back on years from now when I reminisce fondly about popslash. Along with all the BNF battles and stuff, natch.

In other news that will only be of interest to my Vancouver peeps: the parents went to a wedding yesterday and my dad sat next to that Vijay guy who does the commercials for Jack FM. You know..."Larry and Willyyyyy! Ninety-six NIIIIIIINE!" Rather unsurprisingly, he and my father got along swimmingly and my dad left with Vijay's business card in his pocket and exhortations to call in to the radio station to talk to him. Heh!

Also: Even Michael Moore supports the CBC unionists! Excellent.
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I don't know why Bev is trying to contest Dear Lynn Harless's standing as the drama-momma of the bunch, but hey, whatever. As if I listen to any of the so-called "insiders" anyway; half the time, the *official* *nsync press releases are inane junk.

It would take too much energy to work up an opinion on this whole thing one way or another -- although I have the sneaking suspicion that even if I did take sides, I still wouldn't have to add as many disclaimers and modifiers as if I'd expressed an opinion on JC's hair or Lance's nose because omg they are entitled to do what they want stfu h0r.
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[ profile] justbelimber posted some pictures of Justin in her journal, and, well. The t-shirt. Shout out to his boy!!

This post brought to you by a moment of OTP madness.


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