Jan. 6th, 2008

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I am working slowly but surely through the Yuletide archive. You know, next year I think I'll space out my MtYG reading as well, because I'm starting to think that there were a lot of stories I would've liked if I wasn't rushed and doing other holiday stuff in-between reading them. Hmmm. At any rate! Now that both reveals have gone up, I can do that writing meme. But in the meantime:

. the world is crumbling around us! [macdonald hall]: What would the holidays be without a little Bruno & Boots? Nothing, that's what! Here's a Five Things story that skips along with all the sass of the books.

. hotter than hell and hellfire [rescue me]: twinned fics about Tommy Gavin and his penchant for self-destruction, one quite hot and one pretty disturbing -- the first is a sharp little slash piece, the second ... okay, I've read incest fics before, but most of what I read is so unrealistic and blown out of proportion that it never bothered me. Hellfire, while not being graphic or having anything actually *happen*, is profoundly disturbing because it *does* seem realistic. It's a compelling story, but I wanted to make the disclaimer so anybody deciding to read it isn't ambushed by the subject matter.

. your only friend [desperado]: homg, I was so delighted to find fic in this fandom! And this story, told by Steve Buscemi's character, is just the right blend of gritty-gold western, lyrical and maudlin and beautiful all at once.

. macdonald hall is fabulous [macdonald hall]: Man, it's a good year for Gordan Korman fans. This story is every bit as fast-paced, fun, loveable and awesome as its source material, with the added bonus of being pro-gay in the best of ways. hee!

. detente [hairspray]: a piece about Penny, thoughtful and soulful without losing any sweetness. Plus, I love the title; what a stroke of inspiration, and how fitting to the story!

. up and away [homicide/batman]: AHAHAHH AWESOME. Munch rightly absconds from the drek of s7 and decides to try out being police in a new city, and the one he chooses is Gotham. Funny and smart and faithful to both universes, which is a true gift.
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Stuff what I wrote this year:

four cakes and a sweetheart: pop!Ace of Cakes, with plenty of guest-stars
walking miracle, my skin: x-men movieverse, Jean and Mystique between-films
in other words: x-men comicverse, scott in the immediate aftermath of the x-cutioner's song
spot (the messenger mix): popslash, Lance as Joan of Arc.
everything else is homicide: popslash, the boys as murder pohleece.
three-part disharmony: homicide fic proper, Frank and Tim rounding out season five and rotation.
jc chasez, full of grace: jc/lynn. Oh, come on now.

Can I just answer JC/Lynn for everything? )


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