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snowflake challenge
.. Day 5
In your own space, share something non-fannish you are passionate about with your fannish friends.

Skipping Days 3 & 4 because they're not my style.

So I decided to write about something that I love dearly: Cookbooks.

I've told this story a million, but here it is one more time.

When my sister and I moved to Trinidad from North America as children, my mom took with her a bunch of stuff she'd accumulated in Mississauga and Downer's Grove -- videotapes, record player, carpet, appliances -- and a bunch of books. Included in these were her most useful cookbooks (and some that weren't so useful, which I suspect she just enjoyed owning). My sister and I, being food-inclined from a young age, used to read the more picture-filled cookbooks as if they were storybooks, poring over the bizarre pictures and party suggestions in the Bakers' Cut-Up Cake Party Book, discussing quite seriously what a "candy corn" or a "licorice rope" would taste like.

Occasionally our older cousin Arlene would actually try out the recipes, with greater to lesser success (fresh-grated coconut didn't work out quite like we supposed the dessicated packaged stuff would in Cinderella Crisps), but to be honest I was -- and still am -- mostly happy to just read the recipes, look at the photos, and imagine.

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snowflake challenge
.. Day 2
In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you didn't create.

. the value of daughters by [personal profile] odditycollector - this was spurred by the fridging of Lian Harper over in DC Comics, but the frustration and anger and pain in it relate to so much more when it comes to women's functions in modern media and storytelling.

. very deliberately waiting by [personal profile] gloss | the simpsons, manjula/marge - I can't get enough of this story. Older women in a suburban archetypal US town, empty nests, lost husbands, backgrounds and temperaments completely different, and yet. I stopped watching The Simpsons a few years ago because it became a soulless hipster wasteland, but this story reminds me of all the the sad, enduring, tender sweetness the show had when it was at its best.

. horns of a deer, feet of a tiger by [ profile] softintelligence | iron man - Tony Stark, growing up Vietnamese-American. I'm not a dude, I'm not Vietnamese, and I'm not US American, but there's still so much to recognize in this. It's beautifully done.

. the third student by [personal profile] schemingreader | sherlock holmes - If you're a person of colour who loves the Holmes stories, it's something of a bittersweet experience because at some point, a person who looks like you will pop up and be described in the most demeaning and ugly ways imaginable. And then you just have to sigh and anesthetize yourself a little bit with the old things-used-to-be-different saw so you can enjoy the rest of the thing. Well, this story gives a voice to one of those prop characters, and does it marvellously.

. 春雨 (spring rain) by [personal profile] mercredigirl | firefly, simon and river tam - One of the things that was worst about Firefly was the lack of main Asian characters, and I always wondered why they couldn't have made the Tams -- I mean, really -- Asian, at least. This story does something with that and what it's like for the Tams in a world where everything is visibly tagged with their culture but the people themselves barely exist.

. every superhero need his theme music by [ profile] glockgal | batman, hip-hop rpf, pop rpf - Kanye as Batman and Lady Gaga as Mr. Freeze. I don't think I need to say anything more. Except I decided to name the piece, lol.

I think I went for kind of a vague theme here? Heh.
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lol, now that I'm back I won't shut up

Anyhow, starting a bit late with this, but nonetheless!

snowflake challenge
.. Day 1
In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created.

. to serve the gods | road to el dorado - chel, chel/tulio, tulio/miguel: sometimes you get an idea for a fic -- not in your primary fandom, not about characters you even care to make a habit of writing about -- and it won't let you go until you somehow write it all and then, there it is, and you're not even quite sure how it happened. I don't generally go for the whole "my muses made me do it!" thing, or writing-as-creative-psychography, but damn, I can't even explain this story otherwise.

. run for yer life | the beatles: and then other times the won't-be-quiet ideas come when you're making breakfast with your sister in a sunny kitchen and giggling over the notion of George Harrison as a serial killer.

. keep your palms flat | futurama: if I were ever gonna successfully make a podfic, this would probably be the only fic I could do.

. no-one must see you | moulin rouge - chocolat/omc: I don't write original characters very often, so this is unusual for me just in that respect. The rest is a little bit close to the heart, in certain ways.

. three-part disharmony | homicide: life on the street - pembleton, bayliss: back in the fandom where I had my first, wonderful, formative steps into developing a writing style and was lucky enough for it to coincide with being on the Schism mailing list with incredible, fun women who were never snotty about how very, very smart they are. That experience pretty much primed me for the kinds of people I wanted to share fandom with from then on!

Will catch up with Day 2 soon, since I need some time to get back into the swing of reading/reccing!!


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