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When she talks about auras and energies, Mai says she lives in her head. Ty Lee doesn't know about that. As far as she can tell, she lives in her body; she lives in the eager bunching of muscles in her thighs and feet, in the clean snap of her arms and fingers knifing into pressure points, in the hot pivot of her hips as the rest of her cartwheels and flips and flips and flips. She lives in her own delight over the succulent weight of her breasts, the round beat of her calves, the sweat shivering down strands of dark hair.

When Mai says she lives in her head, Azula says there's plenty of room.

But Azula is folded in so tight on herself, like scarlet paper dragonflowers they used to make as girls -- hundreds of tiny, cramped creases all needing to be just so perfect in order for the finished product to look right, like a blossom clenched into a blood fist -- so Ty Lee breathes deep and smiles pink at her. If Ty Lee had her way they would the three of them make flowers out of gauze tissue and silk that spread open at the brush of damp fingers, turning deep and moist where they were touched. If Ty Lee had her way they would break down all the barriers and scaly-hard encrusted images of not only themselves but their people, in a whirlwind of whipping hair and bruising kisses and demanding bodies, until the image is no image at all and they are the Fire Nation, one and every one bright proud clear crimson with no need for the blood fist.

It's complicated, though. Because to be honest Ty Lee gets all prickly and hungry inside when she fights and hits and she has to press her thighs together and breathe deep and smile pink and push it down, down until she's ready. So maybe that's how her people are; too aswirl with violent lust to be proud clear crimson just yet. But Ty Lee can see it, just over the horizon of the black sun, and she's starting to reach towards it.

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You know what I like? Reading the keywords for people's icons.

"No luck with the box yet, huh?" Dean said, then grinned (while Sam pre-emptively rolled his eyes) and added, "-- not like that's new for you."

"Did you get some food, at least?"

Dean tossed a box of chicken at Sam and settled down with his own, turning the motel tv to an All in the Family rerun while they ate. Sam was quiet, almost grim as he mowed down his coleslaw, and he kept frowning at the musty wooden box all through his meal, reaching for it with fingers still greasy while he was chewing his last bite.

"Leave it for a minute and have some hot wings," Dean said, leaning far back enough in his rickety chair to aim the toe of one boot at Sam's knee. Sam froze half-sprawled across the bed, turning his head to stare at Dean, then next thing Dean knew his brother had his fingers all in the box of wings. Picking out bones and breaking them apart. Digging in his bag until he found a piece of red string, wrapping them around the bones to make an equal-armed cross. Holding it up in Dean's face with a distinctly crowing expression, and declaring, "I'm a genius."

"Craft time with bird carcasses sure means genius to me," Dean said, but Sam was fitting the bone thing into the box with just the right little twist to make it pop open with a disturbing-but-satisfying hiss. "The key in having a key," Sam told him, "is knowing it's a key."

"Imagine what we could open with some curly fries," Dean said, but it was no use. Sam could already tell he was impressed.

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I'll probably do this again, if none of the icon owners who I randomly choose object to it. *g*
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I wanted a drabble about Amy Abbott from [ profile] rachel_wilder, so that means I have to do the meme myself, apparently.

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. (Some other equivalent gift, like icons or mini-fanmixes or quickie meta, would make sense for people who don't write fic themselves.)

1. bayliss & pembleton, and hear the good news
3. uhura/spock, my sign is vital
8. holmes & watson, the sun never sets
9. titus pullo, antevorta
10. uhura & sulu, the enterprise supper club, invitation only (er, plz excuse my dodgy science)

Offered fandoms: Homicide, Star Trek Reboot, The Simpsons, Twin Peaks, Rome, Futurama, Merlin, Sherlock Holmes, popslash, X-Men (only the regular continuity 'verse, y'all), or, uh, something else as long as I know it. Also, it will probably be a wee bit longer than a drabble.
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So I know you guys have been dying to see Patty and Selma act out a scene from Pulp Fiction, right?

... yeah. I don't know whether to apologize for posting that, or crow over the gloriousness of the show's creators being involved in producing Bouviercest. You can find the rest of the Pulp Fiction series at The Simpsons Folder.

At any rate! Last time I did this, I was too swamped with schoolwork to follow through, but this time I promise I will. Please do that meme with me where you choose one of my icons and I write something to go with it!
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Okay - for all of tomorrow and most of the weekend, I will furiously be writing an essay and a sheaf of précis (précises? whatevs), but I have time tonight after Betty & SPN and would definitely like to work on these post-weekend, so here's my loose and modified version of the fic meme:
Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime after the end of the story, or sometime before the story started, or some particular lull/moment within the story itself, and I'll write it for you in an as-yet undetermined number of words.

Yay! Have at it, my ducklings! And meanwhile, admire my new icon from [ profile] cathybites, fellow member of The Assistants' Club. Ginchy!
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I was looking at some old entry in [ profile] fluffontop's journal and found myself in the comments screeching incoherently about how I see timbertrick in everything from King Arthur to The Simpsons to, apparently, my broom closet ("omg the mop has that honeycomb blond afro thing going on and the broom has spiky black 'hair'! TRU LUV 4EVA!") and I was a little bit embarassed. But then Capp admitted that some girl's kittens on [ profile] kittypix always seem timbertricky to her, and that's WAY more insane than what I said. ahem.

- Worst. Friend. EVER!!

- Brokeback Mountain jokes bore me. So I am ashamed to admit that I laughed at this. *facepalms*

And now here is a little bit of batfic. )
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The most amusing 404 message I've seen in a long time. Heh!

I want to do that icon-character-pairing meme, but I want to do [ profile] throughadoor's version because I copy all my neat ideas from her. Also, doing this kind of made me wish for the old days when pretty much all my icons were *nsyncian, because this was HARD.

icon pairing, with supplementary fic-bits! )
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Gilmore girls:

- just keeps getting better and better, despite Kate flashbacks
- I realized while looking at Locke that if he had hair and an Austrian accent, he'd be a ringer for one of my Philosophy professors this term
- Walt interested me for the first time, and I like Sawyer more than when he was a one-note bad boy
- I don't care what anybody else says, I still love Dr. Jack!

But this isn't really about Locke. Or Jack. )
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So, since you guys were marvelous and forthcoming with the fic-on-demand, I reciprocate (and really, it's for my own benefit, because I could use the practice). However, I am not crazy enough to do the "make-me-write-stuff-i-hate" deal again, so I offer a more peaceful alternative: make me do something really different with it. Like, every other sentence has to end with a rhyming word, or the character has to be doing something *really* unlike them but in a believable way, or it has to be written in the form of a recipe -- stuff like that. Don't be afraid to get specific, because I don't mind that at all.

Possible areas of fic: *nsync, popgirls, batverse, x-verse, homicide, simpsons, futurama, weiss kreuz, twin peaks, qaf uk, red dwarf, rescue me, lost, gilmore girls, little women, alice in wonderland, igby goes down, gosford park, 2ge+her, watership down, angel, the oc, hellblazer

And, erm...keep in mind that this is rather a wide-flung list of fandoms, and I make no guarantees as to quality; I just feel like kick-starting the old writing nerves again!
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All La Timberlake needs to do to maintain my affections is keep adorning himself with the religious iconography that makes my heart beat. First Ganesh, now La Guadalupe? Whoo doggie. Plus the year of JC's (and my) birth! awwww.

And now, to try something that I saw in Sandy-older's journal, which is:
I post 15 lyrics that I think sound wicked cool, said lyrics inspire y'all to write drabbles/ficlets in my comments and joy reigns. And I do this because I want y'all reading this to try and maybe do the same in your lj so I can be all inspired and drabble/ficlet in your comments. (Which I will so endeavor to do, if you do your fun lyric choices.)

if you do it, I'll give very nice feedback!... )
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Also, [ profile] glitterdemon's first-lines meme, if any of y'all would be so kind as to participate and write a lil' sumthin-sumthin using these lines from my fics as your first line. Although, all my first lines suck, so I pulled a bunch of last lines. Er. Yes. At any rate, I'd be thrilled if any of you write something with them!

first/last lines )
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Remember that thing I was writing about Lance being a back-up Robin the Boy Wonder sometimes? Well, this is kind of like that. Except not Lance. It's more like a post-*nsync, JC-typeish thing. And, fuck, I have no explanation for it except that the idea's been nibbling for ages and the DC Random Scenario Generator told me to write "any Batman villain/ a story that begins 'On the third day of their honeymoon...'". So this is kind of that.

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I had to go back SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY posts. You people are a fucking talkative bunch. Uh, either that or I have a huge friendslist. *g*

So anyhow, before the big bombshell at work on Wednesday, I had been planning to put up some fic links. Because, y'know, I shamelessly begged for JC/Bobbie/Justin/Britney, and boy howdy did people deliver! Thank you all in leaps and bounds, ladies. You're the bestest.

. professional from [ profile] stargems, with bobbie and the dynamics of her relationship with jc
. tequila for the kids from [ profile] jae_w, in which sexy things happen but perhaps not how you expected
. juicy from [ profile] rachel_wilder, who isn't even in sparkly fandom but made me laugh like a loon with this hysterical thing
. goldengolden from [ profile] beth666ann, which is Positively Perfect in Every Way and doesn't miss a beat with the deliciously vicious and *hot* characterization

And if this particular smorgasbord isn't your thing, maybe you should check out [ profile] callmesandy's first in her Sandy & Kirsten series which is smart and funny and absolutely addictive; or [ profile] stormyfish's Daydream, which is a cute little ditty about Justin and the Joey in his head.

And I also see that [ profile] cathybites and [ profile] ink_stain have done some interesting-looking "Five Things That Never Happened To..." fics, and [ profile] synecdochic has written that Justiny "Tower of Song" fic that she mentioned once and which has permeated my mind ever since. Looks like I've got some heavy reading ahead!
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I am practically on the verge of flat-out BEGGING somebody to write me JC/Bobbie/Justin/Britney fic. Because the wicked, wicked [ profile] stargems is posting pictures of these persons in question, and the sight of JC and Bobbie all fabulous and pissy and sexass being trailed around by golden-pretty and giggly Justin and Britney is too, too much. And as I told Celeste, I want it to be just like this:

...them and their boyfriends all getting drunk together and going back to the hotel room, and fucking in front of each other on the furniture and the floor, and then Bobbie and Britney curl up on the sofa and stroke themselves and each other in sexy places and drink Southern Comfort from the bottle while their boys have a loud rough fuck-session on the bed and Bobbie offers directions and points at them with her long nails while Britney giggles drunkenly and gasps a lot against Bobbie's neck and JC snarls at them both to shut the fuck up and Justin's absolutely mindless from all the booze and lust and sweet, sweet ass. mmmmmmmmmmmm. Why isn't anybody WRITING THAT FOR ME?!?!?

God, please. PLEASE somebody write that for me. *weeps*
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I'm not gonna do the ficcing-about-icons meme, because I've got other stuff I'm writing and need to concentrate on that -- but certain icon-fics have already been demanded by the fellow scoobies, so here we go. *g*

xtina, medusa -- what's a gorgon to do? )
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I am a loser for not finishing these earlier, but here we go again -- more of the make-Maggie-write-things-she-hates meme. Heh.

synecdochic wanted Justin & Cameron, het love 4 EVA! )

and wicked, wicked circusgirl wanted chris thormann/tobias beecher. remind me again why i call you people my friends? )

Whoo! Now, there's only [ profile] cathybites's to go. Which I am dreading most insanely.
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These were supposed to be up yesterday for the birthday of my beloved [ profile] chootoy, but what with technical computer difficulties, they were delayed until today. Sorry about that, baby!

To make it up to you, here's a little pre-show action:

while you were out )

if you see anything moving, that's just freshness )


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