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You know what's awesome right now? The Awesome Ladies Ficathon!

If you're browsing and see one of my comments appending anything, consider it a rec.

And here's what I've written so far:

. as the multitudes exalt | road to el dorado - chel is caught between siamese cities

. inscrutable | glee - tina and mike have more than history written in their palms

. i recognize that girl | the simpsons - lisa and bart might only be friends because they're enemies

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The trolls have come out to play on my pull-quote post for the J2 Haiti story; please let them severely alone, and I will deal with them! I don't care to give trolls the attention they so desperately desire.

In happier fictional SPN world, Lori has drawn desi Sam & Dean on their adventures. It is truly a thing of awesome, although I don't find them hot because she drew them looking like half our cousins, ahahahah!

Also, I have written a fic about Chel from Road to El Dorado. I dunno who would be interested in this thing other than Lori and me, but if you are, here it is on AO3 and here it is behind the jump:

to serve the gods
- road to el dorado, chel/tulio, tulio/miguel
- warnings for colonialist violence, confinement, human sacrifice

Getting out of El Dorado means going somewhere -- but that's the tricky part. )


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