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It's International Women's Day! Reuters has a slideshow called "A Woman's World" up, but if you're going to take a look be warned that although a lot of the photos are lovely, there are some images of brutality that are really hard to look at.

Anyhow, I wanted to not concentrate on the struggles so much for once, and concentrate on joy, so here's a bunch of music! )
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Naturally, my computers both had some kind of identity crisis once I wanted to post! But I wrangled the laptop back into shape, and so here, have half of a party mix! A-N, right-click download, for sampling purposes only, etc. etc.

big sugar - turn the lights down
brenda fassie - vulundlela
britney spears - circus
christina aguilera - candyman
cyndi lauper - shine
cypress hill - insane in the brain
david bowie - rebel rebel
dean martin - ain't that a kick in the head
deee-lite - groove is in the heart
denyse plummer - old-time calypso
p diddy, pharell, loon, lenny kravitz - show me your soul
dr dre & snoop - still dre
fallout boy & kanye west - arms race
foghat - slow ride
great big sea - i'm a rover (live)
guns 'n roses - paradise city
imani coppola - legend of a cowgirl
joe tex - i gotcha
josie and the pussycats - three small words
juanes - la camisa negra
justin timberlake - my love (ibiza is burning mix)
keri & justin timberlake - headsprung
kinky boyz - the only way is up
kool & the gang - jungle boogie
kristine w - some lovin'
laura branigan - gloria
lauryn hill - doo wop (that thing)
loo & placido - black beatles
louis prima - jump, jive & wail
mary j blige - family affair
masia one - split second time
matthew sweet - girlfriend
miriam makeba - pata pata
mitsou - bye bye mon cowboy
nelly furtado - powerless (josh desi remix)
nena - 99 luftballons
nerd - rockstar (remix)

No need to ask or comment, just take and enjoy!

If you find the list overwhelming, here are the ones I would recommend for sure: denyse plummer, fallout boy, great big sea, lauryn hill, mitsou, nelly furtado. Whoo-hoo!

Also, two links and recipes:
. ames with delicious-sounding no-bake cookies!
. frangipani with a pineapple twist on tiramisu!
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So I signed up to handle a day in the Jammin' July popslash project! And since my writing is currently being directed elsewhere, I decided to make icons.

Now, erm ... I don't have any particular icon-making skillz, so feel free to use these as bases and modify them however the hell you want. *g*

Various icons through here, from candids/videos/photoshoots! )
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I need to get started on my last paper of the term, so of course I'm procrastinating. Anyhow! Some links:

. amphibian ark - did you know tht 2008 is the Year of the Frog? Many of these wonderful amphibians have been put on the endangered list, prompting organizations to develop a stopgap conservation method: raise the froggies in captivity until their ecosystems are once again safe and able to sustain them. While you're at the page, be sure to check out the EDGE amphibians. My personal favourite is the purple frog, bless.

. werbung gegen realit├Ąt - this site is in German, but it's pictures so I'm sure non-German speakers will still enjoy it. Click through the photostream to see the difference between the photos/pictures of food on the package and the contents inside! Hell, this photostream is worth it just to see the fascinating German food products. What I wouldn't give for kebabs-in-a-can or Currywurst!!

. becoming cary grant - an excellent, informative, and fond article that touches on a couple of Grant-related books dealing with his personal history, film work, and fashion sense. I really liked it.

And now, apropos of nothing, some music I've been enjoying lately! )
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I wanted to make some Simpsons icons that aren't joke-based; the show has so many poignant moments -- or at least fantastic animation -- that I thought some of you might fancy as well.

I've broken them down into a few galleries, and will split them up over two posts.

Should you want any of them, just comment and let me know! I have no problems with people customizing them once they're claimed, and there's no need to credit. All I do is crop and clean a little, it doesn't take much skill. *g*

The Homer & Marge Snugglebug Gallery )

The Lisa Simpson Non-Spice-Related Girl Power Gallery )

The Marge Simpson 'Homemaker is HOPE-maker without the P, and Also with an M' Gallery )
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It's reading week for me, which means no school but being all totally Granger* as I am wont to be, I'm spending it taking notes and doing assignments.

But anyway! I occasionally take breaks to keep myself sane, and this time I made Dexter icons. In addition to Arrested Development, [ profile] cathybites indoctrinated us into Dexter when she was here and I love it SO MUCH.

Subcutaneous icons under the cut! )

* I got a paper back and got a B- on it (which was decent b/c this prof's an extremely hard marker) but I was horrified to find that his only positive comment was "the sources utilized in this paper are truly impressive". How humiliating.
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It's Valentine's Day! That means it's the last day for [ profile] 14valentines, and that means I get to talk about something that's been big in the news lately: the environment.

Now, most of you are of the same generation as I am, which means we grew up celebrating Earth Day and learning to recycle and stuff like that. Which is great, but there's so much more to be done.

Sustainability is a cause I believe strongly in, but I have to admit that in some ways it's just too expensive for us average people to invest in. I certainly don't have the money for a hybrid car or the willpower to give up meat or anything like that, but at the same time it frightens me horribly that the place where I grew up (along with some forty-odd low-lying island states worldwide) is in danger of drowning in the next thirty years due to the melting icecaps. I don't want to have a hand in sinking islands, jesus.

Everyone has their own routine of stuff that they do to be environmentally conscious. Here are a few of my tips, because I find them painless to do and the best place to start is to do something painless. As an added bonus, all of these tips will *save* you money, which is why I was raised to follow most of them to begin with! And if any of you have money-saving green tips, please share them in the comments.

- turn off the lights when you leave a room; set your computer to hibernate
- wash clothes in cold water; hang them to dry when possible
- re-use/re-purpose whenever possible (ziploc bags, grocery & produce bags, fast-food napkins [i keep excess takeout napkins in the car])
- try going shampoo-free or using natural cleaners
- run the dishwasher only when it's full; try to cook multiple things if you use the oven
- buy produce from a local farmer's market/stand (it will be fresher, often cheaper, and will have traveled less to get to you)
- scale back on the following: red meat, excess packaging, heating & air conditioning
- recycle everything you can! IKEA will take depleted batteries; Office Max will take used printer cartridges; charities will take broken electronics, old clothes & magazines & videos, and whatever else
- and I can't stress this one enough: AVOID BOTTLED WATER. I understand if your municipal water happens to be unsafe; what I'm talking about is if you live somewhere that the water's good (which, let's put it in context, is most of the developed world) and you still insist on buying bottles of Dasani. What you are doing is paying an exorbitant amount for a BASIC HUMAN NECESSITY, which signals to corporations that they are completely within their rights to place this market value on water and charge impoverished people for water security. People, I'm not just harping on this bottled water thing because I dislike Coca-Cola's politics; there are serious consequences for us 'First-Worlders' monetarily and the rest of the world resource-wise and survival-wise if we continue turning something as elemental as water into a fucking designer accessory. If you absolutely cannot live without bottled water, at least consider buying the generic grocery brand. It'll taste pretty much the same (since after all bottled water is drawn from your municipal source) and it'll save you some change.

Whew! And now that I've flipped my shit over bottled water and its EVILS, here's some music! artists m to z. )

14 Valentines: V-Day
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"Peacebuilding cannot succeed if half the population is excluded from the process."

Today, obviously, is Peace Movement day on [ profile] 14valentines. One of the biggest arguments against feminist peacebuilding is, in a sense, strangely non-discriminatory: that a world ruled by women would not be any more peaceful than a world ruled by men, because women are not inherently less warlike.

While I agree that men and women shouldn't be essentialized into "masculine/feminine traits", this objection is pretty ridiculous on most other levels and I'm surprised that people treat it like a salient point. First of all, our world has evolved through systems of patriarchy, so naturally turning power over to women wouldn't erase centuries of patriarchal history and thinking. In order to compare the two empirically, you'd have to reverse time and start all over with a matriarchal system to see what differences pop up.

Second, feminist peacebuilding is not about a world ruled by women. It's about a world built on feminist anti-racist ideas; it's about understanding that women, as the primary victims of war and the people left behind to pick up the pieces, have a valuable contribution to make when it comes to circumventing conflict in the first place.

Our media likes to concentrate on the image of the victimized Third World woman, subjected to barbarous tortures, ignorant, submissive. I think it's important to know that there are many, *many* women out there doing grassroots work to improve not only their own lives but the lives of women around the world. So instead of linking you to statistics about death and rape and impoverishment, here are some links to women's organizations that are working for peace:

MADRE: working with women at a community level for human rights and security
Coalition of Women for Peace: Jewish and Palestinian women mobilizing for an end to conflict
Code Pink: rejecting Bush's pro-war politics and anti-woman domestic policies
The Green Belt Movement: bringing rights education, civil development, and greenery to Africa

And now that I have talked your ears off about feminist peacebuilding -- here's some music by female artists to download! I'll do half today and half on the 14th.

artists a to m )
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Right-o! Today on [ profile] 14valentines it's Economics/Wealth day, which to me means the feminization of poverty. Most of the impoverished people in the world today are women (and by extension, children). The 'good' side to this is that when women *do* get some money, they generally spend it on stuff that improves their families and the community. The bad part is that they rarely get the chance to make a decent living.

My mother told me that all the old women in the village back home used to have something called a souk, where they would pool their money, give loans to women who needed them, and basically run a little informal bank that was fluid in forms of repayment. This sort of thing now is done by organizations like Grameen Bank, which offers microcredit to poor women.

Now, obviously, we random mortals can't erase debt loads for developing nations or offer loans to impoverished people. What we can do is *be aware* of the world we live in, and understand that we are privileged to be able to live the way we do. We need to make the connection between the things we consume and the people who produce them. We need to comprehend that our excessive energy and resource consumption is what keeps people in poverty.

Look, I'm not saying give up everything you love or anything like that. Just, y'know -- spring for the fair-trade coffee next time, or turn off the lights when you leave a room, or re-use things a couple of times before you throw them out. You'll not only be helping the environment, you'll be doing a wee bit to staunch the economic gluttony of our consumer culture.

And since this is not intended to be a screed about world economics, here are some female-themed icons! Barbarella; Beyond the Valley of the Dolls; La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc; Kama Sutra; Myrna Loy; The Last Life in the Universe; Janghwa, Hongryeon; Spirited Away. )

i'm idaho!

Oct. 18th, 2006 05:23 pm
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. Could this be considered a strange form of child abuse?!?

. A while ago, [ profile] chiss linked to gheehappy and may I just say that the Wee Sister and I are rabidly anticipating adult-sized tshirts and the opening of their webstore? Everything there is TOO ADORABLE for words!

. these oriental chicken sausage rolls look blindingly good; however, I was somewhat disappointed to see pancetta in the ingredients and absolutely no sausage. When I try making it (which I'm certain I will soon), maybe I'll try using Chinese sausage instead.

. Gilmore girls was better this week, but I am a) astoundingly lukewarm about Christopher and b) annoyed by Rory's new 'friends'. Look, CW network -- I didn't care for that girl when she was flouncing around on Veronica Mars staring at everybody with her enormous dead eyes, and I like her even less on GG dressed like a pregnant knock-kneed baby doll.

. Mare linked me to this one-minute movie about perceptions of beauty. I have Issues like you wouldn't believe with the Dove campaign (exacerbated by the fact that I love their products and hate their parent company), but it's really well-done and sometimes I feel you have to take the little victories where they come.

. I finally found out the name of a story that used to terrify me as a child -- it's called The King of the Golden River. Strange chapter breaks and scary all-caps! Fabulous stuff.

I'm astounded that so many of you were interested in oil-cleansing and shampoo-free stuff! Please, if you're trying it out, feel free to comment at any time and let me know how it's going. My shampoo-free lifestyle is working well, but I find I'm still fiddling with the oil-cleansing to figure out which routine is just right for me. Since my face was getting weirdly *dry* in places, I've now cut out the nightly steaming; I just rub the oil into my skin and go to sleep, then steam it off in the shower in the morning. So far, the dry patches of skin have been remedied quite well.

In closing, here are some Rory/Logan icons. Feel free to take/modify/use! Incidentally, the second one makes me giggle because it looks like the cover to a romance book. All it needs is a good tagline! Hee!

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omg. They played the Trinidad & Tobago anthem on the steel pans at the Kaiserslauten game!! That is simultaneously cheesy and fabulous. Although I *do* wish they'd stop making such a big fuss over Birchall being the only white guy on the team. Uh, the island is primarily made of black and East Indian people; I think it's more remarkable that there's no indians on the team, yo.

The lack of Shaka in goal makes me nervous. As evidenced by the Paraguayan score at halftime.

Either way, in keeping with my elevated Trini spirit as of late, here's calypso music to download! )
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Movie plans for this holiday season include: Brokeback Mountain, (maybe) King Kong, and definitely Chronicles of Narnia. Although I might hold off on that one until [ profile] silvrsolace comes back from India, because that was the play we did in senior high. Our insane constantly-pregnant Catholic drama teacher wanted to do either Lion/Witch/Wardrobe or L'il Abner. Yes, that's right, L'IL FUCKING ABNER. Although considering she once said I looked like Indira Gandhi (which I decidedly DO NOT) and joked that when the guy playing Edmund put his fur coat on over his short pants it made him look "like a little fag", it was well in keeping with her general attitude.

Anyhow, I made many, many icons of the Simpsons and Supernatural varieties!! )
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In lieu of absolutely anything better to do, I made a bunch of Britney/Justin icons. And then a bunch of Brian/Justin icons. And then put them in a folder called "bj". Yeah, my wit is terribly fuckin' subtle.

come! partake! )

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My Simpsons calendar tells me that it is Laotian New Year today! I love when my calendars tell me about international festival days; Monday, apparently, was Barbershop Quartet Appreciation Day. Heh.

The Province isn't THE most reliable newspaper, but just the same, this story makes me love my city even MORE. I wonder the other provinces think we're the hippie free-love freaks addled by plentiful marijuana and the film industry, man.

Not much other news, apart from the fact that I am making roughly eight BILLION Justin/Britney icons, just because news of her pregnancy has reminded me how intensely devoted I am to them together. If I could freeze *nfandom in that period where it was Justin & Britney and JC & Bobbie, I so would.

Meanwhile, though--here's some Gosford Park icons; take 'em if you want 'em! )
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Today be the joint birthday of two of the swingin'est ex-co-listmistresses EVAR, [ profile] rachel_wilder and [ profile] verdandi!! Happiest of days, ladies; while I have no fic or cake to offer you, I do have a lot of songs for downloading. And all of them, of course, with that special Bawlmer murder poh-leece twist! )
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Picture it: Wednesday night, around eight thirtyish. "Lost" is trotting through the motions on tv. Hot on the trail of the abductees, Dr. Jack picks up one of Charlie's finger bandages; cue to my sister bellowing, "NOT IDLY DO THE LEAVES OF LORIEN FALL!!!"

Dear December 14th: please get here soon before we lose our minds altogether. Thank you. Love, maggie and lori.

Apropos of entirely nothing, I absolutely love this photo. I have a little book of the Hulton Galley Photo collection from the 1930's and I think this is my favourite photo in the entire thing.

And in yet another effort to postpone writing ANY of the trillion holiday stories that I'm supposed to, I made comic book icons. Er. Would anybody like one? )

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So, urm...does anybody want some Twin Peaks icons? Just let me know so I can take them down when you snag them. That is, if anybody wants them. I have no idea what the fan quotient on my friendslist is for this series, heh.

the owls are not what they seem )


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