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Brainstorming of a companion/alternative/bookend to Yuletide continues here; there are a lot of fascinating suggestions, and right now if various people would like to mod, I am considering a rotating challenge along a five-year schedule:
Year 1 - race/gender/other-bending
Year 2 - "less popular" characters & pairings
Year 3 - focus on art and vidding (maybe in two parts, so then fic could be written around the art?)
Year 4 - focus on non-Western & non-East Asian sources
Year 5 - books-only rarelit (nothing that has been made into a miniseries/movie/etc.)

Something like that. Seriously, any suggestions or ideas, please leave a comment in the other post, which I will amend to include this five-year business thing!

But for now, the real point of this post, which is my Dear Yuletide Author Letter: Gen X Cops, Monsoon Wedding, Idlewild, Brick )
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Why lookee here, it's [community profile] femslash10 and going back to my fannish roots, baby.

Title: These Burning Bones
Author: [personal profile] bossymarmalade
Recipient:[personal profile] rivulet027
Fandom: Generation X
Pairing: Jubilation Lee/Paige Guthrie
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1225
Disclaimer: Characters property of Marvel Comics
Warnings: None required
Summary: For once, Paige is changing from the inside out.

Read more... )
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On the weekend, [personal profile] glockgal and [personal profile] 21freckles and I went to the BC Highland Games & Scottish Festival! It was a lot of fun, I got to try haggis pie (tasty, like sausage with extra liver, but I think I might like it better in a more traditional form), and we saw sheepdogs and dancing and lots and lots of bagpipers. I love bagpipes and bagpipers, so this was a Very Good Thing. *g*

Now, for my femslash 2010 writer!! )
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Oh hey! I totally never linked to the stuff I did over the holidays! I tend to participate in holiday exchanges and then totally forget I ever did, heh.

. four sides of the eternal triangle | the beatles: revolver - because the world is round, the lads (r)evolve

. this is where the party's at | chris/joey - who does this kind of thing, really?

. from all this death | bram stoker's dracula - er, my "artwork". heh.

Also, to those who are interested, I am currently writing ficlets; so far we have homicide, star trek reboot, sherlock holmes, and rome, with the Dark Tower, X-Men, Simpsons, and Futurama to come.
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Dear Yuletide Writer!

It being entirely possible that you were matched with me on the strength of a single fandom, I will try to give the same amount of detail for each. *g*

glory, gen x cops, little mosque on the prairie, no. 1 ladies' detective agency )

In other news: my assignment is WACK. Which is the whole fun of Yuletide for me -- being assigned something I offered on a whim, never ever thinking I'd actually be assigned it! Hee!
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omg, [ profile] femslash09 is here!

Title: royal and important
Author: [personal profile] bossymarmalade
Recipient: [personal profile] scoured
Fandom: merlin
Pairing: gwen/morgana
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2400
Disclaimer: not mine, borrowed from the Beeb.
Warnings: none
Summary: Everybody is made up of pieces, and the challenge is in finding out how they fit together.

some people are just born to be queen. )
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The weather keeps going from hot to cold and back again, and the barometric pressure swings are jackhammering my sinuses. UGH. On the up side, tomorrow will be a day of tomfoolery as I am attending a food security breakfast and then going to a baby shower, both of which are work-sanctioned. Huzzah!

The 2nd Asian Women Carnival is up, hosted by [personal profile] oyceter this time 'round. I should host at some point in the future, but I haven't thought about it enough yet; anyhow, go read! Respectfully, please, although I have faith that nobody in my circle would engage in shenanigans.

Now, [ profile] femslash09 writer, here is some info should you require it ... )

Also, Pinto! I can't believe we went with Pinto for Quinto/Pine when we could have gone with QP/Kewpie. I haven't been this disappointed in a pairing portmanteau since we chose JoLa for Joey Fatone/Lance Bass instead of the far greater Fatass.
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First, a couple of links:

. [ profile] beachlass's lovely entry on Remembrance Day

. [ profile] ciderpress's informative and helpful post about the Global Gag Rule and why it's so harmful

And now on to fandom business: step right this way, Dear Yuletide Writer! )
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Remix will be coming soon, my dears; please bear with me just a bit longer.

In other news, it seems I stupidly set the Remix posting date for the same day as the [ profile] femslash08 posting date! This isn't the reason for the slight lag -- that was due to something entirely different -- but all the same, I am glad that I only have the responsibility of running a single challenge because I clearly am discombobulated by the whole thing. ahahaha!

Here is my femslash story, at any rate. And one I never thought I'd write.

sticky stars and Willow/Tara, oh yes indeed. )
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Hello, [ profile] femslash08 writer! How lovely of you to write something for me. Here's a little bit of info on my major likes and dislikes:

Yay! -- food, dialogue, fragments, humour, pathos, alternate realities & universes, spookiness, magic, dystopias

Nay! -- babies/children, original characters, gross-out humour/sex, character demonization, wangst, crack-for-crack's-sake

Any degree of smuttiness or friendliness is fine; I'm just as happy if nothing graphic happens as I would be if they have an all-out romp. Whatever suits the story! Which also means you are free to make it as happy or sad as you need to!

This is all very broad and general, so please feel free to check under the cut for more detailed info on fandoms/pairings! )
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In the past week or so, I have tried two things for the first time:
1. baked a Red Velvet Cake
2. gotten a pedicure

The first was definitely more traumatic. The colour! I dumped in an entire bottle of red colouring and it only came out hot-pink! Like, that early 1990's hot pink! Tastes pretty good though -- I did what I think is the more traditional frosting, the one that starts out with a milk & flour mixture and tastes like a cross between whipped cream & buttercream.

At any rate, I don't think I'll be making another one anytime soon. Man, that thing was rich.

As for the pedicure, it was wonderful. As those of you I met over the summer may know, I had a bruised toenail (a friend stepped on my bare toe with her boot, and the next day there was a huge bloody scab underneath the entire nail) and I decided it was high time to get it taken care of. The Russian podiatrist who tended to me fixed it and let me know the new nail was growing in beautifully, and in addition, the spa had these really cute wallets (the one I got was way cuter than the ones pictured), so score!

And now that I have rambled on enough to make this a legitimate-type post: This way, MtYG Writer-Person!! )
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I joined popslash in 2001, just in time to catch the Atlantis special on tv -- and also just in time to sign up for the very first Don We Now Our Gay Apparel (which is slightly a bittersweet memory, because I drew Calico as my secret writer and this happened to be the only year I asked not for timbertrick but for lambs. LAMBS!).

What I'm saying here is that DWNOGA was as much a part of my fandom experience as anything. I've done some of my hackiest writing for it, and I've done what I think is some really top-notch writing for it; no matter what, though, it was always very fun and pushed me to write stuff I ordinarily wouldn't. If you know me a'tall, you'll know I love when that happens. And this December I'll certainly miss it now that it's come to a close, and the glorious fruition of a project that Georgina and Pet managed to pull off beautifully for six years.


Popslash will have to wait a little longer to be deprived of a sesa, because a collective of go-getters whom I'd like to call "ViPEN" (the "i" doesn't stand for anything. it just looks good) have stepped up to the plate and provided!

Make the Yuletide Gay: the popslash secret santa fic exchange

Sign-ups are not yet open, but you can keep abreast of the latest news by joining the pertaining comm, [ profile] mtyg_discuss. Go! Join up! Popslash had the very first centralized sesa exchange; be proud of your fannish legacy and support its new incarnation!! And to get you in the mood, a completely perplexing and random *nsync Christmas song! Forget all those vaguely uncomfortable semi-sexual songs off the album, or the pretty acapella O Holy Night, or even JC's special your-eyes-are-red-bcuz-you-cried Grinch song:

nsync - i don't wanna spend one more christmas without you

Justin whining about how forgiveness is the bestest gift of all! JC promising to "find" things "in the dark"! Chris providing unexpectedly high chipmunk squeaks! Lance and Joey nowhere to be seen!! All your favourite early-*nsync inanities and awesomeness in a single song. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.
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Sweet! [ profile] yuletide assignments are out, and mine is good. I am looking forward to writing it.

Now, here is the space where I leave the letter for My Yuletide Writer! )


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