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So handyhunter did this thing where she recast a bunch of Marvel characters with actors of colour, and [be warned, it's image-heavy!] wow, did I ever like that idea. ) Only the X-folks, though!

SO MUCH FUN. Everybody should do this! Or at least tell me who I should have cast as Wolverine!
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Yay! The [ profile] femslash07 stories have gone live! X-Men fans should read the fic that [ profile] ficbyzee wrote for me: Gonna Open Me Up a Black Gold Vein, which is a totally absorbing character study of Ororo that incorporates elements most people forget.

And you can also check out the story that I wrote; Jean/Mystique, post-X3 and all about getting the things that you want.

walking miracle, my skin ... out of the ash / i rise with my red hair / and i eat men like air

I anticipate a nice cozy evening of making crepes and reading fic once I get home.
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I have updated ..unaware.. with two stories! wtf. Sure, they're both challenge-stories, but that's about all the writing I've been doing lately, le sigh.
[ETA: also a scott/logan story from x2 movieverse. Sometimes I have no memory of writing these things, yo.]

.evolution can be gentle -- timbertricky, in the mildest of ways.
.mirror image (the ovid clubmix) -- nick/justin, and, erm...there's handcuffs and a mirror and stuff. Yay?
.intent is everything -- scott, logan, the aftermath of alkali lake.

Also, this weekend I have seen both X-3 and The Da Vinci Code and enjoyed them thoroughly! Some might say this is because I am inordinately biased in favour of Sir Ian. Some might have a damn good point.


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