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I guess I'm in the middle of a comics resurgence? And this time it's the DCU? And it's primarily to do with Green Arrow? (bless you, little rp group that could!)

So anyway, here's a fic about that time Hal and Ollie took a roadtrip across America in a green pickup truck. There's probably some minor continuity wiggles in here, but, eh.

. sky comes tumblin' down | on AO3
green lantern/green arrow - hal jordan/oliver queen, dinah lance
content notes: mild violence. set during the gl/ga tandem issues.

there's a fine country out there someplace. let's go find it. )
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I am trying and trying to get back into the writing thing after a year+ of feeling too miserable to do much. So I figured, why not go back to my roots? Well, not Marvel comicfic, but at least DCU comicfic.

Funny how in my 20s I was obsessed with all things Batfamily, and now that I'm a decade along, it's all Arrows all the time. I like their messiness; it's more expansive and stupid and funny and mundane. Which is what appeals to me as I get older, heh.

Anyhow, I posted on AO3, but I'm also posting here because dammit I'm old-fashioned. *g*

. how to raise a boy and never notice
green arrow - oliver queen, roy harper, lian harper
content notes: mild violence, drug addiction, lousy parenting. Roy Harper written as being half-Dine, half-white. Art by [personal profile] glockgal

Five things Ollie Queen taught his ward Roy. )


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