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Getting back into the swing of things re: Dreamwidth posting takes some effort, yo! Although I'm reading and enjoying my circle again, which is lovely -- I've missed the buffet of links that my circle serves up as a matter of course. :)

- If anybody's looking for free online holiday (or any) music, I highly recommend Iceberg Radio! You can even mix a bunch of different stations together for your own personalized channel!

- If you're looking for a tumblr-based DCU roleplay, won't you check out the Justice Lounge? We've been going since February and are quite active, and my co-mod and sister [personal profile] glockgal and I try to keep things running smoothly. It helps that most prospective players who would engage in shenanigans are scared off by our rules, heh.

- I am about to dive into this review of the notorious 50 Shades of Grey, because her review of the "Abe Lincoln, Historical Stud" novel was hilarious!

- Also on the plan: getting my free birthday drink from Starbucks. This is the time of year I drink the most Starbucks due to Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread Lattes, so yay!
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So since my sister [personal profile] glockgal and I are so close in age, we know each other's BFFs-from-high-school quite well, which means it was a delight to get this link about Lori's friend Hyedie this morning:

. Heels on Wheels: from "Dandyhorse", a magazine about cycling in Toronto

Last time Hyedie was out here in Lotusland she brought Duke with her, and man I love beagles but after hearing the kind of volume Duke achieved while we took him for a walk on the dyke, I am in no hurry to own one. *g*

If you live in the T-Dot, ride a bike, like pastry, and are a woman, check out the link!
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A couple of fun links this morning:

. via [personal profile] newredshoes: MEN. Are you cool? - I seriously wish clothes like in the Eleganza catalogue would come back into fashion. I REALLY HONESTLY DO. People like Andre 3000 could pull that shit off without batting an eyelash.

. via [profile] sillysally: The PS22 Chorus (from Staten Island NY, I think?) sings The Smith's "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want" with all the passion of their little fifth-grade hearts. Seriously adorbs.

This Brian and Justin icon has nothing to do with this post, I've just been re-watching s3 of QaF and felt nostalgic. Also I wasn't quick enough with the FF button and accidentally watched some scene with Debbie in it that I have managed to successfully avoid for like four years or some shit, and it was even worse than I could have imagined because she said some astonishingly racist thing and proved that I was right to FF all her scenes all these years.

Oh one more thing: )
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So, I'm at faviconmaggie and fandoms in the immediate queue are ... heavens, who knows these days. Whatever multifandom thing I decide to write next.

Speaking of which, [community profile] remix_goes_wild is open for business! I've loved Remix challenges ever since my beloved [ profile] cathybites came up with the whole shebang in popslash lo so many years ago, and this one is all laid-back and doesn't require matching participants up or having x many stories of a certain length in a certain fandom, a requirement that has become less attainable for me now that I'm not in any fixed fandom. So yay!
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Having now 'fessed up about my Warblers hate, I can move on to more interesting things:

A while ago [personal profile] delux_vivens posted about a white male poet being asked about his work by a black female poet, which went down just about as well as you could imagine. (Click on *AWP at Claudia Rankine's website to read Tony Hoagland's poem, Rankine's letter to him, and his reply to her wherein he calls her "naive when it comes to the subject of American racism" [!!!]).

Anyhow, a number of other writers/poets/etc. wrote open letters that are not so much about the exchange in particular but more to do with race representations in the States. The letters are archived at Rankine's site, but if you don't feel like wading through them here's some of the ones I found particularly interesting:

now with added pull-quotes! )
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I am at this point right now in French where I resent everything -- I resent UBC for making me take a stupid 2-year language requirement to graduate, I resent my stupid class being at 7 pm on a Tuesday out on the other side of god's country, I resent having to drag myself back and forth between there and home and work with gas and parking being so expensive.

I am, dear friendslist, at the point where the other night while biting my nails and counting down to when I had to leave for class, I thought, maybe i don't even *care* if i fail this class and I was filled with such utter whole-body relief that I honestly think I'm just going to ... not go for the rest of the semester. Fortunately it's one of those pass/fail dealies that doesn't affect your GPA, so, y'know, just fuck it. I'll try over the summer to get this language requirement waived or some shit, goddammit I'm a "mature student", they should be able to fuckin' grandfather me in or some jazz like that.

... whew. That felt really good to get off my chest. *g*

I have meanwhile been watching a lot of fun garbage tv like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars and Justified and Young Justice and Glee and Kanye West videos, eating incredible food ever since I discovered Groupon, trying to wear mascara for the first time in my life, and punking around on the Media Education Foundation website. Their videos are SUPER-expensive, but I discovered that you can read transcripts of them! Which is really excellent. Right now I'm in the middle of I Am A Man: Black Masculinity in America and learning stuff that I'm a lot more interested in than fucking French (no offence, Francophones).
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I thought I'd drop this link from the NFB for anybody interested:

. The National Film Board Celebrates Black History Month

I haven't watched all of these, but "Speakers For the Dead" and "Remember Africville" are both heartwrenching and important.
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Happy Hanukkah! Links go here!

Three foodway-related posts:
. doodh se dhuli by [personal profile] deepad
. seven things by [personal profile] troisroyaumes
. gross, weird, inedible by [personal profile] vi

I found all of these very thought- and hunger-provoking. I won't go into my own food traditions here, because to be honest I'm still detangling them and figuring out how to explain them. I will say that I love living in Vancouver, because I can warm up curried corned beef and rice at the office for lunch and nobody comes in screaming "what IS that?" but more like they all waft in going, "what smells so good?" So I'm very aware of how nice and non-stressful it is for me to luxuriate in my own foodways *and* enjoy many others here. (SERIOUSLY THOUGH WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT LIKE CHEE CHEONG FUN?!?!? WHY ARE THEY ALIVE)

Non-food related:
. tutorial on drawing characters of colour by [personal profile] glockgal

This is useful for artists and non-artists alike, chromatic and non-chromatic alike, in that Lori talks about the internalized racism that most of us suffer from and how that manifests in our artistic endeavours.

. [ profile] fandom_stocking!!! Go leave a wishlist, and then check the posted ones to see what you can fulfill!
. also, [ profile] insmallpackages!!! Same sort of deal, different timelines and setup -- the wishing part is done, but you can grant even if you didn't wish!

I really like these "small gift" type thingies, for people who don't have a lot of time to commit, people who want to give something outside of the usual realms of fic/art, people who don't necessarily want to wish for anything themselves, and people who don't do well with deadlines. Check them out!

ETA: Southland casting spoiler OH GOD YESSSSS
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This whole thing with Yuletide is really bumming me out. Which is incidentally a marker of my own privilege (b/c I wasn't personally affected by it being tied to Christmas in the first place), but at any rate, son I am disappoint. Should anybody who knows how/has the inclination to start up an alternate to Yuletide -- which is the hint I'm getting from the "love it or leave it" wording of that post and the follow-ups from BNF pals in the comments -- I would totally be on board to help out.

Anyhow, I realized I never linked to this, and have to make up for that oversight because homg, a while ago [personal profile] gloss wrote me the Marge/Manjula of my DREAMS for the femslash challenge:

. very deliberately waiting by gloss | the simpsons -- "our children are conspiring against us, did you know that?" {no warnings}

It is awesome not just because it's Manjula and Marge, pitch-perfect and rounded and warm and womanly, but because they're older and there's such a delicate smoke-and-blush feel to all the hard-earned realizations they've come to, the ways they've let themselves settle. I love it so much. I wish all Simpsons fic was like this, EVER. ♥

Also, I posted something I wrote for the horror meme that was going around that was inexplicably 98% Supernatural prompts, but anyway the one I filled was this:

. see you real soon | classic disney -- donald leaves smudges of white and orange wherever he goes. pluto melted long ago, and mickey only has half an ear. they try to redraw themselves with what they can, but is it worth it anymore? {gore, madness, cannibalism}


Sometimes I don't know what's wrong with me, ahahahah

At any rate, DW Inception Kinkmeme! Already 60% more Yusuf and Saito prompts than on the lj version, whoo-hoo! It's good to be a DW academic elitist ivory tower PC-policing offense-taking squee-harshing art-hating overly-demanding censorship bitch.
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Back from Wincon, which, y'know -- if you want to avoid Wiscon-type shenanigans, is definitely the place to be. Chill and as low-key or frenetic as you like, and multifandom for all of us who aren't so much in love with Supernatural anymore.

Speaking of which: there's apparently this Multifandom (Gen) Horror Comment Meme? It welcomes art and various other means of filling prompts, which is awesome. But about three-quarters of the prompts so far are Supernatural, which confuses me because, like, isn't the whole POINT of the show already "horror"? Where's the fun in SPN prompts on a horror meme? I want, like, Arrested Development or Singin' in the Rain prompts or some shit! Anyhow, I went and left some, but I dunno if the largely-SPN crowd would be interested in them one bit. Help a girl out, y'all. Go leave some prompts or fill mine. *g*
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I spent a fabulous whirlwind weekend in the T-Dot attending my cousin Derek's wedding, which was also an informal and wholly lovable reunion for the Sammy side of the fam (as opposed to the unholy and demoralizing Ragnarök that was the Ramkhelawan reunion in Texas). Also my brother took us to Drupati's and in addition to doubles and kurma and Peardrax, I had a motherfucking shark-and-bake. Oh god yes.

Other things that make life good (and apologies for not recalling who linked them originally):

. Cedar & Bamboo, the link between Chinese Canadians and First Nations peoples in Coast Salish Territories/BC. I am so excited about this film I can hardly contain myself.


. East West Players' performance of Mysterious Skin: I love JGL in this movie like nobody's business (and am SERIOUSLY glad that Gregg Araki didn't get his usual muse James Duvall to play Neil, *shudder*), but y'all I am just gonna go ahead here and say that right now Asians make everything better to me. GodDAMN I would love to see this production, but will just content myself with being happy that it exists.

. this cat

. this cat

. going to Hell's Gate with the bffs and getting two pounds of free fudge, then going to see Celtic Fantasy (or as we called it, Celtic TUNDERRR) and ditching the church halfway through because there's only so much you can take of hearing somebody's "silver tones" before you start to wish she'd fallen into a cave in the Hebrides a-comin' thro' the rye.

. aang/toph, tim/bart, rizzoli/isles

In conclusion, I love you all.
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I have reached that point in my workday where despite the not inconsiderable amount of work that's accumulating in apocalyptically-teetering piles all around me, I am just staring blankly into space wishing that the power would go out or that mysterious varnish smell would reappear, so I could leave and go home and eat oatmeal for dinner and drink a Strongbow and watch my blurry download of Inception.

So here, have Zoe Saldana and Mila Kunis being post-coital college roommates. I know it makes *me* feel better.
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Part 2 of Lori's desi!Supernatural comic!!

(if you missed it, Part 1 is here.


ETA: she's not just pretty and handy with a pencil, she has very smart things to say. ♥!
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The trolls have come out to play on my pull-quote post for the J2 Haiti story; please let them severely alone, and I will deal with them! I don't care to give trolls the attention they so desperately desire.

In happier fictional SPN world, Lori has drawn desi Sam & Dean on their adventures. It is truly a thing of awesome, although I don't find them hot because she drew them looking like half our cousins, ahahahah!

Also, I have written a fic about Chel from Road to El Dorado. I dunno who would be interested in this thing other than Lori and me, but if you are, here it is on AO3 and here it is behind the jump:

to serve the gods
- road to el dorado, chel/tulio, tulio/miguel
- warnings for colonialist violence, confinement, human sacrifice

Getting out of El Dorado means going somewhere -- but that's the tricky part. )
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. "Dear Ms. Miller: On June 1, you posted a most excellent and helpful piece in The Huffington Post's Living section called "How to Date an Indian (Advice for the Non-Indian)." As someone whose bio states that she has "lived in Mumbai for three years," and who is in a relationship with a man of Indian descent, you are especially well-qualified to advise the rest of the world on the best means to bag a brown man/woman."
- Sepia Mutiny

Sepia Mutiny sometimes pisses me off with the amount of model minority shenanigans that go on in the posts and comments, but goddamn, other times they're right on the money. I still can't bring myself to actually read Miller's HuffPo article for fear of RAGE ANEURYSM.

. in other desis-being-awesome news, Mary Anne Mohanraj's Guest of Honour Speech from Wiscon 34. She's another one I haven't always agreed with, but hot damn, this speech is tremendous.

. Sun Blast Your Shadow, by [ profile] pearl_o: Zuko, gen, the years after the war. I started reading this not sure if I'd really care -- I love Zuko but have Only Very Specific Versions that I want to read -- and ended up sniffling at my desk all wound up. So yes, good stuff.

. also, if you like Band of Brothers, check out this Winters-Nixon ficlet that [ profile] alestar wrote. Like the A:tLA fic above, it's terse and tense; but this one has a stoic grime to it that's altogether different.

Apart from that, can anybody tell me anything about those window dual fan things? I'm thinking of getting one for my sliding windows, but I really don't want to have to pop the screen off. Thank you!
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. go vote in the Official Fandom Poll for Femslash 2010! And make sure you vote for The Simpsons, please!

. Article on ethical archaeology (thanks for the heads-up, [personal profile] tammylee); I really wish more disciplines thought this way, especially ones that deal in history and have that hidebound "everything's in the past! we don't need to worry about how this affects people today!" kind of attitude.

. and I'm only gonna mention this once because I like to keep my fannish stuff and real-name stuff more or less separate, but I've started putting my X-Men, book, and movie reviews in one place: [personal profile] reddresspress. Have a gander if you're interested (suggestions are also welcome, although I may lack the CSS capabilities to pull them off, heh) and thank you!

. in case you missed it, apparently Lance Bass went and got himself glammed. Incidentally, has anybody written something where Lance Bass and Chuck Bass are related or married or some shit?

I am kind of rewatching Buffy right now, which is why I used this icon with these keywords: "you're buffy summers, for fucksake". Because nobody continually saves their community and then gets dumped on by everybody the way Brian Kinney and Buffy Summers do.
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. I often forget to link things I've written for Sequential Tart! But this month I did an interview with Swati Avasthi for her book "Split", and to add to the awesome, [personal profile] devilc's interview with Jennifer Stuller for her book Ink-Stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors. Which looks incredible, and I am going to get me a copy.

. In less fab book news, I've been slowly munching my way through Table is Laid : The Oxford Anthology of South Asian Food Writing and have to say it's a real disappointment. Every SINGLE story is one of awful misery and food is more likely to show up as a pain or punishment than a joy. What the hell were these editors thinking when they compiled this dreary sludge?

. spark, a photoblog project from Vancouver-based artist Janice Wong (the author of Chow, which I quite enjoyed). The photos have a sense of breathlessness, a poised quivering, that I find at once soothing and stimulating.

Also, I wish I could keep the sakura skin/theme/whatever that LJ has right now, because it's so pretty my heart thrums whenever I see it. I'll be sad when it gets replaced by ... what holiday is coming up next? I don't even know.

ETA: I absolutely do not want to give LJ any more money so this is really not a plea for paid time, but I do admit to getting a giggle every time LJ sends me one of these:


Your LiveJournal paid account for user "bossymarmalade" is expiring in 5
days, at which time it'll revert to its previous status.

ahahahahhaah! Best name-change EVER.
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. There's an interview up on with Larry N. Sapp, a founder of Abilities United Productions. I don't quite agree with everything he says in the article re: other/intersecting marginalized groups (you can see his young white guy privilege when he says that unlike gender, race, or age, disability affects every aspect of one's life), but it's still very much an article and perspective worth reading. Especially for the response he got from James Cameron's camp when he tried to ask them why they didn't use a disabled actor to play the disabled character Jake Sully in Avatar.

. les petits papiers d'annette marnat - the artwork here is so incredible, sophisticated but soft and fairytale, nostalgic and contemporary at the same time. The way she uses the human body is unbelievably evocative; I stared at the one of the breastfeeding mother for like ten minutes. Thanks for linking to it, [ profile] tammylee!

. today's breakfast was cottage cheese, strawberries, and organic peanut butter pretzels plus a cup of that Starbucks VIA instant coffee (surprisingly good); yesterday was the same except for Scottish Breakfast tea instead of coffee. Let's see how long I can maintain this menu without getting tired of it!
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Random link roundup today!

. Canadians: If you get CBC News Network, on Sunday they'll be airing the documentary "Reel Injun" on The Passionate Eye. In fact, I strongly urge everybody to sign up to the National Film Board newsletter; the NFB is one of the most incredible sources of accessible alternate media in this country, and there's something there for everybody.

. I linked to this site before but today after scoping out the OBVIOUSLY West Indian gent in "Head to Toe Red", I felt like linking Advanced Style again.

. from [personal profile] feuervogel: Day 1 In Socialist America. A Report From Behind The Front Lines. I haven't read the comments, and probably you shouldn't either unless you like feeling veins throb in your head.

. from [personal profile] paintedmaypole: Ten Non-Romantic, Non-Comedic Things To Cut From A Romantic Comedy. I could not agree with this list MORE.

. a seven-day drabblefest going on at [community profile] dark_agenda in preparation for Remix 2010! Also, I am still getting over the idea that popslash Remix (and may I remind y'all with just a wee bit of pomposity, the ORIGINAL remix challenge) is folded in with everything else this year. The passing of an era!

I don't know yet if I'll sign up for Remix, unless I somehow manage to write enough Sherlock Holmes fic where Watson is part-desi-and-passing to qualify. But the Wee Sister and I are kicking around ideas for [community profile] ladiesbigbang, and our plans are EPIC.

Yay! So much interesting stuff going on!


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