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Whew! I totally was despaired of finishing anything in time -- I've got about four WIPs kicking around right now, all of which require far more writing and plotting before they're anywhere near done -- but I managed to get a small something written for [ profile] turps33's Awesome April challenge!

Now I can study for my exam on Monday, and then after that I am FREE BLESSED HEAVENS FREE! I can catch up on fic! I can watch movies! I can correspond with people in a less sporadic fashion! Whoo-hoo!

Anyhow -- a wee bit set in the same Baltimore Homicide Unit as my JuC Day fic, because I liked writing Chris and Britney as partnered murder police so damn much. *g*

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Sep. 2nd, 2007 10:30 am
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I'm sure anybody who's interested already knows that the stories for the JuC Story Swap are up. Here are a few recs:

The Message by [ profile] tsamm - fast-paced and fun, with warm, fond characterization and an impeccable sense of timing; plus, it's JC and Justin as tennis players!

The Spirit Catches You by [ profile] silveryscrape - sparse and jagged; the perfect, wrenching snapshot of an emotional bombshell. And written for me, which is even BETTER.

Whitewater by [ profile] topaz119 - they're whitewater rafters! The story shoots along at breakneck pace, and still finds time for some really, *really* hot sex and great dialogue.

And there's also my story. But!! I had to finish mine off REALLY fast due to unexpectedly being hired at my new job, which left it kind of strangely aborted.

So what I'm saying is -- if by any chance you're considering reading my fic, please to be reading this one. I was able to finish it off a little more properly instead of the chopped ending in the website version ... as well as give it a title, which I also neglected to do in the website version. D'oh! Anyhow, you can read it here in my lj or on my website.

Everything Else is Homicide
Another body drops in Baltimore, and Detectives Chasez and Timberlake are on the case.

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