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I guess I'm in the middle of a comics resurgence? And this time it's the DCU? And it's primarily to do with Green Arrow? (bless you, little rp group that could!)

So anyway, here's a fic about that time Hal and Ollie took a roadtrip across America in a green pickup truck. There's probably some minor continuity wiggles in here, but, eh.

. sky comes tumblin' down | on AO3
green lantern/green arrow - hal jordan/oliver queen, dinah lance
content notes: mild violence. set during the gl/ga tandem issues.

there's a fine country out there someplace. let's go find it. )
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I am trying and trying to get back into the writing thing after a year+ of feeling too miserable to do much. So I figured, why not go back to my roots? Well, not Marvel comicfic, but at least DCU comicfic.

Funny how in my 20s I was obsessed with all things Batfamily, and now that I'm a decade along, it's all Arrows all the time. I like their messiness; it's more expansive and stupid and funny and mundane. Which is what appeals to me as I get older, heh.

Anyhow, I posted on AO3, but I'm also posting here because dammit I'm old-fashioned. *g*

. how to raise a boy and never notice
green arrow - oliver queen, roy harper, lian harper
content notes: mild violence, drug addiction, lousy parenting. Roy Harper written as being half-Dine, half-white. Art by [personal profile] glockgal

Five things Ollie Queen taught his ward Roy. )

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This whole thing with Yuletide is really bumming me out. Which is incidentally a marker of my own privilege (b/c I wasn't personally affected by it being tied to Christmas in the first place), but at any rate, son I am disappoint. Should anybody who knows how/has the inclination to start up an alternate to Yuletide -- which is the hint I'm getting from the "love it or leave it" wording of that post and the follow-ups from BNF pals in the comments -- I would totally be on board to help out.

Anyhow, I realized I never linked to this, and have to make up for that oversight because homg, a while ago [personal profile] gloss wrote me the Marge/Manjula of my DREAMS for the femslash challenge:

. very deliberately waiting by gloss | the simpsons -- "our children are conspiring against us, did you know that?" {no warnings}

It is awesome not just because it's Manjula and Marge, pitch-perfect and rounded and warm and womanly, but because they're older and there's such a delicate smoke-and-blush feel to all the hard-earned realizations they've come to, the ways they've let themselves settle. I love it so much. I wish all Simpsons fic was like this, EVER. ♥

Also, I posted something I wrote for the horror meme that was going around that was inexplicably 98% Supernatural prompts, but anyway the one I filled was this:

. see you real soon | classic disney -- donald leaves smudges of white and orange wherever he goes. pluto melted long ago, and mickey only has half an ear. they try to redraw themselves with what they can, but is it worth it anymore? {gore, madness, cannibalism}


Sometimes I don't know what's wrong with me, ahahahah

At any rate, DW Inception Kinkmeme! Already 60% more Yusuf and Saito prompts than on the lj version, whoo-hoo! It's good to be a DW academic elitist ivory tower PC-policing offense-taking squee-harshing art-hating overly-demanding censorship bitch.
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AUGH I have somehow managed to write Yusuf/Eames fic without much plot. wtf, self? Shouldn't you be trying to fill squares on your kiss bingo card ) instead?!?

I dunno, maybe this fic could count as "experimental: biting". Y'think? I'm not sure how much kissing content is actually required for this kind of thing, since I've never done bingos before. HELP ME PLZ FRIENDSLIST.

I decided it should definitely count as body:ear. Yay!

Fic under the cut and at AO3 through the link. Seriously, idek what I'm doing.

mine i'll leave to chance
- yusuf/eames, inception (no warnings, nc-17) | for [profile] kissbingo fill - body:ears
Of all the senses, this one might be the hardest to pin down.

i blame you deepsix )
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In an effort to avoid stupidity from a certain person whom I dearly wish to be mythologized until her reputation befits that of a Weird Science-esque talking shit-pile, I have been excitedly going through:

The Awesome People of Colour are Awesome Comment-a-thon!!!! DW | LJ

I wanted to do recs, but people haven't filled many of the prompts yet, boo-urns. So instead here's links to the two that I wrote.

. some knucklehead fool | homicide: life on the street -- Meldrick Lewis finds himself in the one place he never thought he'd be. {no warnings}

. no-one must see you | moulin rouge -- This is where Chocolat comes from. {colonial issues}

Go fill prompts so I can rec you, people!
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You know what's awesome right now? The Awesome Ladies Ficathon!

If you're browsing and see one of my comments appending anything, consider it a rec.

And here's what I've written so far:

. as the multitudes exalt | road to el dorado - chel is caught between siamese cities

. inscrutable | glee - tina and mike have more than history written in their palms

. i recognize that girl | the simpsons - lisa and bart might only be friends because they're enemies

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The trolls have come out to play on my pull-quote post for the J2 Haiti story; please let them severely alone, and I will deal with them! I don't care to give trolls the attention they so desperately desire.

In happier fictional SPN world, Lori has drawn desi Sam & Dean on their adventures. It is truly a thing of awesome, although I don't find them hot because she drew them looking like half our cousins, ahahahah!

Also, I have written a fic about Chel from Road to El Dorado. I dunno who would be interested in this thing other than Lori and me, but if you are, here it is on AO3 and here it is behind the jump:

to serve the gods
- road to el dorado, chel/tulio, tulio/miguel
- warnings for colonialist violence, confinement, human sacrifice

Getting out of El Dorado means going somewhere -- but that's the tricky part. )
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So last weekend while we were making breakfast Lori and I had a conversation wherein she said something like, "-- and you know if the Beatles were serial killers George would be the creepy watcher guy," and we laughed and ate waffles, and then this happened.

run for yer life by [info]bossymarmalade & [info]glockgal
the beatles

warnings: murder, drug use
disclaimer: we've cocked up some of the beatles history, but to be fair, none of this is real anyhow.
bossymarmalade sez: i think this story has been working its way to the surface for fifteen years, only neither of us realized it.
glockgal sez: i am the mccartney to her lennon. without all the pizza and fairytales. (well, maybe a little)

summary: you don't get to the toppermost of the poppermost without a little sacrifice.

run for yer life

self-indulgence, omg ahahahha.
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Oh hey! I totally never linked to the stuff I did over the holidays! I tend to participate in holiday exchanges and then totally forget I ever did, heh.

. four sides of the eternal triangle | the beatles: revolver - because the world is round, the lads (r)evolve

. this is where the party's at | chris/joey - who does this kind of thing, really?

. from all this death | bram stoker's dracula - er, my "artwork". heh.

Also, to those who are interested, I am currently writing ficlets; so far we have homicide, star trek reboot, sherlock holmes, and rome, with the Dark Tower, X-Men, Simpsons, and Futurama to come.
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I wanted a drabble about Amy Abbott from [ profile] rachel_wilder, so that means I have to do the meme myself, apparently.

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. (Some other equivalent gift, like icons or mini-fanmixes or quickie meta, would make sense for people who don't write fic themselves.)

1. bayliss & pembleton, and hear the good news
3. uhura/spock, my sign is vital
8. holmes & watson, the sun never sets
9. titus pullo, antevorta
10. uhura & sulu, the enterprise supper club, invitation only (er, plz excuse my dodgy science)

Offered fandoms: Homicide, Star Trek Reboot, The Simpsons, Twin Peaks, Rome, Futurama, Merlin, Sherlock Holmes, popslash, X-Men (only the regular continuity 'verse, y'all), or, uh, something else as long as I know it. Also, it will probably be a wee bit longer than a drabble.
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So! The cosmos decided to play a joke on me and, knowing that I was looking forward to writing something new and different for [community profile] remixredux09, assigned me [personal profile] joyfulseeker, who writes only bandslash (which I don't write) and ... popslash.


At any rate, should you be interested:
. pining for the fjords (the oxmyx mix): jc/lance, chris/justin | drug use | plotting and scheming

Also, I managed to transfer over my favourite Brian/Justin mood theme, which remains my favourite despite the fact that half of the pictures were stored on one server and half on another and one of those servers is kaput, which means I only have half the emotions available with which to express my entire gamut. There's some kind of metaphor in there somewhere.
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omg, [ profile] femslash09 is here!

Title: royal and important
Author: [personal profile] bossymarmalade
Recipient: [personal profile] scoured
Fandom: merlin
Pairing: gwen/morgana
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2400
Disclaimer: not mine, borrowed from the Beeb.
Warnings: none
Summary: Everybody is made up of pieces, and the challenge is in finding out how they fit together.

some people are just born to be queen. )
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So, hey -- it seems I somehow filled one of the st_xi_kink prompts.

propagation techniques
sulu/chekov, nc-17, dubcon, mind control, kooky plants
"Away mission, Sulu gets sex pollen'd, takes it out on virgin!Chekov. Later Sulu goes to Chekov to apologize. Angst and comfort sex ensues. Bonus points if Chekov discovers he likes it rough."

and away we go. )
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I am quite convinced that the Wee Sister drew this because she psychically knew that I was in the middle of writing a totally random Merlin fic that's pretty much in the same spirit of the artwork. heh!

. merlin, gen, nonsense
you say she's crazy? morgana's got your crazy!
between our quests we sequin vests )

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So now that all of the fandom holiday exchanges I've been part of have revealed, I might as well link them here!

. Make the Yuletide Gay [popslash]
and then they fall in love - jc/aj, short and so waffy that I used titles of romantic comedies for the section breaks. My poor recipient [ profile] bououou asked for jc/lance or jc/aj fluffy fluff and got assigned *me*; don't ever let anybody tell you that the SeSa gods don't have a wicked sense of humour. heh!

. Yuletide [rare fandom]
king's is fine for courting [murdoch mysteries] - Murdoch and Dr. Ogden have that cup of coffee at the King's Rowing Club. I do wish I'd been able to make it longer and more involved, but I was sooooo sick when I wrote it!

always music in the air [twin peaks] - The Good Dale is in the Lodge. I wrote this on the 23rd while I was at work, because it came down the last-minute pinch-hit chute and I'd been re-watching the show; I'm surprised and delighted that people liked it as much as they did!

. Yuletart [non-hp art]
dragon of the tea - for some insane reason I thought it would be fun to participate in an art exchange, despite the fact that this:

-- is pretty much the extent of my artistic talent.

Anyhow, my recipient [ profile] mangagirl had Avatar in her list of asked-for fandoms, and since I was in the middle of a class on Heian Japanese Women's Self-Writing, I thought "hey, I could make a scroll! Like a menu! For Iroh's teahouse!" and then set about buying calligraphy paper from Daiso and then WEEPING IN TERROR over how the fuck I was going to go about this. Eventually I unearthed my mother's unused watercolour set and engaged in rip-offs of the Ember Island Players' set decorations, which came out okay considering the last time I used watercolours I was probably five years old.

Honestly, this is probably the holiday exchange thingie I'm proudest of this year, if only because I can't draw or paint but managed to cobble together something decent that I didn't feel horrible about gifting to somebody. Whoo-hoo!
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Oh [ profile] tsamm!! I hope you had an excellent birthday yesterday, filled with all of the very best things -- charming tennis players, prim freshly-scrubbed detectives, and of course, Justin Variety Packs. *mwah*!

We had a lovely Diwali 'round these parts, thank you all for your kind holiday greetings! [ profile] deepad's Diwali Party Post was adorned with ficlets from a small but dedicated group; check out [ profile] copracat's Chuck story, [ profile] spiralsheep's Sarah Jane Adventures, and Deepa's Parvati Patil story!

And here are the two I wrote, transplanted here for posterity.

festive | torchwood (suzie) )

or a geodesic dome | the simpsons (apu) )

And now, to look forward to Halloween! Yay!
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Have some music, friendslist!

frank sinatra
all of me - one of my favourite memories ever is [ profile] kitchendinah spontaneously bursting out into this jazzy little tune in the parking lot of a bar in Baltimore. ♥!!
angel eyes - sinatra closed the last concert of his career with this tune. what drama!
don't fence me in - and he fucks up in the middle of the song. ahaaha!
i'm a fool to want you - i love the different modulations in this song: slightly angry to soaringly emotional to plaintive and back again.
if you go away - the opening verse is hushed and grey, and then swells up into hope. it's so neat.
old man river - the very very last part of this song has a long low note with astounding breath control that just gives me shivers.
one for my baby (and one more for the road) - LOVE.
three coins in the fountain - the way he hits the phrasing just a little differently with each pass!
time after time - lots of people like frank's voice after his throat hemorrhage in the early 50s, but i must confess - i like the early stuff.
you make me feel so young - y'all might have heard this most recently performed by stewie griffin, heh.
you'll never walk alone - he sounds quite young in this, all earnest and tremulous.
young at heart - i always think of that scene in 'liberty heights' where ben foster refuses to get out of the car while this song's playing, because you don't walk out on sinatra.

gene kelly
new york, new york - the "it's a wonderful town" version, with sinatra and jules munshin.
take me out to the ballgame - gene's hollering at the end pretty much makes this rendition!
i've got a crush on you - i totally love sinatra's version of this, but for some reason i don't have it available, so you get gene's.
singin' in the rain - because i had to include this.

The reason for this is because [ profile] dramedy was daydreaming the other day about Gene Kelly slash, and as I have noted here and elsewhere before, I am nothing if not suggestible.

just one thing necessary in manhattan )
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Remix will be coming soon, my dears; please bear with me just a bit longer.

In other news, it seems I stupidly set the Remix posting date for the same day as the [ profile] femslash08 posting date! This isn't the reason for the slight lag -- that was due to something entirely different -- but all the same, I am glad that I only have the responsibility of running a single challenge because I clearly am discombobulated by the whole thing. ahahaha!

Here is my femslash story, at any rate. And one I never thought I'd write.

sticky stars and Willow/Tara, oh yes indeed. )
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What!? I wrote some popslash. I was starting to think that would never happen again, apart from fic challenge-duties!

Anyhow. Here goes. First link is website; second is lj-post.

. down he came: some messes don't need to be sorted.

Either the well was very deep, or he fell very slowly, for he had plenty of time, as he went down, to look about him. )

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Whew! I totally was despaired of finishing anything in time -- I've got about four WIPs kicking around right now, all of which require far more writing and plotting before they're anywhere near done -- but I managed to get a small something written for [ profile] turps33's Awesome April challenge!

Now I can study for my exam on Monday, and then after that I am FREE BLESSED HEAVENS FREE! I can catch up on fic! I can watch movies! I can correspond with people in a less sporadic fashion! Whoo-hoo!

Anyhow -- a wee bit set in the same Baltimore Homicide Unit as my JuC Day fic, because I liked writing Chris and Britney as partnered murder police so damn much. *g*

riding in cars with partners )


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