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So last weekend while we were making breakfast Lori and I had a conversation wherein she said something like, "-- and you know if the Beatles were serial killers George would be the creepy watcher guy," and we laughed and ate waffles, and then this happened.

run for yer life by [info]bossymarmalade & [info]glockgal
the beatles

warnings: murder, drug use
disclaimer: we've cocked up some of the beatles history, but to be fair, none of this is real anyhow.
bossymarmalade sez: i think this story has been working its way to the surface for fifteen years, only neither of us realized it.
glockgal sez: i am the mccartney to her lennon. without all the pizza and fairytales. (well, maybe a little)

summary: you don't get to the toppermost of the poppermost without a little sacrifice.

run for yer life

self-indulgence, omg ahahahha.
bossymarmalade: lucius vorenus is a good soldier (people called romanus they go the house)
Oh hey! I totally never linked to the stuff I did over the holidays! I tend to participate in holiday exchanges and then totally forget I ever did, heh.

. four sides of the eternal triangle | the beatles: revolver - because the world is round, the lads (r)evolve

. this is where the party's at | chris/joey - who does this kind of thing, really?

. from all this death | bram stoker's dracula - er, my "artwork". heh.

Also, to those who are interested, I am currently writing ficlets; so far we have homicide, star trek reboot, sherlock holmes, and rome, with the Dark Tower, X-Men, Simpsons, and Futurama to come.


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