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Oh hey! I totally never linked to the stuff I did over the holidays! I tend to participate in holiday exchanges and then totally forget I ever did, heh.

. four sides of the eternal triangle | the beatles: revolver - because the world is round, the lads (r)evolve

. this is where the party's at | chris/joey - who does this kind of thing, really?

. from all this death | bram stoker's dracula - er, my "artwork". heh.

Also, to those who are interested, I am currently writing ficlets; so far we have homicide, star trek reboot, sherlock holmes, and rome, with the Dark Tower, X-Men, Simpsons, and Futurama to come.
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So! The cosmos decided to play a joke on me and, knowing that I was looking forward to writing something new and different for [community profile] remixredux09, assigned me [personal profile] joyfulseeker, who writes only bandslash (which I don't write) and ... popslash.


At any rate, should you be interested:
. pining for the fjords (the oxmyx mix): jc/lance, chris/justin | drug use | plotting and scheming

Also, I managed to transfer over my favourite Brian/Justin mood theme, which remains my favourite despite the fact that half of the pictures were stored on one server and half on another and one of those servers is kaput, which means I only have half the emotions available with which to express my entire gamut. There's some kind of metaphor in there somewhere.
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So now that all of the fandom holiday exchanges I've been part of have revealed, I might as well link them here!

. Make the Yuletide Gay [popslash]
and then they fall in love - jc/aj, short and so waffy that I used titles of romantic comedies for the section breaks. My poor recipient [ profile] bououou asked for jc/lance or jc/aj fluffy fluff and got assigned *me*; don't ever let anybody tell you that the SeSa gods don't have a wicked sense of humour. heh!

. Yuletide [rare fandom]
king's is fine for courting [murdoch mysteries] - Murdoch and Dr. Ogden have that cup of coffee at the King's Rowing Club. I do wish I'd been able to make it longer and more involved, but I was sooooo sick when I wrote it!

always music in the air [twin peaks] - The Good Dale is in the Lodge. I wrote this on the 23rd while I was at work, because it came down the last-minute pinch-hit chute and I'd been re-watching the show; I'm surprised and delighted that people liked it as much as they did!

. Yuletart [non-hp art]
dragon of the tea - for some insane reason I thought it would be fun to participate in an art exchange, despite the fact that this:

-- is pretty much the extent of my artistic talent.

Anyhow, my recipient [ profile] mangagirl had Avatar in her list of asked-for fandoms, and since I was in the middle of a class on Heian Japanese Women's Self-Writing, I thought "hey, I could make a scroll! Like a menu! For Iroh's teahouse!" and then set about buying calligraphy paper from Daiso and then WEEPING IN TERROR over how the fuck I was going to go about this. Eventually I unearthed my mother's unused watercolour set and engaged in rip-offs of the Ember Island Players' set decorations, which came out okay considering the last time I used watercolours I was probably five years old.

Honestly, this is probably the holiday exchange thingie I'm proudest of this year, if only because I can't draw or paint but managed to cobble together something decent that I didn't feel horrible about gifting to somebody. Whoo-hoo!
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What!? I wrote some popslash. I was starting to think that would never happen again, apart from fic challenge-duties!

Anyhow. Here goes. First link is website; second is lj-post.

. down he came: some messes don't need to be sorted.

Either the well was very deep, or he fell very slowly, for he had plenty of time, as he went down, to look about him. )

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I cried like a fool all through the last Gilmore Girls ep and the season finale for Ugly Betty. I didn't cry through Supernatural, but it was really good too. *g* In other news, the authors for We Invented the Remix: 5 are up! Check 'em out and see if your guesses were right.

I remixed [ profile] turps33's dragon story Spot, and in my usual proclivity towards writing only the most pointless and abstract of fic I looked at this sweet little story about Lance growing up with a dragon familiar and thought, "hey, lance of arc! i can make him a catholic martyr!!" ... sigh. Y'all, I actually went to the library and got a book on Joan of Arc so I wouldn't make any huge blasphemous gaffes, because apparently boyband slashfic of a saint's life is not heresy but INACCURATE FACT-CHECKING *IS*.

Anyhow, here it be -- first link is website, cut-tag is lj-post: (the messenger mix) .. everybody knows how this story ends

make with the clicky )

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I have updated ..unaware.. with two stories! wtf. Sure, they're both challenge-stories, but that's about all the writing I've been doing lately, le sigh.
[ETA: also a scott/logan story from x2 movieverse. Sometimes I have no memory of writing these things, yo.]

.evolution can be gentle -- timbertricky, in the mildest of ways.
.mirror image (the ovid clubmix) -- nick/justin, and, erm...there's handcuffs and a mirror and stuff. Yay?
.intent is everything -- scott, logan, the aftermath of alkali lake.

Also, this weekend I have seen both X-3 and The Da Vinci Code and enjoyed them thoroughly! Some might say this is because I am inordinately biased in favour of Sir Ian. Some might have a damn good point.
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So! Remix authors have been revealed, and it seems that writing a parody of a story works a lot better if it's not done anonymously, because otherwise people are never sure if you're being mean or not. Heh. Fortunately, [ profile] nonchop has been a doll about it, and I have learned a valuable lesson. *g*

First link is website, second is lj-post:

thirty days (the readermix) .. jc/justin is educational! really!!

The nuns would be so proud to find what use I've put my Catholic school reading material to. )

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So I had this idea where I was going to write twenty-four timbertrick conversations with little to no exposition. Just because I am madly in love with writing dialogue. But I got through three of them before realizing that I just couldn't make it work in a fic-type format, because my skillz evidently lie elsewhere. And then I didn't know what to do with them. So obviously, this means that I'm posting them here.

i [heart] my otp )

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...and I have come down with the cold yet again. wtf?

At any rate, I had a marvelous time seeing [ profile] lisew, [ profile] pirateyes, and [ profile] throughadoor this weekend, what with the fun of midnight runs to Seattle, the staggering variety of American junk food, MuchMusic playing constant news about Miss Brit and Mister Cha-sez (you'd think Canadians could pronounce a French name), and best of all, a martini lunch. Being tipsy with people I adore is fun. Plus I may or may not have bought a Milky Way for the sole reason of finding out just how silky they are. (the conclusion? not very.)

Of course, this left little time for the lynncest stories for the sometimes i call my lady 'momma' challenge, but we prevailed. And here's mine:

my own personal creature

I'm pretty certain I stole the bit about Lynn-washing-panties-in-sink from somebody, possibly [ profile] imogennegomi, but I can't quite remember. If it was you, let me know and I'll stick that in the credits. *g*

EDIT: ahah, it was [ profile] throughadoor hesself I stole the panties from. It makes a beautiful kind of Only Two sense, in a way.
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Whoo! I have completed my assignment for the Joey Slashficathon.

Mine is for [ profile] musiclvr20, who wanted happy Joey/JC with no deathfic. And so here is a bodyswap story, because hey, the old standards never go out of style. Although perhaps they should. *g*

knowing me, knowing you )

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I'm avoiding ringing in on Justin's RS interview just yet, because I'm sure we'll all be sick of arguing about it soon enough. *g*

So anyway, I will instead say that [ profile] copracat is a bad, bad woman because during a discussion of JC's HK lady-who-lunchesness she said:

"Well, we already know he likes to spend time with his manicurist. And he loves the open-toed shoe and he's certainly had the ironed straight hair. Not to mention the jewellery collection and Carlos, okay, not a filipina maid but still Carlos lives in, right? Oh. My. God. JC IS a tai-tai."

Which then, because I am infinitely suggestible, meant that I spent the day writing it. Unbetaed, unanything really.

object of taste )

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Dear LORD it feels good to have finished something.

Many, many thanks to Beth for her awesome betaing; if it weren't for her encouragement and suggestions, this would be a lot less done and a lot more suck. *g*

For [ profile] cherry_lips's Exquisite and Unsatisfied challenge.

First link is website, second is lj-post:

style is the vital thing

being honest doesn't always work out like you hope it will. )

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I always knew [ profile] navia was evil. From her overwhelming love for Joshtin, her constant efforts to convince me of such, and her glee everytime Justin "hangs" himself in the old-skool choreography for "I Want You Back", all the signs pointed towards her true nature.

But none so much as the idea for the spider-thing. And, seeing as it's her birthday, I've finally written it.

Heavy warnings for, um, mutated cannibalistic Justin, JC torture, and sort-of bestiality. Don't read it and then yell at me, okay? I already warned you.

the spider story

Happy birthday, honey. )

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So, yeah--[ profile] chootoy and I sometimes write each other sdb nonsense while we're at work, to keep us both from going insane. And so I wanted some Timbertone dishwashing (we'll see if she posts it, poke poke) and she wanted JC bondage, and this is the best I could come up with. Pointless smut. Isn't slacking off of work nice? *g*

Anyhow--unbetaed, unproofed, unredeeming, really. I just want to store it somewhere that isn't my Inbox.

wood and iron )

Plus, new icon, from a link that [ profile] paintedmaypole sent me. She's the Mandarin fairy! Her skirt is a Mandarin orange! What could be more delightful than that, unless it's k8 herself?

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So. [ profile] chootoy had a birthday in February, and I promised her birthday fic, and then promptly signed up for a metric fuckload of challenges and got severely sidetracked.

But I pull through on my promises, dammit, and so here it is. She wanted sweet waffy stuff last year and apparently decided to be a badass this year and ask for unrelenting smut, and I really think she's making a point of forcing me to write genres I'm not that good at, but hey. What chootoy wants, chootoy gets. *g*

a person of simple tastes

Happy belated, honey.
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It's [ profile] justafigment's birthday today, and I'm delighted to be able to wish her a mind-bogglingly happy one, because I adore her. So I wrote her something--not much, but I hope it'll do. It's amazing what a fantastic fic title her username makes, too. *g*

just a figment

All the best, sweetie. *snug*


Aug. 22nd, 2002 12:04 pm
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Why is it that while I'm in such a fucking fantastic mood, I would write something so nasty? And a JC POV, no less.

Smile For the Fans

Any and all comments appreciated, my darlings.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] cliokat!!!

May your day be full of Justin Drinking Things and Rappers and Ballers and Shoe-Buying and Meldrick.

And also, I have written you something. It's not particularly typical birthday fare, but it's somewhat personalized. Think...back. Because I am a stalker and memoried the post you did outlining this whole fic.



Have an awesome day, honey!!


Jan. 31st, 2002 04:03 pm
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I was supposed to go have some more coffee, or maybe eat, but instead I ended up writing porny birthday fic. Which I certainly hadn't intended to do, as you can tell from the oh-so-original title.

Here it is, anyway--I haven't even formatted or anything, and if the facts are wrong...well, my bad.

21 )


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