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miss maggie ([personal profile] bossymarmalade) wrote2010-09-23 12:56 pm

toss me the speech centre of the brain!


I spent a fabulous whirlwind weekend in the T-Dot attending my cousin Derek's wedding, which was also an informal and wholly lovable reunion for the Sammy side of the fam (as opposed to the unholy and demoralizing Ragnarök that was the Ramkhelawan reunion in Texas). Also my brother took us to Drupati's and in addition to doubles and kurma and Peardrax, I had a motherfucking shark-and-bake. Oh god yes.

Other things that make life good (and apologies for not recalling who linked them originally):

. Cedar & Bamboo, the link between Chinese Canadians and First Nations peoples in Coast Salish Territories/BC. I am so excited about this film I can hardly contain myself.


. East West Players' performance of Mysterious Skin: I love JGL in this movie like nobody's business (and am SERIOUSLY glad that Gregg Araki didn't get his usual muse James Duvall to play Neil, *shudder*), but y'all I am just gonna go ahead here and say that right now Asians make everything better to me. GodDAMN I would love to see this production, but will just content myself with being happy that it exists.

. this cat

. this cat

. going to Hell's Gate with the bffs and getting two pounds of free fudge, then going to see Celtic Fantasy (or as we called it, Celtic TUNDERRR) and ditching the church halfway through because there's only so much you can take of hearing somebody's "silver tones" before you start to wish she'd fallen into a cave in the Hebrides a-comin' thro' the rye.

. aang/toph, tim/bart, rizzoli/isles

In conclusion, I love you all.
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Next time you blow through Hogtown, TELL ME!

Also: aang/toph, tim/bart? These are always the right answers. To everything.
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Now I also want Toph/Bart. They could wrestle! A LOT.
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Eyyyyyy, Drupati's is good ting, gyul! :D Glad you got to have some authentic shark-and-bake. Food of the Gods for sure. Yum!
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Maaaaan, if I had not already started fasting for the next couple months, for sure I would make that drive to Maracas early tomorrow morning, just because you making me feel for the taste of shark-and-bake now! It's Republic Day tomorrow, public holiday in T&T. :D
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I'd forgotten how much I used to adore Tim/Bart until you wrote that that pairing is one of your happy places. Thanks for that.
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JGL!Bart kinda slays me @_@
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Hi bb hi! &hearts

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Where's Maggie and what have you done with her?
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Will you join me in having a brain explosion when he gets cast as Riddler? Or are you more Arthur-centric?
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Cedar & Bamboo! That looks amazing!

Two pounds of free fudge makes me twist up in envy and seriously consider making a late night run for fudge myself. :D
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asdoifualksjdfgasdf I love Mysterious Skin and the idea of seeing a stage adaptation fills me with giddy delight.