Jan. 3rd, 2012

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So! After a year's worth of draggy, confused disappointment and frustration and self-doubt piled on top of another, I am finally feeling like freshness and light and change are upon me. I know enough about myself at this point to realize that I experience this in cycles, and I'm on an upswing right now and want to keep it going -- some major life changes are going to help with that as well -- and so, I think, will a return to DW journalling. I missed y'all!

And to begin, I am wondering if any of you have read this book:

. An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace by Tamar E. Adler

-- and have recs/anti-recs to make? I love love LOVE the food writing genre, but I'm wary of books written by wealthy privileged people that condescendingly exhort the reader to "live simply" and "buy only fresh produce" and "go to market" oh la dee dah darling. If you know what I mean. *g*


Jan. 3rd, 2012 01:35 pm
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from "Midsummer"

The jet bores like a silverfish through volumes of cloud -
clouds that will keep no record of where we have passed,
nor the sea's mirror, nor the coral busy with its own
culture; they aren't doors of dissolving stone,
but pages in a damp culture that come apart.
So a hole in their parchment opens, and suddenly, in a vast
dereliction of sunlight, there's that island known
to the traveller Trollope, and the fellow traveller Froude,
for making nothing. Not even a people. The jet's shadow
ripples over green jungles as steadily as a minnow
through seaweed. Our sunlight is shared by Rome
and your white paper, Joseph. Here, as everywhere else,
it is the same age. In cities, in settlements of mud,
light has never had epochs. Near the rusty harbor
around Port of Spain bright suburbs fade into words -
Maraval, Diego Martin - the highways long as regrets,
and steeples so tiny you couldn't hear their bells,
nor the sharp exclamation of whitewashed minarets
from green villages. The lowering window resounds
over pages of earth, the canefields set in stanzas.
Skimming over an ocher swamp like a fast cloud of egrets
are nouns that find their branches as simply as birds.
It comes too fast, this shelving sense of home -
canes rushing the wing, a fence; a world that still stands as
the trundling tires keep shaking and shaking the heart.

-- Derek Walcott

saw this on [personal profile] applegnat's journal and oh, i needed it in mine.
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lol, now that I'm back I won't shut up

Anyhow, starting a bit late with this, but nonetheless!

snowflake challenge
.. Day 1
In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created.

. to serve the gods | road to el dorado - chel, chel/tulio, tulio/miguel: sometimes you get an idea for a fic -- not in your primary fandom, not about characters you even care to make a habit of writing about -- and it won't let you go until you somehow write it all and then, there it is, and you're not even quite sure how it happened. I don't generally go for the whole "my muses made me do it!" thing, or writing-as-creative-psychography, but damn, I can't even explain this story otherwise.

. run for yer life | the beatles: and then other times the won't-be-quiet ideas come when you're making breakfast with your sister in a sunny kitchen and giggling over the notion of George Harrison as a serial killer.

. keep your palms flat | futurama: if I were ever gonna successfully make a podfic, this would probably be the only fic I could do.

. no-one must see you | moulin rouge - chocolat/omc: I don't write original characters very often, so this is unusual for me just in that respect. The rest is a little bit close to the heart, in certain ways.

. three-part disharmony | homicide: life on the street - pembleton, bayliss: back in the fandom where I had my first, wonderful, formative steps into developing a writing style and was lucky enough for it to coincide with being on the Schism mailing list with incredible, fun women who were never snotty about how very, very smart they are. That experience pretty much primed me for the kinds of people I wanted to share fandom with from then on!

Will catch up with Day 2 soon, since I need some time to get back into the swing of reading/reccing!!


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