Jan. 5th, 2010

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I have started off the new year by failing my Hindi class!

No, no -- technically, I ended last year by doing that. That December exam was the most awful and nerve-wracking test I've written since I was a wee girl in Catholic school and getting a low grade meant a proportionate number of slaps with a ruler.

I choose to look at this as a good thing. I will no longer make myself miserable by struggling through this class and feeling inadequate as each day chips away at my academic ego, and I have learned the valuable lesson that I should never ever EVER do anything with my parents where being this self-conscious will fuck up my grades. (Er, not that I'm blaming my dad being there for my failing, but it sure didn't help.)

I don't know what I'm gonna do about the student loans -- those people are really nasty when, y'know, shit happens and you have to change your schedule mid-term -- but I'll tell you a dumb little story: one of my co-workers abandoned this totally stupid deck of Angel Oracle Cards in the breakroom at work months ago. And when I say stupid, I mean that it has illustrations of angels in wedding dresses and riding unicorns and tickling koalas and shit like that. But eventually out of boredom we all started using them, and they have over the months proved uncannily accurate. Out of desperation and looming terror at having to return to class today, I checked them yesterday at work and scoffed at the card I pulled, which seemed completely irrelevant.

And it was "Time to Go".

Most of the time I'm good at doing what the universe tells me to do, but I balked at having messages delivered via paintings of angels with suitcases and figured the cards didn't know what the fuck they were saying. I guess this whole thing is a lesson in humility, too. *g*


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