Jun. 5th, 2008

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First, go look at the Wee Sister's drawing of real-life Simpsons. I love it SO MUCH. It's hard to translate Homer to human and still retain his volatility/loveability, and hard to translate Marge's hair and particular shopworn brand of prettiness; the kids are awesome too, but I am more impressed with Homer & Marge. And not just because I totally ♥ them.

Then, come back and download some songs off Kobo Modern's album "Independence". They're the Trini-Canadian group I mentioned yesterday. And please please please consider buying their album if you like the music -- the downloads are pretty cheap, and it's nice to support small independent artists! Especially when they're calypso artists, because West Indian music is so overshadowed by reggae and ska that it's hard for anything else to get a foothold.

Also, go look around at [livejournal.com profile] popsoundboard, a sort of centralized place for popslash with lots of planned community activities and resources. Popslash has never had this sort of thing -- we've tended to be a rather un-corralled sprawl -- so it's neat to have one now, when the straggly tendrils could use some rounding-up.

I haven't posted this here before because it's mostly a place to store links to articles about water security, stories about pop culture, and random recipes, but should any of you also be interested in such things, here's my del.icio.us account. Enjoy!


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