Jan. 18th, 2008

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Yes, I'm still reading Yuletide and corralling recs. At this rate, it will take until Christmas to finish reccing and then reply to my *own* feedback! DAMN SCHOOL.

. big guy [deadwood]: a look at Dan Dority, and just like the show in that it has heart but isn't sentimental or soggy. Very nicely done.

. reverse evolution [deadwood]: and now a look at Alma Garrett, laudanum addict and full of tightly-bound hunger. I felt like I could hardly keep afloat reading this, man.

. little petals, tangled stems [little men]: Daisy and Demi, and all the ways that twins stay twinned. Grown-up and sophisticated without being callous or cold.

. smoke and mirrors [ocean's 11]: a ring-a-ding-dinger of a story, Danny and Rusty and so much food and sexily smart dialogue and oooh, it's just everything I love about the franchise. Perfect!

. women are wicked when they're unwanted [dexter]: what if the Ice Truck Killer had been somebody else? This clever, twisted little story takes that premise and runs it right up your spine until you're wracked with shudders and shivers.

. lina lamont's big revenge [singin' in the rain]: such good fic in this fandom! This one's in the form of a gossip column, and I especially like it because it just eviscerates the whole idea of constructed celebrity personality in a funny and wry way.

. boy wonder [ocean's 11]: poor Linus, always playing catch-up while paired with the big boys. Also, Zahra is completely right: the trifecta goes Danny=Batman, Linus=Robin and Rusty=Nightwing. Fo' sho'.


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