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So four years ago in October, [personal profile] skywardprodigal passed away. And a few days ago, [personal profile] delux_vivens passed. Both of these women had such vibrant, funny, challenging voices and taught me so much about not just ways of understanding being chromatic in this world, but also who *I* am in this world. It was a long time since Delux and I spoke, since I drifted away from DW, but god I'm so sad to know she's gone.

The other thing is -- I've been a supporter of OTW and AO3 in the past, like, moneywise. Because I believe in the whole "we own the servers" concept. But I won't be supporting them with my dollars anymore, and marina has an excellent summary of why in her post. The Abuse team at AO3 has been contacted by multiple people and give the same pat answer to all about how we who find it hostile can "just not look at it", which isn't a good enough response.

I keep wanting to come back to DW but finding it hard to switch back into text posting after the mindless, low-stress distance of reblogging on tumblr. So maybe I'll try just using it as a here's-what-i-did-today journal until I get back in the swing of things. We'll see.
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The landlords have agreed to renew our rental lease in August instead of making us move out, yaaaay! The change came due to a death in the family on their part, which is sad, of course -- I would have preferred if they'd changed their minds due to less awful reasons -- but still, I'm happy we get to stay here for at least another year.

Other things going on with me:

[ this first section is mental health stuff, so skip down to the next if you'd prefer ]

- I've been suffering anxiety for a couple of years now, after getting out of a +20-yr friendship that had become toxic, getting in an accident that totalled my beloved car, moving twice, having my new car vandalized, losing my job, finding a job, and having our new place broken into and our laptops stolen. It's gotten down to a more manageable place, but my work offers employees free counselling and access to a CBT program (the employee program is acronymmed "EFAP" and the CBT thing is called "Beating the Blues" so I can't help but view it all as faintly masturbatory, heh), so we'll see how that goes. On the initial visit the counsellor told me to not get angry at my anxiety or frustrated with myself for still feeling it and not having "moved on" yet, so that in itself was a help because I hadn't seen it that way.

- CAT. [personal profile] glockgal is allergic and neither of us ever wanted to deal with a litterbox and all that before, but we have enough room and the energy/finances to own a cat now, so we've been getting the house ready for one. Lori ordered a Modkat, I bought a Litter Locker, we're sourcing out making the bulk of kitty's food, comparing reviews of litters, and making toys for her, and since we can't find a decent cat tree that's not covered in carpet, I'm gonna Ikea-hack one.

We do not actually have a cat yet of any sort, but we figure while we look, might as well get the house prepared. We've been trying to adopt one from the SPCA but man, those cats go fast! There's been about three so far that we've attempted to get but been cockblocked on, gdi.

- Midsommar! According to our Swedish friend Tobi who lives upstairs, Midsummer is the Swedenest thing ever and he insists that we celebrate it as a household. So tomorrow night we will be barbecuing, drinking, and apparently dancing around a maypole (we've been told the dancing is non-optional). I'm hoping that the people that Tobi and Dasha have invited will bring their dogs, a pocket beagle named Cooper and a shiba inu named Mochi, to hang out with our household Portugese water dog, Mishka. Last time Mochi was visiting, Lori'd opened the door of our suite and she just marched in and explored the place with Mishka trotting behind her, and then when she left Lori was like "THAT IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE", so.

Tobi has also promised that he's making mustard-pickled herring and gravlax, and since Tobi's gravlax made with our Pacific Northwest salmon is one of the most incredible foods I've ever tasted, I am very much looking forward to this!
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 Today we went to the Winter Farmers' Market and bought absolutely no produce. But we DID get a slice of chocolate cake, a few chive and cheddar scones, gingersnaps, a mini apple pie, fresh baked pretzels and some vegan Montreal-style bagels that the lady assured us had been "boiled this morning", and three bottles of cordials to mix with club soda. Which is what we do for soda in our household, especially since I asked my parents for a Soda Stream last birthday (we got mango passionfruit, strawberry, and hibiscus lemon -- we were supposed to get blackcurrant instead of the strawberry, but I grabbed the wrong bottle at the stand, d'oh). [personal profile] thesurgeon brought us some Grace's kola champagne and Jamaican sorrel syrups when he was up here visiting, so considering that Lori and I have mostly soda in our soda-to-syrup ratios, we're set till like, December, heh.

We also spent all last night mainlining My Cat From Hell with [personal profile] 21freckles .  Now that I'm a dog auntie I am obsessed with looking at dogs on the street, and am considering a cat even though the idea of a litter box repulses me. Which brings me to my next thing: Lori, me, our friend Dasha and her fella Tobi all moved into this place together last September and we love it here and wanted it long-term, but circumstances for the landlords have changed and now they'll want to move back in September. Which, ugh, those are shitty circumstances for all involved, so if you've got the time and inclination, please send wishes or prayers out to the universe that they change their minds or that we find a really awesome new place! September's a whiles away, so who knows what can happen between now and then, right?

And finally, I am gonna be using my makeshift recs journal ([community profile] missmaggierecs ) as a more all-purpose recs journal now. So not just fic and art, but really anything else I try out in life that I feel like reviewing. Right now, I'm doing makeup!
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Yesterday at work as I was leaving the lunchroom, I heard one of the doctors say that her husband was on "dog dick patrol" because their pet has "doggie priapism". DREAMWIDTH IS THIS A REAL THING?!?

Also, in the continuing saga of "that one piece of fanart that [personal profile] glockgal really should have signed properly":

In conclusion, Happy Gregorian New Year! We may end up celebrating with Fritou and mixed pupusas and possibly a donut or two, all of which we can get at the very awesome Duffin's Donuts, mmmm.
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Well, I think I've managed to get my anxiety down to manageable levels, so giving this a go again. :)

And what I want to talk to you all about today is online roleplaying! [personal profile] glockgal and I have reached a point over at the justice lounge where all of our members are wonderful and considerate and play their characters incredibly well, but that's because we've painstakingly gotten rid of previous players who were drains on the energy of the group.

Now, these folks were booted for various reasons, but there was one who was absolutely HORRENDOUS. Like, it became clear that she was using the group to roleplay various injustices that she felt had been dealt to her in her life, and casting the rest of us (she had trouble separating character from player) as the people who'd persecuted her. Also she was privately getting in contact with new members to "warn" them about the mods, namely [personal profile] glockgal and me. She made everything a personal slight, was angry and resentful if we said nice things about any player that wasn't her, and basically was a complete horror.

What I'm curious to know is -- does this kind of thing happen a lot in online RP?? Lori and I started the group to have a low-key, casual place to roleplay superheroes being awesome and having drama and fun together, and here came this person who saw conspiracy and paranoia at every turn and did her best to make everybody miserable. Like wtf.

But ANYHOW, should anybody's curiosity be piqued by the game, I encourage you to check it out! We've got an incredible roster of characters right now, and I can honestly say that I'm enjoying all of them and what they bring to the group. Plus now that we're almost at the two-year mark, Lori and I have the modding thing refined pretty well, heh!
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My friend said it was raining and beautiful in South Florida where he is, and I said it was sunny and windy in Vancouver where I am, and then we ended up taking pictures. So here are yard views from diagonally across the continent.
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Was reading and capping comics last night, and came across this:

Seriously, if Ollie had his business on the side with Hal (as we all know he did), Dinah definitely had hers with Babs. And I approve of all of it.
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Thank you all for the good wishes, my darlings!!


I think this is from the opening reels of Batman: Hush, but I cannot be sure because I reached this panel and my mind shut down from the screaming gibbons of confusion that immediately overwhelmed me. Every time I look at that image I spend so long trying to figure out how Harley's internal organs are supposed to be configured that I get exhausted and can't read the comic.

I mean, I KNEW what Jim Lee was all about due to having grown up with his helium-butt Rogue, but oh my god WHAT IS THAT
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Sure, there’s hordes of evil to be stopped, people in peril, outer space battles to fight.  But in-between, there’s a full-service cafeteria and lots of other superheroes to talk to.

Looking for a mature, active, two-year-strong DCU roleplay that offers plenty of plotty and casual RP?  One where it’s cool if you want to race/gender/sexuality/etc.-bend some DCU superheroes?  One with an in-house artist who draws the characters? Come join us in the Justice Lounge, modded by [personal profile] glockgal and me!

||   the justice lounge | rules | faq | character list  ||
Bullet point sales pitch:
- minor time commitment, only three comments/posts a week (can be in a conversation)
- any DC comics character (minus the New 52) or DC Animated character (minus Teen Titans, Young Justice, and Green Lantern) is allowed
- there’s art of the RP characters and regular AU chatzy weekend events
- curious what it’s like?  Check out our archived threads

Check us out and consider apping your favourite DC character!
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Thank you to everybody who signed up for the trick-or-treat meme! I didn't quite finish everybody's requests last night -- our upstairs neighbour Dasha (we now live in a two-suite house with [personal profile] glockgal's bff from high school and her fella, eee) wanted us to give out candy to kids -- but I will for sure be filling the requests!!

As to the new digs! I grew up in a house in Trinidad and an edge townhouse in Vancouver, so I'm very happy living somewhere again with its own entrance, a yard in the back, and laundry. The last place Lori and I lived, a basement suite in the landlords' house, was all right inside but dreary outside, with a lot of concrete and dirt patches that the local raccoons and cats just loved to use as litter boxes. Which was tolerable until the house got infested with flies, because there were big gaps in the front door and it got very hot inside. I cannot even express the levels of anxiety I reached having flies in the house; I'd have to go hide in my bedroom while Lori killed and disposed of them. But now that's all over! All I have to worry about with the new place is spiders everywhere, lol.

I have a tiny little water blister on the inside of my pinkie finger. How. What.
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In my attempt to get back into journaling, I may be taking people off my reading circle! Please don't feel that this is hugely personal, I'm just trying to whittle down the list until I get a handle on dreamwidthing on a regular basis again. :)

Tumblr was good for a while when I felt burnt out on journaling, and just wanted to flick through pretty pictures and gifsets and so forth. And it still is! But now I have come again to the point where I want conversations with people, which Tumblr is completely and utterly useless for unless I want to get into a screaming match with random teenagers about how much I hate that fucking "What Does the Fox Say" song. (And that's another thing, I want to talk to some damn GROWNUPS again, heh!)

So from now on, Tumblr is for playing on the DC roleplaying group that I run with [personal profile] glockgal and that's pretty much it. BTW I will be posting an ad for that RP group soonish, so if you've ever considered a DCU game, please keep us in mind!

I probably got this link from somebody on DW but I can't remember who! Anyhow, I want to put it here so I don't lose it: The Aesthetic Politics of Filming Black Skin.

Also I just put my pillows in the washing machine. If the machine manages them and comes out unscathed, I'm'a do my comforter too. SO EXCITING
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In honor of All Hallow's Eve, I'm inviting trick-or-treaters to my 'door'. Comment "trick-or-treat" to this post and you will get a surprise in your 'bag' on the 31st. Treats can be anything you'd like - my bubbling cauldron can serve up pretty pictures, drabbles or ficlets, kittens, or random other things.

I think I'd like to do this! Feel free to leave prompts and I'll see if I can meet them!
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 So, every time I've attempted to make some kind of "yay! I think I'd like to try journaling again!" post, something dreadful and depressing has happened in real life that sucks that desire right back out of me. 

Which means this time I'm just casually making a post and acknowledging that it may be my only post for the next few months, who knows, anything could happen. YOU HEAR ME, UNIVERSE?

And that said, hello, dreamwidthers! I hope you've been well.
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What I have always feared re: Facebook has finally come to pass -- a person I last knew in junior high has found me and wants to meet up for tea next time he's in Vancouver!!

This request came very suddenly after two minutes of messaging "whereabouts in Vancouver do you live, we should meet next time I'm there", and omg y'all, you must understand why I am so leery, because this is Trevor C__.

Trevor C__ was an affected, watching kind of boy who was obsessed with Anne Frank in Grade 7, when I was friends with him most. I don't mean he was touched by her story and her bravery. I mean he wanted to play Anne Frank all the time (with him as Anne) and the only decorations in his room were a cross and a pencil crayon reproduction of that photo of Anne Frank from the cover of her autobiography that he ordered one Scholastic book drive year. (I perhaps shouldn't judge him too singularly on that count, since sometimes it seemed to me that most Anglo white boys between the ages of 12 and 19 had a pressing interest in all things Nazi -- either that, or there was a preponderance of the type in my area.)

I was over at his house only a few times because he had a Ghostbusters computer game and a trampoline. Once we had hot dogs on paper Chinet plates which we scrupulously washed and dried afterwards. He had a grandmother in a wheelchair who would hiss for him to come aside while she talked to him about confusing, disturbing things in a piercing whisper, watching me the whole time. If you wanted to play on the trampoline, his father made you sign a waiver that exempted the C__ family from responsibility for not only your possible loss of limb and motor function, but also your "sexual drive".

Welcome to Canadian Gothic, folks.

You can see why I haven't been on Facebook since, heh, even though it seems that he's dampened down the Anne Frank (I still remember how he used to say it, in throaty blocks that he imagined was the correct Dutch pronunciation) and dialed up the Anglophile, having added many precious turns of phrase to his own Facebook entries.

This was a long and possibly quite dull way of saying -- I know nothing about Facebook. If I unfriend him or whatever, does that mean he can no longer see my entries or message me? Help me, Obi-Wan friendslist!!
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Vancouver weather has done its job and the snowstorm of Tuesday and Wednesday has been almost totally washed away by rain. Plus after this workday, I am off for a week and Lori will be doing all the driving, huzzah!

I must tell you all about the fancypants chicken I bought on an EthicalDeal coupon -- this biddy usually costs $36 dollars, as it is a "RedBro" chicken from local Polderside Farms, and their press agent says, "These prized poultry enjoy additive-free stone-ground grains, veggies and sunflower seeds and are raised slowly and with plenty of space, which contributes to excellent flavour and a larger size than a conventional chicken (about 6 lbs. - enough to feed 4)".

So basically what I am saying is that this better be the best damn chicken I've eaten. Or at least the best since I last had a yard fowl in Trinidad.

In other and repeated news, if you are looking for a DCU tumblr roleplaying game, check out the Justice Lounge! We are super friendly and laid-back but keep a good modly rein on things, we have threads on tumblr as well as chat RP and a player chatroom, we have big storyarcs and fun memes and random nonsense and a healthy dose of smut. Plus Lori and I have designed the game to be a happy place for female/genderfluid/queer/chromatic/etc. folks as much as we are able, so hopefully it's not as problematic as other tumblr-based games can be.

Also, what other RP games out there offer original glockgal art with your RP characters? NONE!!
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My brunch avocado is not as ripe as I thought it was! Ah, well -- smooshed up with cream cheese and on a good bagel, it's not bad, anyhow. Plus since it's holidaytime here at the office, I already breakfasted on coffee, homemade shortbread, and a red velvet cupcake. So I can't really complain about my zaboca.

(Also I just looked it up and it seems that only Trinidadians call the avocado a "zaboca"? Hrrm.)

-- aaaaaaand now my ex-program manager has come in and is telling a co-worker about India, since she just got back from a trip there. Also this co-worker is FROM INDIA.

*turns up her music, la la la laaaa*
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This picture literally encapsulates all of the reasons why I fucking loathe Marley so much that I do a dance of rage in my seat every time she lurches across the screen.

Of course, there's no real excuse for me to still be watching Glee, but you know how it goes.
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Getting back into the swing of things re: Dreamwidth posting takes some effort, yo! Although I'm reading and enjoying my circle again, which is lovely -- I've missed the buffet of links that my circle serves up as a matter of course. :)

- If anybody's looking for free online holiday (or any) music, I highly recommend Iceberg Radio! You can even mix a bunch of different stations together for your own personalized channel!

- If you're looking for a tumblr-based DCU roleplay, won't you check out the Justice Lounge? We've been going since February and are quite active, and my co-mod and sister [personal profile] glockgal and I try to keep things running smoothly. It helps that most prospective players who would engage in shenanigans are scared off by our rules, heh.

- I am about to dive into this review of the notorious 50 Shades of Grey, because her review of the "Abe Lincoln, Historical Stud" novel was hilarious!

- Also on the plan: getting my free birthday drink from Starbucks. This is the time of year I drink the most Starbucks due to Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread Lattes, so yay!
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So! Now that I'm a fancy lady living in Vancouver (although not the downtown core, but my neighbourhood is quite bougie enough for my tastes) I have decided to start ordering organic produce online. It's not hard to get organic groceries at the supermarkets, but I find that when faced with the actual items, we just get the same ones over and over. This way we get a boxful of randomish stuff that we need to find ways to use, which is a lot more fun. I wish Vancouver had more affordable CSAs, we'd just get one of those.

Also the other day I saw a lesbian couple walking down the street dressed as Holmes and Watson for no good reason. That is apropos of nothing but I just needed to mention it, lol.

The other thing happening is that I've become obsessed with home-concocted cleaning supplies. Our place is full of spray bottles full of various quantities of vinegar and dish soap, or isopropyl alcohol and hair conditioner, and I have a big bottle of lemon vinegar brewing under the kitchen sink. My mother's control freak attitude towards housecleaning is coming out in patches, I suppose -- not wholesale, because I tell you -- the bathroom and kitchen counters get scrubbed within an inch of their lives, but the fridge can languish for months at a time.

Ah, well. There is also lots of video gaming, lots of DCU RP on tumblr (check it out if that's your kind of thing), and lots of interesting food. We tried Venezuelan food a week or two ago, and it was UNBELIEVABLY GOOD, homg. Just thinking about the bandeja paisa (grilled steak, chicharron, red beans and rice, fried plantain, avocado, coleslaw, an arepa, and a fried egg with copious garlic sauce and guasacaca) is making me sooooo hungry right now.
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That, friends, accurately sums up how I've been feeling for the better part of the year -- certainly since I totally changed my living situation after constant movement among three different homes, had my first panic attack due to a traumatic social situation, and had the accident at the end of May (on my mom's birthday, hah) that destroyed my precious beloved first car. Being unaccustomed to identifying my mental state as fragile and requiring help (don't even get me started on the stigma in desi communities when it comes to mental health issues), this has been very trying for me to manage.

But! There are hopefully also good things afoot at work and so forth, and living with [personal profile] glockgal has been glorious, and I was reading some of my DW circle and missing you all, so. I'm trying to make a concerted effort to get back into more social media than just RPing on tumblr, which is very fun, but lacks the depth of journaling.

(Of course there are some things about journaling that added to my stress in the first place, but I think now I can probably manage them better after having had some time away, heh.)

So hello again, y'all! Time for me to figure out who's changed their DW name to what!!


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