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a continuous tape of "louie louie"

Naturally, my computers both had some kind of identity crisis once I wanted to post! But I wrangled the laptop back into shape, and so here, have half of a party mix! A-N, right-click download, for sampling purposes only, etc. etc.

big sugar - turn the lights down
brenda fassie - vulundlela
britney spears - circus
christina aguilera - candyman
cyndi lauper - shine
cypress hill - insane in the brain
david bowie - rebel rebel
dean martin - ain't that a kick in the head
deee-lite - groove is in the heart
denyse plummer - old-time calypso
p diddy, pharell, loon, lenny kravitz - show me your soul
dr dre & snoop - still dre
fallout boy & kanye west - arms race
foghat - slow ride
great big sea - i'm a rover (live)
guns 'n roses - paradise city
imani coppola - legend of a cowgirl
joe tex - i gotcha
josie and the pussycats - three small words
juanes - la camisa negra
justin timberlake - my love (ibiza is burning mix)
keri & justin timberlake - headsprung
kinky boyz - the only way is up
kool & the gang - jungle boogie
kristine w - some lovin'
laura branigan - gloria
lauryn hill - doo wop (that thing)
loo & placido - black beatles
louis prima - jump, jive & wail
mary j blige - family affair
masia one - split second time
matthew sweet - girlfriend
miriam makeba - pata pata
mitsou - bye bye mon cowboy
nelly furtado - powerless (josh desi remix)
nena - 99 luftballons
nerd - rockstar (remix)

No need to ask or comment, just take and enjoy!

If you find the list overwhelming, here are the ones I would recommend for sure: denyse plummer, fallout boy, great big sea, lauryn hill, mitsou, nelly furtado. Whoo-hoo!

Also, two links and recipes:
. ames with delicious-sounding no-bake cookies!
. frangipani with a pineapple twist on tiramisu!
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[personal profile] frausorge 2009-06-20 08:00 pm (UTC)(link)
GLORIA! and, I mean, many other fine things, but, Gloria, it just brings back a whole era. So much love! Thank you and thank you!