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miss maggie ([personal profile] bossymarmalade) wrote2014-01-01 09:35 am

i am iron man

Yesterday at work as I was leaving the lunchroom, I heard one of the doctors say that her husband was on "dog dick patrol" because their pet has "doggie priapism". DREAMWIDTH IS THIS A REAL THING?!?

Also, in the continuing saga of "that one piece of fanart that [personal profile] glockgal really should have signed properly":

In conclusion, Happy Gregorian New Year! We may end up celebrating with Fritou and mixed pupusas and possibly a donut or two, all of which we can get at the very awesome Duffin's Donuts, mmmm.
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Happy 2014, may it bring you meals and meals of delicious food!
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idk about dogs, but priapism can happen to horses. i've never seen it in RL and i wouldn't know how to treat it -- i think it's pretty uncommon -- but it's listed as one of the side effects of a fairly common tranquilizer.