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Happy Diwali, y'all!

This is one of the times of year when I miss being able to celebrate the way we did back in Trinidad, eating homemade kurma and burfi with coloured nonpareils on it. It was the only time of year I'd put on a sari, and I remember waiting and waiting until it got dark so we could light diyas instead of turning on lights, and we'd do aarti for the house and all the way down the driveway to the jhandi up against the front fence. Then we'd hop in the car and drive around the neighbourhood to see everybody's diwali displays, because if you split bamboo in half it has marvelous little shelves to perch your diyas in when you bend the bamboo into fantastical shapes.

There's nothing like that here, of course; all the temples around do services only in Hindi (which I don't understand) and we use tealights in spangled, sequinned diyas (instead of twisting cotton-wool wicks for plain clay diyas filled with oil). I still like Diwali, but it's not the same. I mean, nothing ever is, but sometimes you wish you'd paid better attention when it was.
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hello, lynn!

It's been a long time. That's all my fault, because I have recently been job-hunting like crazy. It's damn hard to find something mindless and part-time that still lets you keep your dignity. Although, as [ profile] baggers has pointed out, even being a pop millionaire doesn't necessarily let you keep your dignity. It's stuff like this that makes me think you were right all along about babyboy dodging a bullet.

Anyway, it hasn't all been gnashing of teeth and sending of resumes! I also met two lovely folkses, [ profile] chrismm and [ profile] meelie. Chris was wee and charming, and Meelie was adorable and funny, and don't tell them this but when we went out for dinner I ordered the last piece of the dessert they both wanted (tuxedo truffle mousse cake). I didn't know!! The waitress just asked me first!! It was a little bit dry, anyhow.

I also did a smidge of updating in-between baking today (I made cornbread muffins and a batch of Aphrodite Cakes iced with chai or lemon) and managed to get a page of multifandom fic recs up. Yay me! Although I'm thinking of making the font on that page bigger. Let me know if you find it hard to read.

Plus, I was tagging old entries and I found one about demented story-banners (for "Sucker", natch, and when is the next chapter coming out?!?) and saw an old comment about doing them for other fic. Which I think I will, to entertain myself. And then I shall encourage others to do the same!

Well, that's about it for now. I have bowls of leftover icing to clean up; the freakish, tumultuous thunderstorms we've been having all day don't make me very motivated -- the sun is making everything outside a dreadful sickly yellow-green -- but it must be done! C'est la vie, eh, Lynn?

till next time!
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It's raining like hell. I have on boots and a skirt so I'm okay. On the walk to class I step through puddles blithely; I kind of want to stand at the curb and watch the water run over and around my boots, but that would look weird. I go to class and we talk about Nora Strejilevitch's A Single Numberless Death and testimonial literature and the disappeared and torture, and I have the thought that torture is kind of a sexy word and then instantly feel guilty because I'm holding her book in my hands. I drink my coffee and it's cold and I deserve it.

After that I take the shuttle because I don't feel like slogging back across campus to the bus loop in the rain. The girl in front of me has ginger hair and a double-sided compact mirror, and she separates a small section of hair at the front, pins it back with a tortoiseshell comb, and then carefully arranges tendrils all around it while scrutinizing her reflection. Then she takes out the comb and does it again. And then again. I wonder at the fucking futility of this and stare enviously at the umbrella some other woman's holding, chocolate brown with pale brown polka dots and russet circles. My umbrella's ugly. Ginger finally feels good about her hair and I notice the pad of her left index finger is shirred with a pale and soggy-looking burn.

On the bus back to Richmond the man next to me reads a copy of the The Metro and then an Earthsave Canada pamphlet about going vegan; the girl across the aisle reads Dragonball on her laptop. This seems insanely Pacific Northwestern to me. The kids sitting in the swivelly seats in the accordion part of the bus pore over a map of Vancouver, and an enormously fat bus driver gets on; he's wearing shorts that taper and cling to his shockingly white legs, and on one calf he has a big dreadful tattoo of The Joker. Just the head -- I can make out green hair and a grin. A girl near the front has a very pretty umbrella, chartreuse with dark green flowers and a border. Why don't I have a pretty umbrella? Mine has a tedious brown pattern on it that looks like hospital carpeting.

Dragonball girl is wearing a cream-coloured jacket that's held closed with purple velcro. I really don't know how I feel about that.

Anyway, I'm home now. Hello, unfinished essays!
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It's a new month, and y'all know what that means -- a brand-new issue of Sequential Tart! This issue holds:

+ more Supernatural interviews!
+ articles on Studio 60 and Doctor Who!
+ roundtables about comic book movies, sexy characters, and Hanna Barbera!
+ and my interview with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, including some breaking news about their new scent line that is sure to delight Gaiman fans!!

Now, I have signed up to do some posts for [ profile] 14valentines, and today's subject is Women in the Arts. I spent a long time considering what I should write about -- a movie list? a book list? links to art or writing? post some music? stories & recipes? -- and then I thought, "wait, but just about EVERYBODY on my friendslist is an artist in some way. and they're talented as hell." This isn't like the other subjects I signed up for like 'peacebuilding' and 'economics', where I might conceivably have new information to share; you guys know more about art than I could ever know on my own.

So then I decided to let you guys do the heavy lifting make this a big roundtable!

If you're so inclined (and I hope that you are), leave a comment with/about something arty. The definition of "arty" is inclusive and generous, so that counts crafts like knitting; it includes fanfic; it includes cooking; it includes fashion/hairstyles; it includes anything that requires creation. And I know for sure that each of you has done at least one of these things, if not any of the stuff in the narrow bracket that our society elitely defines as "art".

To kick off, I'm going to talk about my wonderful neighbour-that-used-to-be and share her incredible recipe for Strawberry Shortcake. )

Please please please comment with anything you want to talk about that's art-related, whether it's a recording of yourself you once made, a favourite recipe, the piece of fic you feel is your best piece of writing -- seriously, ANYTHING. I just want to hear from you. *g*

EDIT: also, don't feel like there's a time-limit on this or anything; if it's past Feb 2 when you read this and you'd still like to comment, I fully encourage you and hope you will!
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So I have been stranded at [ profile] silvrsolace's house since Saturday, because there's a couple feet of snow on the ground and I drive a late 80's Toyota Tercel hatchback. There is no way my little boopty can make it back to Richmond in this weather! Also, the power went out at least twice, and it's a testament to the kind of people we are that the first thing [ profile] silvrsolace, [ profile] glockgal and I shrieked when it did was, "The CHILI!!" since we had a crockpot going.

Y'all, we are not a snow city. I can't even remember the last time it snowed, and even when it did I'm certain it was under five inches and lasted for maybe a day, tops. We are most woefully and pathetically underprepared for this. Except, apparently, for the SUV drivers, who seem to be whipping gleefully around the roads like this is their entire justification for buying their goddamn vehicles.

The good thing about the snow, should one be inclined to search for a silver lining, is that the snowfall has lowered the turbidity of the water caused by the torrential rainstorms so we no longer have to boil our water. Yay?

Anyhow, before all this flurry madness happened, we went to La Casa Gelato because it's in the middle of the Eastside Culture Crawl and tried a bunch of flavours. Of the good: chocolate chili, pineapple passionfruit, chocolate pistachio, balsamic vinegar, and two Indian ones whose names I remember as being something like 'akbar mukti' and 'hawa hani' -- the first was rosewater-flavoured with pistachios, and the second was vanilla with pieces of burfi in it. Of the meh: apple cheddar, banana cream pie, lavender. In the end, I got a cone of german chocolate cake & pumpkin, which was FANTASTIC.

(Then later (before the power cut out) I downloaded the 'new' Beatles album, Love. And in case any of you guys would like to have it, here's a zip file. Right-click download away!)

Finally and somewhat relatedly to talking about the Beatles, I found The Pythons: Autobiography by the Pythons in a used bookstore for twelve dollars, so I bought it and it was excellent. Palin apologizing for everyone! Gilliam making no sense! Idle rubbing it in that Cleese "always missed the good times"! I mean, the book had something of a natural audience in me because I like reading stories of groups of five people who get together, do great work, and then have acrimonious breakups, but all the same it was a very entertaining and interesting read. Plus worth it for the Pythons' childhood photographs, in which they look astoundingly like the grown men they will become.

And now, breakfast. Possibly of chili.
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So! I am back from the family Okanagan vacation. Which was pretty much the usual -- ma soeur driving, ma mère sulking, mon père snoring, and me doing nothing in particular.

Heh, no, no ... it was good. Driving through interior BC is mostly high brisk stands of pine trees and lakes in various tones of blue and green and turquoise, and it's all very pretty and outdoorsy and pioneering. It's a completely different feeling from driving through, say, the Eastern Seaboard, which I found to be fast-paced, urban and deciduous with a definite sense of history.

And now, for anybody interested, a breakdown of the sights of glorious Vernon. Er, yay? )

Now, [ profile] cathybites was among the fêters at Lumos and although she concocted a way to weep in horror and pain, she also was good and kind and drew a picture of Kevin the Big Dead Dog-Eating Zombie for me. Tee! I love it so much!

This DVD Commentary thing looks intriguing, if a bit confusing -- since you're commenting on *other* people's fic, it's kind of like extended feedback, innit? Anyhow, I think I might do one or two. If you're up for having me comment on your fic, let me know.

And now, I round off this pointless and link-filled post by attempting to make Febreeze. Yay!
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This, my friends, is the only time that I talk about sports -- namely, the World Cup and the fact that Trinidad & Tobago's Soca Warriors are in the game this time 'round. The last few days have been a haze of red shirts, calypso & chutney music, Trini people, roti, and so forth and such like; this morning I was so caught up in the football that I even watched Mexico vs. Iran (also because we are somewhat related to the captain of the Iranian team by marriage, heh).

However, despite all this, the personal highlights have been two:
1. the gayboy whom I babysitted as a child (and who now looks like a metro Justin Guarini) calling me "sweetheart", in that JC Chasez way
2. a crow attacking Lori's head as she tried to walk across the park, thinking that her hairstyle was another crow

Good times, good times. Now for us to well put licks in England's tail come Thursday, oui!
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Have done some slight defriending, mostly of people whom I've fallen out of touch with/whose interests have diverged from mine. Nothing personal, y'all. And as per usual, feel free to defriend me at any time; I don't generally make announcements about it and I don't expect explanations!

I have updated Livin' in my Teevee with the links that people provided and weeded out any links that no longer work. But I still want any links that you guys might have! The story doesn't need to outright involve people from movies/tv, and it doesn't need to be a popcast version of a show/movie; even something as simple as an influence when you were writing the fic counts.

And I do not consider any links you give me to be recs; my aim is comprehensiveness, not quality! So if you know of any really bad fics that would fit the bill, let me know. I won't judge you. *g*

I have taken to making casserole-type food lately. My neighbour used to be a wonderful, elderly Ukrainian lady named Edna who introduced me to the marvels of fresh pierogi, homemade head-cheese, and old-fashioned strawberry shortcake (the sort where the shortcake is a dense, crumbly buttermilk scone of sorts); when she passed away she left me her collection of Bon Appetit magazines, a number of books, and an array of baking dishes. One of them is a sturdy old Corning L'Echalote baking dish and over the past month I've made a Greek eggplant dealie (with chicken & yogurt cheese), chicken and chorizo enchiladas, and a sort of ratatouille over pasta & potatoes. I am a very ghetto cook and just throw together whatever the hell I have on-hand, but so far everything has been a)very quick, b)very easy and c)delicious.

While I was putting together the casserole, I got [ profile] silvrsolace to make a Chocolate Pudding Cake and it is SO yummy. A wee bit sweet for my tastes, but very comforting when it's cold and rainy and you have it with a cup of coffee. Right now I am drinking the Breakfast Blend from Seattle's Best, and it's pretty damn good; I like low-acidity coffees but sometimes they taste a little wimpy, and if anything this one is a little too strong. They aren't kidding when they say it has a "powerful" flavour, yo.

I can't wait to see what happens on the shows I watch tonight; Supernatural got me antsy last episode with the Zoroastrian stuff, but some research has proven that they are (as they have been all season) pretty well-versed on mystical hoo-hah. I love that. It's one thing that used to annoy me to hell on Buffy, because they'd make up all these stupid magic/occult things that were completely idiotic when there are perfectly good *actual* mystical things they could have used. Also, I need Rory & Logan to patch things up on Gilmore Girls. Luke and Lorelai are being idiots right now, so I NEED the Rory/Logan to be in effect, omg. I love them so much it's almost sick.

mmm, pudding cake.
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I got two cards from [ profile] prettypinkkitty and [ profile] paintedmaypole, both of which in addition to being lovely to look at are full of chatty, warm wishes. Thank you both immensely! Reading those cards filled me with happiness and contentment. I am not usually so sappy, so you can be assured that I mean it. *g*

Everybody seems to be posting about what they dreamt last night, and I feel all lemmingy; however, this means sorting out my rambling nightmare concerning:
1)every room gradually and ominously growing dark the moment I entered
2)three old grandmothers who moved like they were one creature
3)a white closetlike bathroom where the toilet flushed into perpetuity, and
4)a faith-healing dog who kept saying, "still? still? still?" while it looked at me

--into something that approaches sense. Which I cannot do. But at least I can talk about Lost! )
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I did a presentation today on Mill's theory of some pleasures being inherently better than others, and used that episode where Lisa thinks the Simpson gene will make her stupid as an example. And yet somehow got full marks!

Despite how nerve-wracking the presentation was, it was nowhere near as infuriating as biomed ethics class:

PROFESSOR: blah blah differences in ethics I once broke up with a girlfriend because she believed that the Holocaust didn't happen--

INDIAN GIRL WITH TATTOOS BEHIND ME: Are you for real? How can any rational human being think that?!?

FREAK IN FRONT ROW WHO WEARS SPORTS BRAS AS TOPS: Oh, but what evidence have *you* personally seen? All *I've* seen is a few numbers tattooed on somebody's arm, and they could have done that themselves!


Our teacher quickly broke us up into groups, ostensibly to discuss animal research, but instead we all discussed what kind of idiot you'd have to be to make that kind of a statement. Of course, this girl also said that in certain cases it was understandable for employers to discriminate against prospective employees by dint of gender or ethnicity, so I suppose it wasn't a complete surprise.
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So, [ profile] fuskeez has a bunch of info about La Timberlake in her latest post, but none of it caused me to bleep with glee like the news that Justin will indeed be visiting The O.C.!! I love you even more now, Rachel Bilson.

Of other interest: Heh. When does Napoleon Dynamite come out on DVD again? Because I NEED to own it.

And because I know that some of you enjoy her exploits, here's a brand-new picture of STAR!!

On the back of the photo my Aunt Radhika's written, "Oct 2004 Toronto; My garden and doggie. Boy! Don't I look busty!"
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The best part about family and family friends coming to visit is that since most of them are Trinidadian, all the conversation is Trinidadian and it reminds me of slang I haven't heard for years. Take crapaux, for example; it's mangled French for toads. But not just any toad; the Trini crapaux (pronounced "crap-oh") are enormous and flat. Lori and I found one in an empty paint can when we were kids, and the thing covered the *entire bottom* of the can.

So when you start talking to family about eating strange things like eels and frogs, you get this:

AUNT RADHIKA: Me, I can't stand the idea of eating crapaux, nah -- one time I opened up the toilet and there was a crapaux sitting up in there! It scared me too bad!
DAD: They don't eat that kind of crapaux, girl. They does eat the flying crapaux.
ME: (laughing until I fall over)

And now, back to listening to "Schizophrenic". My aversion to the album for so long was an unfortunate case of me letting all the psychos in fandom put me off listening to it, but now I can enjoy it. Jangly guitar riffs and whistle-breaks in songs? Oh, JC, baby. You're the crackiest.
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My Aunt Radhika is staying over right now. Aunt Radhika is the proud owner of the Fattest Dog in the World. You remember the Fattest Dog in the World, don't you?


I have now learned the sad history of the FDitW (whose name is Star, by the way. Bless!). It turns out her owners used to beat her with a broom and then dumped her on the side of the highway, and she was in the pound ("on Death Row," Auntie says) when my aunt adopted her.

At any rate, Auntie loves her fat doggie fiercely, and according to her telling of it, walking the FDitW goes something like this:

MORBIDLY OBESE WOMAN: I can't believe how fat your dog is!
AUNT RADHIKA: Ma'am, some people just can't help it.

HOOLIGAN BOY: Dayum that dog is FAT!!

I am now even more in love with the walking ottoman doggie than I was before. Jesus Lord yes. Her name is STAR.
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I got the BEST POSTCARD IN THE WORLD from [ profile] marej:

Wiener schnitzel!! Well, "Wiener Domschnitzel", to repeat what the postcard calls it on the back. And then there's a fairly incomprehensible message in Mare's round, somehow Cyrillic scribble, and mostly she just says the word "schnitzel" a lot. But then, that's the important part of the message, so, yes. Hee! Schnitzel!!

*snugs mare*
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My sister has set up a community for her art -- it's called [ profile] glockart, and it's worth joining. Even if it is mostly those darned little wizards. Gandalf is where it's at, dammit!

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I have a feeling I'm going to be smappy today, as I seem to have been all week. Anyhow.

Lately I've been listening to Xtina's album pretty much nonstop, and it's really such an impressive piece of work. There are places where her ad-libbing gets tiresome and I think she could stand to cut back, but there's places (like in Singing My Song) where she stutters her phrasing and it's So. Cool.

I've also been listening repeatedly to the soundtrack for The Two Towers, Andre's The Love Below, Chris Isaak's Forever Blue, and Tom Waits' Big Time (which is a collection of his live recordings). All of them fabulous, fabulous albums and very much recommended. I'm sad, though, that I seem to have lost my two-disc The N.W.A. Legacy in the office move. I swear, if I ever won the lottery, first thing I'd do is buy a whackload of CDs.

As things stand, though, I'm sitting at work eating an apple; it's papery red and gold and doesn't particularly have a very strong apple taste. It's like a juice apple, or something, but the texture is perfect -- crisp and snapping. I think it might be a Jonagold. I worked at a produce market one year when I was in high school and the apple varieties were always so intriguing -- small cheery pippins and the smug red and golden deliciouses and the insolent macintoshes and the most horrible ones of all, big fat Red Roma apples the size of both my doubled fists, huge and never, ever good all the way through.

One of the girls I worked with couldn't pronounce r's properly, and she was telling me once that sometimes if she missed dinner and had to work she would just eat one of those big "wwwed wwwoma apples" and there was a certain wet, satisfied smack in the way she said it that made sure I'd never want one of those damn apples ever again. Just thinking of them makes me feel that awful sandy, too-sweet texture between my teeth. yaaargh.
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At this point, my birthday/Christmas wish is for fandom to go into forced hibernation until the damn Hiatus is over or the group officially breaks up. Are there any of us left who haven't made asshats of ourselves by now? Okay, maybe [ profile] saabira. But that's about it. Hopefully, the SeSa will get everybody to stop hyperventilating over JC/hyperbolizing over Justin and vice versa for a few blissful days.

My mother brought home a bunch of food from Trinidad, so this year it's sorrel (like cranberry juice, but sweeter & spicier), yellow cake (like pound cake), black cake (a really dense alcohol-saturated fruitcake), pastelles (like tamales but with capers and beef and olives), and lots and lots of rum and coke on the holiday table. mmmmmmm. She also brought pommerac (which taste like big mild strawberries, but with a cleaner snap) and pomme citere, which I've never liked because they have spikey seeds but which Lori loves.

Speaking of Lori, I like to look at this and laugh at her for making the list. Heh!

In conclusion, this song is the best rendition I've ever heard. Makes me proud to be Canoodian, eh.
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The baby ac-tors are annoying me today. In case anybody was wondering, actresses' conversations follow only one of the following two threads (spelled phoenetically for full effect):

a) omg I look so fohhht in this footage. Do YOU think I look fohhht? Am I rahlllay that skinny now? omg!

b) omg he tohhhhtahllay was macking on me. But I don't know if I want to have sahkx with him! He's kind of an ahss-hull omg but he's foahking hautt. omg! omg!!

The best part is that none of them can act worth shit. And when they sing, it sounds like somebody's whipping a cat with Cameron Diaz.

However, I have a new OC icon courtesy of [ profile] village, and it's so much with the sweet. eeee!
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Have escaped for a few moments from my mother's Divali function of TERROR. Highlights so far include:

- my sister REFUSING to have any part of it and escaping to her book club, despite the fact that she has no idea where the woman holding it lives and plans to stand on the street hoping a co-worker will drive by

- mother performing a highly inaccurate account to our bemused German guests of the Meaning of Divali, complete with sidenote about Why Our Gods Need Eight Arms (Because They're Better Than Yours)

- me talking to the aforementioned German guests and being mortified when I mention Mussolini and they instantly freeze up, leaving me feeling decidedly like a Fawlty Towers sketch

- me cravenly begging off performing any actual religious duties due to the fact that I'm having my period (true, but still a wussy excuse)

And now I'm upstairs eating store-bought pakoras and a samosa and avoiding any more social contact. Maybe I'll take a nice long shower. It's in the spirit of the holiday, after all.


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