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 Also jesus christ people seem to get really goddamn upset that I hated the novel The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  Go home, y'all. Have some tea. It's okay.
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Wow, those reviewers are crazy. Obviously if you're claiming there is racism in the book you must just be personally prejudiced, because British people are never racist about India. That's never happened. *boggles*
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I logged in just to like your review. But I don't use Goodreads, cause I am not gonna go through hell given by yt ppl over a book review. Nuh uh. Been there. Burned the t-shirt.
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The more widely used Goodreads has become, the more of a cesspit it's become. I've had so many white guys call me all sorts of names because I thought the first Dresden Files book was a piece of crap; not to mention the guy who said I must be lying about being a grad student because I think Hemingway is terrible. Oy.
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Some of it must surely be performance art? I hope. I once had a guy send me a very angry missive about how I wasn't using the rating system right and I couldn't use it subjectively because reasons.

(Ugh, Hemingway. Forcing my way through A Farewell to Arms was an ordeal. So misogynist, and all the dialogue sounded as if it had been written by aliens.)
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Wow, the lecture on satire was possible the...most interesting? :)

I get that one may love a book and want to defend it, but why would they keep oncoming into your review. Like, they don't know you? Maybe there's nothing more telling about white expectations as not only getting your book but then expecting everyone to love it too!

Loved your last comment!!!
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Your icon = <3
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Jesus. What is wrong with people? I for one will do my best to avoid the book.