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mate the dog with the cat

The landlords have agreed to renew our rental lease in August instead of making us move out, yaaaay! The change came due to a death in the family on their part, which is sad, of course -- I would have preferred if they'd changed their minds due to less awful reasons -- but still, I'm happy we get to stay here for at least another year.

Other things going on with me:

[ this first section is mental health stuff, so skip down to the next if you'd prefer ]

- I've been suffering anxiety for a couple of years now, after getting out of a +20-yr friendship that had become toxic, getting in an accident that totalled my beloved car, moving twice, having my new car vandalized, losing my job, finding a job, and having our new place broken into and our laptops stolen. It's gotten down to a more manageable place, but my work offers employees free counselling and access to a CBT program (the employee program is acronymmed "EFAP" and the CBT thing is called "Beating the Blues" so I can't help but view it all as faintly masturbatory, heh), so we'll see how that goes. On the initial visit the counsellor told me to not get angry at my anxiety or frustrated with myself for still feeling it and not having "moved on" yet, so that in itself was a help because I hadn't seen it that way.

- CAT. [personal profile] glockgal is allergic and neither of us ever wanted to deal with a litterbox and all that before, but we have enough room and the energy/finances to own a cat now, so we've been getting the house ready for one. Lori ordered a Modkat, I bought a Litter Locker, we're sourcing out making the bulk of kitty's food, comparing reviews of litters, and making toys for her, and since we can't find a decent cat tree that's not covered in carpet, I'm gonna Ikea-hack one.

We do not actually have a cat yet of any sort, but we figure while we look, might as well get the house prepared. We've been trying to adopt one from the SPCA but man, those cats go fast! There's been about three so far that we've attempted to get but been cockblocked on, gdi.

- Midsommar! According to our Swedish friend Tobi who lives upstairs, Midsummer is the Swedenest thing ever and he insists that we celebrate it as a household. So tomorrow night we will be barbecuing, drinking, and apparently dancing around a maypole (we've been told the dancing is non-optional). I'm hoping that the people that Tobi and Dasha have invited will bring their dogs, a pocket beagle named Cooper and a shiba inu named Mochi, to hang out with our household Portugese water dog, Mishka. Last time Mochi was visiting, Lori'd opened the door of our suite and she just marched in and explored the place with Mishka trotting behind her, and then when she left Lori was like "THAT IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE", so.

Tobi has also promised that he's making mustard-pickled herring and gravlax, and since Tobi's gravlax made with our Pacific Northwest salmon is one of the most incredible foods I've ever tasted, I am very much looking forward to this!
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MAYPOLE! CBT! KITTY! These are good!
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Cat! Yay! If Glockgal is available, you might want her to bury her face in the sides of potential cats and inhale , to weed out the ones that cause worse allergic reactions. A face- and lung-ful of cat fur makes it clear pretty quickly which ones are tolerable, saving heartache later. My allergic friend calls it kittysnorting.
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I've been suffering anxiety for a couple of years now, after getting out of a +20-yr friendship that had become toxic, getting in an accident that totalled my beloved car, moving twice, having my new car vandalized, losing my job, finding a job, and having our new place broken into and our laptops stolen.

Sweet Jeebus on toast points! That's a lot to deal with in a short span.


May Midsommar be oodles of fun.

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Drive-by hiiiiii!! *waves*

Good to see you on my Flist. :) :)
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Wow, that is a lot in a short period of time! I wish you lots of kitty snuggles!
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I'm catlergic too

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So glad the up-in-the-air accommodation situation has settled in your favour. (condolences to the family)
eFAP sounds interesting. The counsellor's initial comments sound promising.
(I have an ear to bend any time you need one. Just throwing that out there...)
The minou is happening?!? That is so awesome!!! I'm so excited!!! Can you see me smiling from here?
S/he is going to be the luckiest kitties in the world with you two moms.
The one that's meant for you isn't available yet. Besides, s/he will pick you.
Expect an adjustment period while your lungs, eyes and noses adapt to the cat irritants. It's so worth the discomfort. (but I may be biased,eh)
Your Maypole event sounds absolutely delightful! It sounds like the weather will be on your side too! I hope Cooper and Mochi show up! Stay well my friend. Hope we see each other soon <3
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You've dealt with so much in a short time, and I'm glad you're around! <3

SO INTERESTED in the Modkat. I used to have a cat when I lived with my parents, and I'm hanging on to this idea for future kitties. :D
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Congrats on not having to move. Moving sucks hardcore.

I had some not-so-great experiences trying to adopt through the SPCA. Have you looked into Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue? They adopt out cats as well as kittens. I got my cat from them a few years ago, and had no hiccups in the adoption process.

Midsommar sounds kickass. I asked my best friend whose sister-in-law lives in Sweden (she's Canadian, but married to a Swede), and she confirmed that Midsommar is a big thing there. So Tobi is not lying to you.

Your counsellor sounds like a good fit. I speak as someone who's been in and out of therapy since I was 11, and having someone you click with is very important.

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KITTY!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!

Individual counselling is indeed totally different from family counselling. I speak as someone who's been to both.

Glad the party was so much fun.
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Caaaaat. omg. (Also, hi.)