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Was reading and capping comics last night, and came across this:

Seriously, if Ollie had his business on the side with Hal (as we all know he did), Dinah definitely had hers with Babs. And I approve of all of it.
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Reason I've had this icon a long time now. ;)
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Wow, no sub in that text, I guess.
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I so love that entire story. Hmm, time for a BoP reread, I think!
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My favorite thing about this panel (and who knows if it's true) is a story I heard once that Chuck Dixon made specific artist notes in the script for this page to the effect of "LOOK BRO NO HOMO OKAY??", and this is what the artist sent him, with what I have to imagine is the best poker face on the world.
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That just made my day a little better. Thank you <3