bossymarmalade: commander adora doing jazz hands (we got spirit in eternia!)
miss maggie ([personal profile] bossymarmalade) wrote2010-12-02 11:15 am
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baby could order poison!!

So I was wondering, y'all -- what's your most peculiar "occupational hazard" (in which I include those not at formal paid work)?

For example, this post is brought to you by the fact that no less than TWO babies have already telephoned me for the morning.

(I'm the receptionist at an infant development programme, and although the consultants mostly do home visits, families call the switchboard a lot and I guess there are a bunch of 0-3 year-olds out there who like to hit redial on the family phone. Meaning BABIES KEEP TELEPHONING ME.)

ETA: omg, now I am torn between asking people in the comments for further explanation and just leaving the comments there, unexplained, in all their bizarre glory!!

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