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miss maggie ([personal profile] bossymarmalade) wrote2010-04-20 09:20 pm
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why did i drink so much crab juice?

If something important has happened to you in the last week and (by any chance) you're wondering why I haven't had the consideration to comment, it's because I was in New York. Yes, [personal profile] glockgal was headed out there to do her Racebending thing and wistfully mentioned that I should come too, and I checked my accounts and took a deep breath and bought a ticket. Because wow was I ever feeling like I needed to get out of this burg and away from everything for a bit!

Anyhow, we kept it on the down-low from friends and family because there was more than enough to fill up our brief time there (and especially with cathybites and celestialsoda, one of whom I've known forever and one of whom I just met for reals and whom I both adore). Back home now and tired but happy, too much to face scrolling back and back through the ol' friendslist, heh.

Things wot I was able to try finally:
- new york cheesecake
- chocolate egg cream
- new york pizza
- cannoli
- half-sour pickles
- new york bagels
- challah french toast
- corned beef hash (w/real corned beef)
- coffee from a bag (er, the coffee itself wasn't exactly new, but the experience of having my coffee cup placed in a brown paper bag was! in vancouver they just hand you the cup; a paper bag is not even an option)

We didn't manage to acquire celery tonic (being too tired and rushed to actually *eat* at Katz's), and I was too discombobulated to buy a cubano from the sandwich place, and I forgot about tostones and kugel and ssam altogether, but oh well. Next time.

Hope it's been a decent week for y'all! Apologies if I've missed anything very important.

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