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miss maggie ([personal profile] bossymarmalade) wrote2008-07-29 09:30 am
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mighty robots of battlestar galactica vs the gay robots from star wars

Okay, so -- last weekend was ComicCon. Which I wanted to go to for the experience, and although it was neat I have to say that WOW do I ever prefer smaller cons.

However! I got to see a really cool panel about costume design, actually got into the Dexter panel, and thanks to [ profile] kadymae got a great seat between her and [ profile] divalea for the Eisners, where I bemusedly witnessed Samuel L. Jackson presenting Gerard Way with an award (he was very sweet, bandommers).

I also got to stay in a Suite of Awesome with [ profile] cathybites, [ profile] loveflyfree, [ profile] sarahcascade, [ profile] silvrsolace and the sister, and even better (and under his great duress) we had [ profile] tbranch at the same hotel. Both of my con experiences have involved Tom, Cathy, and Reg, and I think I like that pattern. It keeps me sane. Especially when I get all migrainey and have to spend an ENTIRE DAY in bed recuperating, wtf. Plus I got to meet [ profile] ethrosdemon, which was nice if brief!

At any rate, I'm happy I got to finally meet Kate after knowing her online for a little over a decade (oh, those long-ago GEEB days!!) even if I was too sick to make it to the impromptu Tart meeting. And the Wee Sister and I had a lovely posh dinner for her birthday, and the Bongo booth was giving out Lisa Simpson fans on the day I went to the exhibit hall, and I saw Ianto wandering into the men's room. So, y'know. Good times. *g*

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