Jun. 10th, 2010

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I shaved my legs this morning for no reason, as it is grey and gross outside. I like the cold better than the heat, but this on-again off-again weather is driving me to distraction. At any rate, it wasn't a waste of motions because I use Nivea for Men foam, and there's something so unctuously pleasing about dispensing a snow-white blob of mousse from that austere navy blue canister, feeling it resist and then give under my palm pressed against my shin.

For an afternoon snack am eating cottage cheese and disturbingly large strawberries macerated with a wee bit of demerara (not mixed, eiw*). It'll be nice when the local strawberries are in season, teensy fragile pops of sweetness instead of these cottony brutes, but there was some SNOW today in parts of Burnaby and I don't even know what to think about that so I won't.

(For those interested in such things, here's what I ate earlier: two multigrain Wasa crispbreads, one with ricotta and one with avocado, both with liberal amounts of salt and black pepper; couscous and barbecued pork with cucumber-and-tomato salad dressed in olive oil; three Werthers' chocolate-and-toffee thingies.)

Also, while wandering around the internet today it occurred to me that this is the main thing I've learned from fandom: eventually, through enough name-changes and anonymous fic exchanges, you will be on the giving or receiving end of enjoying/reccing a fic by somebody you hate or used to hate. I myself have been on either side of the equation, and it's done me good in terms of both vindication and humility. I highly recommend it!

*immediately after writing this i poured some of the strawberry syrup on my cottage cheese to convince myself how terrible it would be, and it wasn't, and now i'm angry


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