Dec. 30th, 2008

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Okay, I am curious: if you knew I'd have to write it, what would you ask me to write?

Once ages ago (I can't find the post) I detailed my "dream fic" that other people would write, and since I am a jammy bastard, people actually *did* end up writing a lot of them, which is super-awesome. I should do that again sometime!!
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I decided to give another comb through the SeSa stories, because I read them in the midst of holiday rush and a lingering headcold and skipped stuff that I might have ordinarily liked. So here's more recs, all of a sudden!

. ripples: being with Chris, I've always suspected, would involve a lot of literal and emotional mopping-up; Lance is the one following him around with the bucket, here, and it's exasperated and intimate and strangely entrancing. I loved it.

. B-A-N-A-N-A-S: the middle part is awesome; I wish there had been more of it! There's something profoundly entertaining about JC threatening to "bitch smack" the others, ahahah!

. jail house rock: ahahahaha straight-up porn story! It's been too long since somebody wrote a totally unabashed porn star AU, and having them arguing about where to set it is the cherry on top. Imagining their crappy porn acting (JC the junkie! BWHWAHAHAHAHAH) keeps it just off-kilter enough to be fun!

. sweet like coffee: just as it says in the title. I like Chris and Nick as baristas, and although I thought the two customers they keep trying to yenta for were completely different people than they turned out to be, the story is charming enough that I didn't mind at all by that point and was still happy with the ending.


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