Nov. 12th, 2008

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First, a couple of links:

. [ profile] beachlass's lovely entry on Remembrance Day

. [ profile] ciderpress's informative and helpful post about the Global Gag Rule and why it's so harmful

And now on to fandom business: step right this way, Dear Yuletide Writer! )
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So everybody but admin staff is in a training workshop this afternoon, which means I'm free to bop around on the internet. I was reading the My Mom is a FOB website (yes, this is one of those things you kind of only get away with if your mom really IS a FOB and you love her for it), and among the wry commiserations from second-generation kids over standard FOB-parent communications consisting of:

a) passive-aggressive jabs at your weight,
b) exhortations to visit/call/eat properly,
c) gossip about relatives you don't know,
d) hints that you should be dating someone nice, and
e) reminders to study

... I found a couple that I loved. Especially because lots of the others are fraught with anxiety over second-gen kids coming out as gay.

oct 22/08: Hi John,

I have watched the DVD that really gives me more release and comfort. I feel much better now.

When you first told me on the street, my heart was shaking and full of pain, yet, I didn’t show it to you as I do not want to let you know that I was shocked.

When I know you are a gay, right away I have been thinking the sex, nothing else. That's why I always ask who is the woman? After watching the DVD, I realize that besides sex, there is "LOVE"; sharing love, sharing the popcorn, sorrow and joy, sharing both families, sharing tears and laughter, sharing buildings, delicious food, traveling etc. I FOUND THAT YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH HAPPINESS. Now I can let it go as your otherside cares and loves you so much.

God condemns the sin, but not the sinner. I am relieved.

Good night.

SHARING THE POPCORN. omg I totally got teary-eyed. Plus:

nov 4/08: I recently explained to my mom what "Yes on 8" meant since there are a lot of signs in our neighborhood. We also just had two gay weddings in the family. On Thursday, at our neighborhood meeting, a woman running for a Senate seat in our district asked if we wanted a "Yes on 8" sign for our lawn. I respectfully turned it down, but then my mom laughed and said loudly, "We cannot take! Our family has the gay!"

This is as close to a Prop 8 post as I am likely to make, because I think most of the Americans and particularly black Americans (queer and straight) on my friendslist have made posts far more personal and informative than anything I could say. But I'm sure you know how I feel about it.


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