Sep. 30th, 2008

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Lists seem to work for me.

. it is Eid, Navaratri, and Rosh Hashanah; I hope they will all be good for those of us who celebrate.

. I'm in no mood to discuss but cannot neglect to mention it: a mosque in Dayton, Ohio was gassed during worship. The gas was sprayed into the room with the babies and children.

. Fanlore is open! All of you people who understand wikis, go fill stuff out!

. I knew my vigilance would pay off! For any of you who love the song but are irritated by Leona Lewis' melodramatic voice: boyce avenue - bleeding love. Right-click-download away!

. I came home to find my mother extraordinarily pleased with herself for having (unknowingly) given my father the same haircut as Denny Crane. For his part, my father restricted his opinion to admiration for Denny's pink tie.
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ahahahah! I love how whoever threw in the entry about fanart on the Fanlore wiki was all wankily, "HP has the biggest fanartist community but SGA has UNCOMMON PAINTERLY SENSIBILITY." Take *that*, all you hundreds of super-talented HP artists (many of whom work in paints)!!!


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