Sep. 19th, 2008

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. donkey sent to jail in Egypt, affords Agence France-Presse reporter entirely too much amusement

. [ profile] yuletart open to fandom nominations! are you artistic? crafty? go sign up for an art-themed holiday exchange! even i am going to sign up, and i can't draw/paint/sculpt worth crap. but you don't have to be bernini, you just have to put love and effort into your assignment.

. finally fed up with having to constantly rearrange my website to accommodate all the new junk/old junk, i have reposted pretty much all of my popfic over at [ profile] stubbleglittery. even the really primitive embarrassing stuff. whoo-hoo!

That's about it for now. Except, y'all, I was so depressed this week -- as evidenced by aforementioned obsessive categorizing/listing/lj-making -- I don't even know why. I skipped school for the entire week (which turned out not too bad, b/c one of my classes got cancelled anyhow); this would be awful except I feel INFINITELY more enthusiastic about going back to class next week. Maybe I just needed the recharge? It's too bad that life activities aren't structured with the option for occasional lying low. I'm pretty sure we'd all benefit greatly from it.


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