Aug. 26th, 2008

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My entire office is infected with listeria. At least, we're all having "symptoms" of it, which means anything up to and including cramps, headache, or mild flu-like illness, and which may or may not indicate that most of us actually have ... the flu. If even that.

Anyhow, I recently made two (non meat-related) things that turned out nicely: chocolate-covered frozen bananas (self-explanatory) and macaroni pie. The latter is something we'd eat all the time in Trinidad -- basically a pasta casserole -- and it is vitally important that you use not elbow macaroni but the long mezzi ziti type, as pictured here in Sarina's recipe. My mother absolutely insists on this shape of pasta; my father has reportedly REFUSED to eat somebody else's macaroni pie at a party upon finding that it had been made with elbow macaroni.

I was going to post my mum's recipe, but Sarina's is practically identical. The only different thing we did was to mix everything but the milk, then pour the milk over the noodles after putting them in the casserole dish. Plus we topped the entire thing with more cheese. It's lovely with roast chicken, which cooked nicely alongside it.

Apart from that, friendslist, life has been pretty quiet; I am working and watching movies and playing games and gearing up for what will (hopefully) be my final year at university for a while. But in the interests of stimulating actual social behaviour, I'd like to ask: what toys/pictures do you have up at work?

My computer desktop is the Wee Sister's drawing of the real-life Simpsons, and since I work in a place focused on the development of babies 0-3 I also have little figurines of Marge & Maggie. Plus a postcard of a blue door that [ profile] silvrsolace got me from Greece, because I find blue doors to be calming.

How about y'all?


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