May. 28th, 2008

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Kindergarten Teacher Encourages Class to "Vote Out" an Autistic Classmate

This absolutely disgusts me. I can't even fathom a grown person conceiving of such a cruel exercise, much less a grown person who's supposed to be a caretaker of these children.

In tangentially related news, I spent much of my lunch hour yesterday reading a book called The Highly Sensitive Child, mostly because I was quite sceptical about how it pathologized being shy, observant, or "particular". The book did nothing much to change my mind, since it:
- made broad assumptions that everybody reading it grew up in North American culture
- romanticized Asian cultures as being "more sensitive" and "more communal" without mentioning the underlying factors of, oh, communism and xenophobia, to name a couple
- blithely made no real differentiation among baseline experiences/traumas, so highly sensitive children (HDCs) were all kind of lumped together regardless of whether their background was "I was physically abused by my uncle" or "I once stepped on a frog and then had nightmares".

Anyhow. It turns out there's a website and all, so I went and took their quiz and whaddyou know, I'm a Highly Sensitive Person too!!! This must be due to the time I poked myself in the eye with a cocoyea broom.


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