May. 16th, 2008

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So some dude is staying at my house right now; he is in town for a family friend's wedding, and apparently he went to grammar school with my father sixty years ago back in Trinidad. Which means that right now he and my dad are in the kitchen cooking dhal and rice, singing old songs, and having conversations with no sense of sarcasm such as the following:

DAD: I used to go around with a fella name Bim, and another one -- Bholan Bholan. You know him?
DUDE: Yeah.
DAD: Bholan Bholan?
DUDE: Yeah. We use to call him Bholan.

WTF, y'all.

At any rate, I got a crown put on my tooth this morning (following a horrible experience last December when my porcelain crumbled while I was eating Rice Krispies, meaning that I attempted to chew them for a while before realizing the shards weren't cereal) and am now heading off for a side-by-side pedicure with la mere. In my middling age I have discovered ways to spend time with my mother without both of us wanting the other one dead by the end of the experience, svaha.


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