Jan. 15th, 2008

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So the FDA has moved forward in their initial announcement that cloned animals are safe to eat in meat or milk form. But don't worry! Due to their costliness, clones will not replace meat/milk animals and will only be used for breeding purposes. So that steak you eat on Monday may be the exact same as the steak you eat on Thursday, on a molecular level. At the very least it'll belong in the same family of cattle.

Or, you could read about how attempts at cloning often lead to hideous birth defects in calves and are torture for the cows and about how unstable the genetic templates become with each copy, and use the Center for Environmental Health's letter as a template to send your own note to the FDA telling them to halt approvals on cloned meat/breeders.

ETA: more articles
Center for Food Safety
Live Science

In semi-related news, this month's issue of Bon Appetit (ostensibly the "Green Issue") has articles extolling the virtues of a $444 tote made from a fair-trade coffee bag and lauding Mario Batali for encouraging livestock farmers to raise the severely at-risk Red Wattle Pig. No mention is made of the fact that the only reason he wants the piggies to stay alive and not die out forever is SO RICH PEOPLE CAN EAT THEM.

How can a professional publication get the idea of eco-responsibility so WRONG?!? I feel sort of like Lisa must have when she first saw the Burns Omni-Net.


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