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 I am going to eat coleslaw and half of a cheeseburger for breakfast. Then perhaps half a cantaloupe. [note: I wrote this post this morning, and did indeed eat the burger]

. Lori got a bunch of boxes from her work because she wants to build a temporary playhouse for the cat, filled with crinkly cellophane and toys and treats. I intend to do no work on this project and will merely sit back and watch the cat a) go bonkers and play with it endlessly or b) ignore it completely.

. Rumblings of a standard minimum wage are afoot, much like the Mincome of the 70s. I sincerely doubt that we will ever see anything like this in a Harper government, but one can still dream. Also the comments to that article are strangely not as loathsome as comments sections tend to be.

. Last time we were at a Fred Meyer's we picked up some Twinkies, and then realized that American Twinkies taste different from Canadian ones! They're slightly bigger and more pale, with a distinct citrus taste and a sweetness that hits the back of your throat. Canadian ones are browner and have a more caramelized, less sweet taste. We like the Canadian ones btw. The American ones also have these odd little ... cake clots in them.

. Also I just remembered I have a bunch of Def Jam Poetry up in my dropbox, for whoever's interested. Be warned that the topics covered in the poems can be very triggery. 

missing popslash fics!

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hi! I'm sorry to bother you, but I noticed just now that it looks like your popslash site ( has disappeared - and that's a really big problem for me! I hate the thought of losing your fic and rec lists, as well as the fic of all the other incredible authors on that site. I'm trying very hard not to panic right now.

It actually looks like the entire domain is down. I'm fairly certain you're not the owner/webmaster, but I have no idea who else to ask about this!