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miss maggie ([personal profile] bossymarmalade) wrote2014-09-09 10:37 am

oh i want to be in that rumba

I got some peanut butter to keep at work today for breakfasts -- I generally have squirrely bread toast with avocado or cheese or egg or peanut butter -- and it has a recipe on the back for cookies. With no flour! Just peanut butter, sugar, and an egg. I am intrigued but also wary. Have any of you tried making cookies like that? 

I also tried poaching chicken breasts for the first time so I could make chicken salad and stuff like that. Normally I roast chicken if I want it for other applications, but I figured I'd try poaching and followed a Martha Stewart recipe where you bring the poaching liquid to a boil, put the chicken in, boil for about three minutes and then remove it from the heat. The residual heat in the liquid supposedly cooks the chicken over the next fifteen minutes. I feel like I should have boiled it a little longer, because although it wasn't pink in the middle it still had that ... texture that to me signals that it's not cooked enough. But apart from that, it was surprisingly tasty for poached chicken. I might try poaching some salmon too!

Tomorrow I am gonna visit the parents and pick up one of the 40lb sacks of pine pellets that Meera uses for litter. I think I'll take my dad with me, because he likes to feel as though his daughters need him to do masculine tasks once in a while, and I think he wants to be kind of involved in taking care of Meera, awww dad. He asks how she's doing every time he calls. Sometimes more than he asks how Lori's doing, lol.
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and it has a recipe on the back for cookies. With no flour! Just peanut butter, sugar, and an egg

Yep, my sister makes those. They're not my favourite-- a bit oily and crumbly, I found-- but they definitely fit into the 'edible and possibly enjoyable biscuit' category.
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Huh, I have not had cookies like that, though I've had some pretty good flourless cake in the past. hmm.
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My sister makes those PB cookies too and swears by them. I still have my doubts.
I 'boil' my chicken for sandwiches all the time - I find it has more flavour than oven roasted. /craving now
Oh your dad. <3
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I'd love to see photos of those flour-less cookies if/when you make them!

Also, what exactly is squirreley bread?
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I make cookies like that on a regular basis, though I usually throw in a splash of nut-milk and some rolled oats for a little more texture

They're tasty (if you like PB), but they're not the sort of thing you can really dunk in your tea or in a glass of milk.

But, if you'd like to dip a toe into what life is like for those who must live gluten free, there are much, much worse ways to do it. ;)