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88% ash 12% carrots

a black bombay cat standing on a bed and looking up

What better way to try and journal more frequently on DW than to post a picture of our new cat?

She's not NEW new, [personal profile] glockgal and I got her at the beginning of July, but sometimes we still look over at her and are like what have we done omg why is this living creature in our house. Her name is Meera (we wanted to match her cousin-dog upstairs, who is a black Portugese water hound named Mishka) and she is so so sweet, tiny and fast and shiny and she talks SO much. She does that thing where she runs between our bedrooms at four in the morning trying to wake us up, but we've started a method where if she's standing on our pillows meowing, we grab her and hug her. Then she objects and goes away to entertain herself pretty quickly, heh.

We did end up going with VOKRA rather than the BC SPCA, and we haven't regretted it, so thank you to the folks who recommended them! She came to us on a diet of Wellness grain-free that we mix with raw food, and she uses these super cheap pine stove pellets as litter -- we get a huge 40lb bag of it for about six dollars, and the sawdust that it breaks down into is compostable. Which is great since we have a big ol' compost bin in the backyard of our house. And speaking of the house that we're sharing with highschool pal Dasha and her fella, we renewed the lease for another year!!  Which is SUCH a relief, because we love it here and were dreading having to move so soon after moving in.

Also if anybody has advice for how to keep spiders out of the house, please share! We used to use chestnuts but I don't think they're being that effective and a spider the size of my goddamn palm scuttled across the living room floor the other night.

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Oh, your cat is a beauty! *^^*

I've yet to try this, so I can't vouch for it, but I've been told that spiders hate peppermint oil, so you can either mix some in water and spritz it in problem areas/entrances, or put some oil on cottonballs to leave in those spots.
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Our sweet boy is not so small as that icon makes him look--he's 11 lbs and probably counting (the internet is full of contradictory info on how big Siberians get, so we're just waiting to see how he and his sister wind up). But he is most assuredly adorable! (This icon is from when he was truly tiny.)

If any of the many suggestions about spider-banishing pan out, I hope you'll report back! ^_^
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What an adorable little cat!

Does she not chase the spiders?
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Oh, look at that face! Oh, what a darling, darling sweetheart. (And black cats are hard to place, so you did a good deed twice over in bringing her home with you.)

We fed the Wellness for a while (and still supplement with their kibble) -- it's good stuff. (We switched to Tiki Cat because of our Elder Statescat, Gabe: third-stage kidney failure, and a thyroid problem was making him drop weight alarmingly quickly. The Tiki Cat is high-moisture and all four of the beasts love it -- it completely stopped Gabe's weight loss and he even put half a pound back on when we started feeding it.) And hooray for her tolerating the cheap and useful litter; I know you were concerned about that.

How old is she? If she's still under the age of 2 or so, the 4AM tear-around-the-house crazies might calm down a bit in a year or two. You can also sometimes discourage them by making a habit of playing with her for half an hour or so, about an hour or two before you go to bed. Many cats will actually play fetch with you after a bit of encouragement (Ginny will keep us throwing her rattly mice for her for ages), although, being cats, they often bring the toy back just out of reach. Or, some cats prefer chasing feathers on a string that move a bit like an actual bird (that's Brandy's favorite), or even just a string (which Noah loves). And of course there's the traditional game of "chase the laser pointer dot". (Although Gabe is smart enough that he knows the dot is coming from the thing I'm holding in my hand, which usually winds up with him just running over to check it out.)

Alas, my spider-control tips usually start with "bring Ginny to the spot where the spider is and wait for her to notice them". (She also hunts those giant-ass cave crickets that we get here. Which is great, except when she gets bored with them halfway through the process and you have to clean up cricket guts, heh.)
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[personal profile] synecdochic 2014-09-02 07:53 pm (UTC)(link)

N'awwwww, so cute. I would totally send you Ginny to teach proper hunting tips. (And Ginny loves everyone!) A harness sounds like a great idea, if she'll tolerate it -- some cats won't, because they dislike the feel, while some cats love it because it means Outside. (Gabe hates the Outside, but we take him to the vet on harness and leash anwyay, because he hates the carrier so much he will fight to the death to avoid going into it.)

I don't know First Mate! I'll have to look into it, although I did do a really extensive review before we settled on Tiki Cat and if I didn't hear of that one, it might not be available in the US.

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[personal profile] synecdochic 2014-09-02 08:24 pm (UTC)(link)

Cats! They have OPINIONS about things. Very loudly. And those opinions are now YOUR PROBLEM.

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awww adorable cat! :D

re:spiders, I was told (but have not tried) that spiders loathe/are repelled by tomato plants (the scent of tomato leaves, more precisely), so you could have a few small tomato plants in the house, maybe? I don't know if you keep plants at all - and of course, they would not produce any fruit indoors like that.

Other than that, personally I use diatomaceous earth that I spread around; it's pet-friendly and people-friendly (you can and some people do eat it as a health supplement for digestive issues, I think? And it won't harm a cat either) and good against all creatures with an exo-skeleton, insects and arachnids both. It is a bit messy tho, bc of course you have to "powder" your home and leave the stuff there for a week or so before you vacuum it up, and do it again regularly. But I have found it really helpful in my house in the countryside, so. :)
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A German friend of my mom used to have a level tablespoon of diatomaceous earth everyday at breakfast among other supplements / before homemade muesli. Not in pill form, in powder form (but food grade, which is supposedly slightly different, maybe finer, than the one we buy as insecticide).

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Oh, I hadn't thought of that! maybe he swirled it in a glass of water? I must admit I never knew and didn't ask mom... I will ask, next time I think of it! :))

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I think I may be stuck on that part of the post.


/misses living with cat(s) SO BADLY
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What a pretty kitty!
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OMG, look at her faaaaace! Those eyes!
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Hee! I understand. Let's put it this way: you have successfully communicated the adorableness of your cat. What a problem to have!
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Maggie! Always a pleasure to see you when you pop up on here. <3 Is Meera any bigger than when you brought her home? Should we update her picture soon?
I was snooping around over at google and they shared these suggestions on how to curb your arachnid population:
Hope you're enjoying the drop in temperature as much as I. It's a down pour out there right now and it's music to my ears! Popcorn
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What a cutie! I love that look and those big eyes!

and yeah on getting to stay in the house. It makes life much better if you're in a place you like!

/my vocal cat's saying hi to your vocal cat...
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Of course you capitulate. How could you not? (Did you see the study about cat feces and strange infections that make us all cat whisper susceptible? I believe that they are our overlords!!! :)

Re the sounds, I so hear you. Our old cats would meow, but we never had these long back and forth "conversations." Emmy has a variety of different sounds, and when we anthropomorphize her sufficiently, we seen to detect different meeps and meows to ask for different things.

She has us so well trained, she's started to call out for us when she comes up on the patio and we're at the back door letting her in within seconds. Only to get a haughty "Finally" from her :)

It's so strange how cats are so very different, isn't it? And the vocalness is precious--unless it's 4 in the morning!!! Love the cuddling her into submission idea. We go for the total ignorance and Em usually curls up at our feet and goes back to sleep for another round :)
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Welcome to the internetz pretty Meera!

Good to see you back!
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oh gorgeous cat!
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[personal profile] lilacsigil 2014-09-03 12:52 am (UTC)(link)
What a lovely little cat! She's gleaming!

I don't have any spider advice, though - I just live with them! One of my cats hunts them, but the other cat likes to play a fun game where he jumps around and swats the floor either side of the spider while carefully not hurting it.
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what a beautiful black kitty! Thank you for sharing.
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Oh my what a beautiful cat!

Grabbing her and hugging her when she bugs you in the morning: I call that "forcible cuddling," and it's the best way to teach a cat not to wake you up for food. :D

I rely on my cat to get rid of the bugs in the house. She ignores ants but everything else gets chased, then smushed and/or eaten. All my cats learned the word "bug," as in "Get the bug!"
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x____x There are pros and cons. Yesterday the cat was out on the balcony/deck and brought in a huge horrible bug. She then played with it for thirty minutes on the dining room floor. I would describe the bug but we all need our sleep.
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[personal profile] sohotrightnow 2014-09-03 12:25 pm (UTC)(link)
:DDDDDDDDDDDDDD KITTY! oh, she's so pretty and sounds so sweet.
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Awwwww what a cute kitty! She's charming :)
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She's adorable!
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What a sweet-faced puss.